January 14, 2011

Struggling To Lose Weight

I know I have been talking about losing weight in my previous post. In fact it was one of my New Year resolutions last year but then nothing happened. Losing weight is not easy, really. One should the eagerness and discipline to be able to reach the desired weights. Unfortunately, I don’t have both, so here I am struggling (still) on how to lose weight. I might end up trying the fastest fat burner I saw online. I will start to look around and ask a friend if they tried taking fat burners.


NovaS said...

same here i need to make sure that i have something to look forward into para madayon jud ang pag diet2 kay ang temptation sa food saon man gud it's all good..

Kayce said...

ako sis nag slimming pills jud ko para madali.. hehehe! actually nag lose weight nako run. :)