December 05, 2010

Just Another Investment

When I was a kid I never thought that to buy gold coins is a good invesment. Back then, I only knew that jewelries that are made of gold is expensive and one can pawn it when you need instant cash for unexpected bills.

I started reading about gold investment when I had internet connection at home. I wanted to consume the unlimited my internet bill so I get to search from one website to another. With this I have found quite a lot of blog talking about gold investment. In fact, at one point I wished I have lots of money so I could start investing in gold. But then, I know I could not afford to buy gold coins or other form of precious metals, unless I won a lottery, that would be another story.

How about you? Do you want to invest in gold?

1 comment:

Earth said...

well.. i wouldn't mind some gold stuff myself, lol!