February 11, 2011

He Don't Have Internet Connection

I am supposed to chat to the boyfriend at five o’clock but I received a message from him in my phone to let me know that he don’t have internet connection. I guess it is because of the bad weather, hopefully he will get it back later so I could see him before I dose off to bed. My day won’t be complete without seeing him on cam. He knows what I feel when I not see him.

On the lighter note, my friends were here this morning. One of my friends got her new notebook and she asked me to teach her how to blog. Like me, she is also a single mom; well fortunately most of us are single moms. Go back to my friend who is starting to blog, I really hope she will have time to build her blog traffic as she is currently reviewing for the coming LET examination.


kimmy said...

oh... that's so bad! especially with the valentine around the corner...

Granite Dining Table said...

So sad to hear! Valentines day is approaching.. so sad!