April 28, 2011

Thursday Bla

Yay, I missed chatting to my boyfriend this morning because I fall back to sleep. Oh well, I am actually late for just few minutes only but then my boyfriend is not feeling well and wants to sleep early. How wish I am beside him so I could take good care of him whenever he is not feeling well. It is this time when I wish he is here or I am with him. Well, we both wished we are together especially when we are sick, me having asthma and when he is having chest pain, back pain and leg pain.

Anyway, for now I could not do anything for we are miles away but pray for his safety.

April 21, 2011

Happy He Is Getting Better

Few months ago my uncle met an accident while he is doing his job which is to gather tuba, our local wine. Few hours after the accident I and my other cousin visited him at the hospital where he was confined to check his condition and to give the money he needed for his medications. We were glad that he only got minor fractures and so he didn’t need any operations and he doesn’t need any braces.

Anyways, if you guys looking for hot and cold therapy head over to In here you can find hot and cold therapy products for all body parts.

Play Poker Online

Technically speaking the advent of internet technology helps us a lot. Imagine paying our bills online or shopping everything we want from the comfort of our home? Isn’t it great?

Oh well, one more thing that we can do with the use of internet technology is playing poker. You read it right guys, you can also play poker online. So if you’re a poker fanatic you can now play poker online. Just recently I happened to came across this site that offers Poker Bonus Without Deposit. Yay, that is surely a nice offer to poker players.

April 19, 2011

Cleaned The House

This morning when I wake up I decided to clean my room, I know I am not allowed to clean the house because I have dust allergy. But after I noticed the dust that my room accumulated for the past weeks it is then that I need to clean it myself for my cousin is busy so I could not ask her to clean my room and the other part of the house. To avoid the allergy attack I used a mask so I could not breathe in the dust while cleaning.

Right after I cleaned my room and the living room I immediately took my bath and took a nap. Since I and the boyfriend will not chat at five o’clock like we usually do I had a longer nap. Well, I deserve the long nap since cleaning is not an easy work to do most especially that I am not fond of cleaning.

April 18, 2011

Free Laptops

Geez, my internet connection is acting up again. Last week a technician came over to check my internet connection but after few clicks they said that my connection is already fix but now I am wondering what is wrong with my connection. There was a time that I am thinking of changing my internet provider perhaps a broadband connection that offers laptop dongle. Isn’t great? Who would not to get free stuff? For sure we all want that.

Anyway if you’re planning to apply for an internet connection at home then I urge you to check internet dongle. There are lots of package to choice from and best of all you will get a free laptop in every package. Cool, right?

April 16, 2011

Online Gambling

I am not a type of person who likes gambling may it be online gambling or offline gambling. But I admit I have close relatives who are into cockfighting and other offline gambling. I sometimes wonder if they also want to try gambling online. If in any case they also want to try their luck in gambling online I can refer them to the website I happened to came across recently called

As for me, I don’t have any idea about online gambling though I’ve heard a lot about casino being one of the most played online. I guess I need to watch casino the movie so I’ll have an idea who to play casino. Not that I want to play casino online I just want to know how to play it.

Am Sleepy

Yay, I do have few tasks waiting for me but I am getting sleepy in here so I might take a nap and just continue to finish my online tasks later today when I woke up. Anyway, I could not write of a good review since I am sleepy so might as well take a nap to refresh my mind. I am also planning to blog hop later today or at least this weekend as it’s been a while since the last time I blog hop and return the visit.

April 15, 2011

Wierd Weather

Weather these days is weird, yesterday you will experience the heat that summer bring and the following day you will be surprised waking up with a gloomy weather and cold breeze. Just like now, the sun is hiding and I could feel the cold breeze that came from the window here in my room. Yay, wondering if each one of us will have a happy summer with this kind of weather.

On the lighter note, above is the latest photo of me and the little one. This photo was taken during the christening of baby Josh Reizen, the first baby of my cousin. We just received a call from my cousin to have our dinner at their place because I am wondering what the occasion is I asked my cousin and she told me it’s the christening of our nephew. Since we were not informed ahead of time I was not able to buy a gift for my nephew. I am sure the little one would love to choice from a wide selection of baby gift that I’ve found online few days ago.

Oh well, I will just make it up to him on his first birthday next year.

April 14, 2011

IRA Gold Investment

There are lots of ways to investment your hard earned money. Some choice to invest their money in the bank and others invest it in real estate. But, don’t know you know that there is another way of investing your money that promises a good income in few years? You read it right folks, you can invest your money in gold.

If in case you have enough money to invest in gold such as gold IRA then I urge you to visit I browsed the website and I found important information about IRA gold and gold 401k. I don’t have any plan of investing in gold in the future but it is nice to know that if ever I have lots of money I know a trusted place wherein I can purchase 401k gold and other forms of gold. Most of all I already know about IRA gold transfer works.

So if you are planning to invest your hard earned money in a sure investment then gold investment is the perfect choice.

He Is Sick

One thing that I hate being far from the boyfriend is that I couldn’t be at his side whenever he needs me. Like now, he has been sick for few days but I could not do anything but to advice him to rest and take his medicine. How I wish I am there to take care of his needs that way I am sure he take his medicines on time.

To my love, get well soon.

April 09, 2011

Go Camping And Hiking This Summer

Finally, I could feel the heat of summer. I really thought that summer will end without enjoying it as it has been raining a week ago. Aside from a warm weather it is also this time when kids are off from school so it is definitely a perfect time for hiking and camping. If you don’t know yet what to do this summer time then perhaps you should consider camping and hiking as one of the stuff you’re going to do this summer.

But course camping and hiking would not be complete without hiking boots, tents, binoculars, sleeping bags and much more. Oh well, if you still need to buy those hiking stuffs worry no more as you can have them from the comfort of your home. Yes, you read it right folks, you can buy your camping paraphernalia without going anywhere. All you have to do is visit a particular website and viola you can start searching and buying everything you need for your camping and hiking adventures.

As for me, I will be searching for tents. Not that I am going somewhere this summer but I promise my son that I am going to buy him a tent. He cried on their scouting celebration because he could not sleep on the camping site as he don’t have his own tent and aside from not having a tent the pre-elementary pupils are not allowed to sleep in the camping site.


Dang! It’s almost a week since the last post I made for this blog. I do have a task assigned for this blog few days ago but I am not in the mood to do it. Oh well, another reason is that I could not make a good review for I always end up pressing the delete key whenever I type one or two sentence. Now that I received a message regarding the task assigned to me I need to do it or else I’ll lose it. I am not just lazy updating my blogs but I am also lazy deleting spam comments in my other blog so I have more than a thousand of spam comments to delete. Geez, just the thought of how many comments I need to delete makes me lazy to login to my wordpress blog.

April 01, 2011

On Kitchen Improvement

Most of my earning online was used in beautifying our house. Since online earning is slowing each year I decided not to do any home improvements this year for I am planning to start saving for my son’s future. Although I don’t have any plan of improving our home this year I could not stop myself from checking online stores that offer home improvement products that will help our simple house look elegant and classy.

Just recently I happen to came across this site that offer flooring improvement products. As soon as I found the website I remember our kitchen for it needs major enhancement. I am not sure if Laminate flooring installed is a good option. Oh well, I don’t have enough saving yet for kitchen improvement so I still have ample of time to check this.