June 12, 2011

Of Being In A Relationhip

I am not perfect, I have my own flaws. Oh well, no body is perfect, we commits mistakes. But the good thing is you are ready to patch up your mistake and try to learn the lessons in any mistakes you’ve committed.

Same goes with relationship; relationship is not always a bed of roses. I and my boyfriend have been through a lot. There are times that we even thought of our parting ways but the good thing is we always get back to each other and resolve the problem. I admit I am not a perfect girlfriend, but when I love someone, I give everything, the trust, the understanding, the patience. There are times that I feel nothing left for myself. But then, that is me when I’m in love.

For my boyfriend, you know I love you, and that is from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I make you mad; I give you chest pain, sleepless night and even more wrinkles. But you know I did these because I care.

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