April 15, 2011

Wierd Weather

Weather these days is weird, yesterday you will experience the heat that summer bring and the following day you will be surprised waking up with a gloomy weather and cold breeze. Just like now, the sun is hiding and I could feel the cold breeze that came from the window here in my room. Yay, wondering if each one of us will have a happy summer with this kind of weather.

On the lighter note, above is the latest photo of me and the little one. This photo was taken during the christening of baby Josh Reizen, the first baby of my cousin. We just received a call from my cousin to have our dinner at their place because I am wondering what the occasion is I asked my cousin and she told me it’s the christening of our nephew. Since we were not informed ahead of time I was not able to buy a gift for my nephew. I am sure the little one would love to choice from a wide selection of baby gift that I’ve found online few days ago.

Oh well, I will just make it up to him on his first birthday next year.

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