December 05, 2010

Of Being In A Relationship

I have been in a long distance relationship for four years. The longest relationship I had so far, like a normal relationship, we also had our ups and downs. At one point I and my boyfriend had misunderstand that we didn’t chat for few days though we exchange offline. That was the worse misunderstand we had. I am glad that whenever we had rift, may it small or big problem we always manage to surpass it. Through this, our relationship is getting stronger and in every misunderstand we have we always learn from it which is good.

Having a boyfriend like my boyfriend is a blessings, my only wish and prayer is that we can start building our family real soon.


Rossel said...

long distance relationships are hard but if you're really meant to be, then your dream to be together will be fulfilled.

Allen's Darling said...

I wish you goodluck Rose, I know you really worked hard enough also so that Long Distance Relationship is working too. If its mean to be it will be yours someday. Just be patient the Lord Jesus knows what you're desiring at Keep praying for it! Okay. Miss talking w/u here...