November 27, 2010

Home Blackheads Remedies

Few days ago I and my cousin were at the mall shopping for the dress I need next month. While we were roaming around food court choising what food to eat for lunch I saw Iris, she is with her friends in college. I noticed that her one friend has blackhead problem and she is kind of uncomfortable with it. I was tempted to tell her to search home remedies for blackheads online. But then, since I don’t know her personally I just keep my mouth shut and give her a smile, with that she will be comfortable talking to me.

November 26, 2010

I Am Sleepy

It was past midnight when I decided to go to sleep last night, I guess it’s already one o’clock when I fall asleep. Then at around 3.30 in the morning my boyfriend called up for chat. We chatted for an hour, then after we chat I immediately go back to sleep. My plan was to stay late in bed but because the little one is going to school I need to get up early. So that is the reason why I am very sleepy this time. I really wanted to stay longer but I couldn’t, I need to take a nap. I’ll continue blogging later today. By then, I can think of a good review.

Weight Gain Supplement

For a change I won’t be blogging about losing weight this time, while some of us want to lose weight there are some people out there who wants to gain weight, not with fats but to gain more muscles. Like losing weight, gaining weight is not an easy task to do as well. I remember I also want to gain weight before but to no avail, now that I gain too much I want to shed those unwanted fats but to no avail.

If you noticed that you need to gain weight then you might want to try the weight gain supplement that I found online. To know more about the supplement I am talking about you can visit

November 25, 2010

I Need Multivitamins

Health is Wealth.

Since I start blogging I mostly sleep late at night. I know that luck of sleep is not good to my body but I could not stop my self from staying late online moreover if there are online opportunities that come my way. I just could not let those blessing slip in my hands.

Since I could not help my self but stay up late I am thinking of taking multivitamin to avoid any illness. I’ll be checking this website that I found recently, it offers different kinds of multivitamins.

I Miss

It’s been few days since I saw my boyfriend on cam so wonder I already miss him. I use to see him everyday and we normaly chat thrice aday that is why when I not see him in a day it seems that something is missing inside of me. I sent him sms an hour ago I am hoping that I would see him today or tomorrow.

Good thing I have some online tasks that need s my attention and I also have some offline errands to run in the next couple of days so my mind will be busy.

November 23, 2010

Gold Bullion As A Gift

As you’ve noticed I have been talking a lot about how good it is to buy gold bullion, rare coins, gold coins, silver and other precious metals. Today, I will be talking about it but this I will be talking how good it can be if someone would give you this kind of give this coming holiday season. For sure, everybody would love to receive gold bullion as a present this coming Christmas.

However, only few can afford to buy this kind of gift for it is very expensive. Well, no wonder gold bullion and other metals are expensive because they are a good investment as well. I have read somewhere that the price of gold never go down for the past many years and expert said that the demand of metals will increase in the next coming years. So if someone wants to give gold bullion as present this coming Christmas I will gladly accept it.

I Am 41% Jealous

You Are 41% Jealous

You're a fairly jealous person, but it's nothing to beat yourself up about.

A little jealousy is perfectly normal, though sometimes you take it a little far.

Recognize when jealousy is taking over your life, and try to hold back your impulses.

You'll be a better (and happier) person for it!

He Will Be Away From Home

The boyfriend will be away from home for two weeks. He is in a business trip. He just told me yesterday that he needs to go Greenland today for an important trip. I am kind of sad because I will not see him regularly but he promises me to call and send sms. He will also try to be online if there is an internet connection since his laptop is with him.

I am not starting to miss him. ..

November 19, 2010

Karaoke Session

I don't have a thing in singing but my mother and my other siblings love to sing. I am the kill joy in the family because I always tell them tk stop singing before midnight when they start opening the karaoke. I know they would enjoy drinking the local wine when they are singing while drinking and chit chatting.

My mother is planning to host a Christmas party, I wonder who will sing more song from the karaoke songs that my sister will provide. Well, one thing is for sure I won't dare to sing even one song.hehhehe...

November 16, 2010

Safe & Effective Fat Burner

Often times when I bumped into a site that offer fat burner pill the first question that cross my mind is “does it really works?”. We all know that there are hundreds of fat burner pills available in the market today and all of them promise to be the best among others. True is that only few of them are true to their words. I wonder if thermogenic is safe and effective, good thing I came across this site that talks about this fat burner.

No Chat Begore Going To Bed

When I woke this morning I have one message from my boyfriend. He told me, he can’t wait until I get online because he is too sleepy instead we will chat earlier today so we will have longer time talking. After reading his message I decided to call him to say good night and I love you. It has been our routine to let each other feel how much we love each. Chatting or calling before we off to bed are few ways of showing our love for each other.

Although we have little hindrance in fulfilling our dreams, we both know that soon we will be together and start building our dreams.

Personalized Holiday Gift

The month of November is half finished; it seems that it was only yesterday when we were busy preparing for trick or treating and Halloween parties. Before we know we will be busy again putting up Christmas trees and other Christmas decors. Well, as for me, I am doing putting our tree and other Christmas d├ęcor that I used last year. I am not starting to search where I could find personalized holiday gift for my family.

Good thing I came across this site called red This site offer personalized gift for anniversary, birthday, Christmas gift and etc. If you are having a hard time choosing what present to give then you can check their gift holiday guide.

November 15, 2010

On Ceiling Fans

Shopping for our home is not really easy, like for example if you are shopping for fans, you need to check several fans before you could come up with a decision. However, because of limited times and less options often times we get the wrong fan. To get the right fan you’re searching for, the right place to go is Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. By going to this online store one will get a chance to Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!

So next time you shop for Ceiling Fans, you know where to go. As for, I don’t have plan on buying Ceiling Fan but if ever I need to buy a new one for my room I will surely buy it at Hansen Wholesale, for they have durable and wide selection of fans.

Great Fight!

Right after chatting to the boyfriend I immediately logon to my dashboard and blog. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to blog after chatting to him because I wanted to watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao to Antonio Margarito. The greedy in me (lol), wants to stay and finish my online tasks but being a Filipino and a proud one, wants to witness how the boxing champ blow the arrogant and proud Mexican boxer.

At the end, I choice to go and watch the fight, a very good and entertaining fight. In deed our boxing champ never stop amazing his fans when Antonio Margarito had a bloodying face, close right eye and nearly close left eye.

We are proud of you, Pacman!!!

November 12, 2010

Success Weight Loss Stories

I don’t watch the Biggest Loser regularly. Last night I could not stop myself but watch the finale episode for they are going to announce the biggest loser winner. After checking the final weight of the three challengers, the older among the competitor won the million dollars price. For sure her story is one of the weight loss success stories in the net today. If you want to read more stories you can visit

Expensive Dress

I was the mall earlier today, after doing the things I need to do I decided to roam around hoping I could find a nice dress. I am not a fun of dress but this Christmas I want to wear a dress for a change for I always wear jeans. While I roam around I found a wonderful dress but the price is also wonderful lol. I am not sure if my budget is enough to buy this dress. Good thing I don’t have a credit card so I won’t be spending in excess of my budget.

But for those who own a credit card, be wise on using it. You might end up broke for many months because you need use your income on paying your credit card bill.

No Chat

I miss chatting to the boyfriend this morning because I over slept. Well, I actually wake up early but decided to go back to sleep because I am having abdomen ache I guess it’s because of my monthly visitor. When I get it I have a message from him letting me know that he will be sleeping is I will not be online at 8.40 in the morning. Since I know he won’t be online when anymore I decided to go back to sleep again hoping the pain will be gone when I wake up and I thanks God I don’t feel any pain when I wake up again at 10am.

November 11, 2010

Lady Gaga's Tickets

This morning I was watching lady gaga’s music video and I honestly love it. I don’t have anything against on she wear on the video as long as she carry it well, then there is no reason to fret about it. If I will be given a chance to watch her concert without any doubt I will sure watch it.

For those who are searching for lady gaga tickets online urge you to visit

November 05, 2010

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If in any case you have doubts about investing in gold then your better read more information on United States Gold Bureau website. The website offers lots of interesting facts about precious metals and helpful artticles on how to start investing in gold. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and start investing in gold and other precious metals.

Lucky Day

Yesterday, is one of my lucky day I was able to reserve few tasks for this blog and my other blogs. Yay, I might run out of words as I need to make two non-paid post in between my post for this paying site. Well, I know I don’t have the right complaining because online tasks is what I want and needs. More online tasks mean more molah, greedy? Nope I am just being true to myself. Who doesn’t want molah anyway, sure we all want that.

Outdated No More..

Darn! It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. It only means that this blog is outdated, well not now for I manage to reserved few tasks for this blog and my other blog :-D. God is good really, as you all know I am trying to save some amount for I am planning to buy something for myself this coming Christmas. If online tasks continue to pour I might buy one item in my wish list for this year.

I won’t be talking much in here as I don’t have much time to stay online. Hopefully, I will be back in the original track soon.