October 15, 2010

Let Go

I really hope I could fix my desktop at home so I will have longer time staying online like I usually do before. For few months, my desktop has been acting up to the point that I could not use them because I couldn’t open them or I freeze before I could connect it to the internet. With this I lost few of my tasks because I missed doing them before the due date.

Just today, a premium tasks that was assigned to me was removed because I missed doing the task. If my desktop is working I am quite sure this won’t happen because I grab the blessing that comes my way. But for now, I shall let them go because I don’t have ample of time doing them.

1 comment:

NovaS said...

girl, maybe your desktop has infected by a virus, you need to go to a technician and let them fix it like reformat everything, you gotta save your files though first that way they won't delete them