October 02, 2010

Medical Scrubs

I remember when I and my other friends visited the wake of my friend's brother a soldier asked me to show my palm to him. After few minutes of looking my palm he told me that I will be working in medical field. Right after hearing it I gave him a smile and say "is that possible to happen although I am afraid of needle?" The soldier answered me and said YES.

If I pursue any medical course right after finishing my high school I should be wearing one of those medical scrubs that I saw online few days ago. But then it's not faith for I end up being a stay at home mom. So my dream of wearing medical scrub uniforms will remain a dream unless I enroll a short term course in medical field.

But for those who are looking of scrub stores I'll be glad to help you find. One good site to visit when it comes to scrubs is The site offer ample medical scrubs that suit your need and budget.

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