December 27, 2010

What Present You Got Last Christmas?

Few days after Christmas I am quite sure that all the gifts has been opened. The little one was very happy when he opened his gift because he got want he wanted, a transformer robot. As for me, Ireceived my christmas gift from bioyfriend a month ago, an ACER notebook. I wonder if someone out there got an htc desire smartphone from their love ones.

Anyways, whatever gift you’ve received last Christmas what really counts is the gift of life and the coming our our Saviour. We most keep that in mind.

Birthday Invitations

I still remember when the little one turned two years old because my boyfriend gave him a big party. Lots of food were prepared by my sister and mother. I wanted to make a personalized birthday invitations but I don’t have enough time to do it myself nor I have time to search online. That was my first experience to host and prepare a big party so I don’t know what to do and where to start.

At least next time I host a big party especially the first birthday of my next child (I and my boyfriend wants 2 kids) I know where to find ample selection of 1st birthday invitations. But then the next baby is not coming soon because I and the boyfriend is not yet together.

December 22, 2010


I miss visiting other blog, it’s been a decade since the last time I visit the links listed in my list. I am hoping that I will have enough time to do it before Christmas.

On the other hand, since I could not open the paying site where I reserved a task this morning. But since the site is down I might take a nap. I am getting very sleepy, my eyes is getting heavy. So good night folks! I hope to see you soon…

Two Weeks Without Update

Darn! I could not believe it’s been two weeks since my last post for this blog. Aside from the fact that I am uber lazy to share stories I am also busy shopping for presents and wrapping them. I am glad that I am finally done buying the all the stuff that I am going to give to my cousins and godchildren. I know I will be uber busy wrapping them tomorrow. Well, I really like to start wrapping today but I am too sleepy and I need to wake up very early tomorrow. I will chat to my boyfriend too later today but I will take a nap while he is busy shopping with his older daughter.

December 11, 2010

Presentation Covers

One summer time I and my other group mates were nervous and sleepy. We were about to defend our baby thesis (it’s a subject taken bu computer science student in preparation for the thesis that we are going to make in our final year). After eight years I could still remember what I felt and what I did in front of our instructor. It’s my first time to experience but not for my group mates so I asked them ideas on what I am to do infront of the instruction.

Anyways, to make the story short one comment that our instructor was we had nice presentation covers, which is good because we really had hard time finding it. Nonetheless, our defense were successful although I made few unnecessary movements.

December 10, 2010

Sexy & Steamy Prenup Video of Maggie Wilson & Victor Consunji

Few days ago Maggie Wilson, the former Binibining Pilipinas World was on top of the popular searches in yahoo. I actually don’t click any names in the popular searches but on that day I was curious so I clicked her name and viola I knew the reason why she is on top. Everybody is talking about her prenup video with her fiancee construction mogul Victor Consunji. The name doesn’t ring a bell to me but considering the fact that he is a "construction mogul" then this guy must be filthy rich, right?

Anyways, I watched the video and I can say it’s the steamy and racist prenup video I have watched, so no wonder people are over reacting to it. The shots are all sexy and was taken in different places such as in bed, in a white sports car, and in the pool. Well, the video maybe too sexy for many of us but at the end of the day, it’s their video and they want it like the way it is. I can also say kudos to the wedding videographer who shot the video,l it’s beautifully done.

Lastly, the couple must be so in love to each other that they decided to have a sexy (almost making out) prenup video.

December 09, 2010

Getting Funeral Insurance

Are you considering on getting funeral insurance next year? If so, the you are doing the right thing. It really good to be prepare as we can’t really tell is to when we are going to go. If you don’t have an idea what can you get if you have this kind of insurance then I would avise you to visit Xlife insurance company.

By visiting this website you will find helpful articles that will answer all your inquiries.

Finally, I receive a call from my boyfriend few minutes ago. We are going to chat, its our third time to chat since he left for an important travel to Greenland.

On the other hand, I am really bless for the past weeks for online opportunity keep on pouring. I have another bunch of tasks, the payout is not big but better than nothing. I really hope I will have another link assignment to do over the weekend.

December 08, 2010

Payday Loans To The Rescue

Time really flies and before we know it we will be celebrating the holiday seasons. I was at the mall near my place the other day and I could say a lot of people finding the right gift for their love ones.

It’s the time of the year wherein payday loans come in a handy. Who doesn’t want to play Santa this coming holiday season? I myself want to be a Santa to my family and friends, for this to happen I need more extra cash. I am not sure yet if my money would be enough before the big day but I am positive that I have the money I need.

One thing is for sure I could not apply for payday loans if ever I need additional cash. But for those who work regularly then you can apply for payday loans to cover all your holiday expenses. I would advise you to visit a particular website which offer fast and easy payday loan. Your application will be approve immediately and the cash you needed will be deposited in your bank account the next banking days. Should you need more information? Visit any of the links above and you will be directed to the website I am talking about.


It’s a holiday for the little one. He is in front of the television now, watching his favorite cartoon. He has been complaining that to my mother that he is starving,hehehe.. well, it’s not only my son who is starving as I am starving too. I shall get my butt off in here and prepare for our breakfast.

I’ll be back soon folks, need to finish my tasks today.

December 07, 2010

What Present Should I Give

Haven’t shop for my christmas present, I have listed what I am going to buy though. To make sure I don’t miss a thing I am checking my list twice. Last year I forgot to buy the gift for one of my godchild so I end uo giving her cash. This year, I am thinking of giving fashion jewelry or bag to the girls and clothes for the boys. I still have few days to think this over and I hope I come up with a good decision.

Fat Burner For Men

Few months ago my mother and my aunt saw my boyfriend on cam. They are surprised of how my boyfriend manage to lose weight. Well, one thing is for sure he didn’t take any fat burner for men that is available online, though I am not against if he take any of them.

Anyways, my boyfriend look younger after he lose some weight. Wondering if I will also look younger if I lose weight.hehehe.. without a doubt I’d love it.

I Didn't Catch The Fishes..

Darn! I missed catching those fishes in my dashboard last night. The payouts are not really big but I ever I am given a chance to grab it I will surely grab it. Chirstmas day is fast approaching and I need some extra so I could not pass any blessings that comes my way. Hehehe.. I know I am being greedy but we all need money.

December 05, 2010

Just Another Investment

When I was a kid I never thought that to buy gold coins is a good invesment. Back then, I only knew that jewelries that are made of gold is expensive and one can pawn it when you need instant cash for unexpected bills.

I started reading about gold investment when I had internet connection at home. I wanted to consume the unlimited my internet bill so I get to search from one website to another. With this I have found quite a lot of blog talking about gold investment. In fact, at one point I wished I have lots of money so I could start investing in gold. But then, I know I could not afford to buy gold coins or other form of precious metals, unless I won a lottery, that would be another story.

How about you? Do you want to invest in gold?

Drawn By My Passion

People Are Drawn To Your Passion

You are intense about every thing you do, and this intensity inspires people around you.

It's clear that you care deeply about the others. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend.

You are always doing great and interesting things. You leap into action.

And while you're busy, you take time to connect and re-connect with others. You are very thoughtful.

Of Being In A Relationship

I have been in a long distance relationship for four years. The longest relationship I had so far, like a normal relationship, we also had our ups and downs. At one point I and my boyfriend had misunderstand that we didn’t chat for few days though we exchange offline. That was the worse misunderstand we had. I am glad that whenever we had rift, may it small or big problem we always manage to surpass it. Through this, our relationship is getting stronger and in every misunderstand we have we always learn from it which is good.

Having a boyfriend like my boyfriend is a blessings, my only wish and prayer is that we can start building our family real soon.

Am I In Love?

Gold, gold, gold and gold…

I know I have been blogging much about gold buying. I could not stop myself from talking about it, one could think I am so deeply in love in gold investment.hehehe..

For those who wants to buy gold but doesn’t know where to start then you can stop worrying now. All you have you to do is visit I am quite sure you could never be wrong in visiting this website. Aside from offering authentic precious metals they also have superb customer service that will help you all the way, from buying gold to delivering your purchase right in your door steps.Cool, right?

I Am Missing Someone Dear To Me

Finally, I and my boyfriend chatted last night, it was a short chat though but better than nothing. One thing that I don’t like when my boyfriend is on travel is because we can’t chat regularly. In a regular basis we usually chat three times a day. Chatting once a day is not enough, like what happened when my desktop bug down.

Anyways, my boyfriend will be home in few days, so we can chat as many as we can and hopefully soon we won't be needing the internet technology to see each other.

December 03, 2010


Haist, I will be attending a birthday celebration tomorrow and yet I haven’t bought my gift yet. I could not think of a perfect gift actually so I am uber lazy to buy it. The weather makes me lazier to go out too. Well, I will not have time tomorrow so I am going to the mall soon, hopefully I could find something nice.

I will visit some blogger friend as soon as I get from buying gift. So bye for now guys, wish me luck that I could find a nice gift for the birthday celebrant tomorrow.

December 02, 2010

On Life Insurance

I wonder how many of my friends have life insurance, having an insurance these days is a must. With the sky rocketing prices of basic commonidities and unstable economic situation life insurance will surely come in a handy if something happen to you. However, getting a life insurance is not easy because there are many insurance companies but you don’t have any idea of how much it will cost you and the benefits that you can get. Good thing, you can search free Life Insurance Quotes online at

You can also find Life Insurance Advice in case you don’t know what kind of insurance policy you’re going to get. So if you don’t have life insurance yet, today is the right and perfect time to get your own. Whether you’re young or old its not a problem with for they also offer Over 50's Life Insurance. For more information you can visit the site anytime of the day or call them in their hot line numbers.