October 03, 2010

Beauty Course

The other day I was waiting for a ride when a beautiful lady pass by. I noticed that the guys sitting in the waiting shed could not help but have a glimpse to the girls. I wonder if the girl did her make up herself because if she do the girl knows how to blend the make ups. I also wonder if she took up a beauty course.

Talking about beauty course if you are considering on taking another degree then perhaps you want to check out Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School at Regency Beauty Institute. For more detail information you can visit them at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244.

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1 comment:

Rossel said...

bago ba iyong blogitive, sis? hindi ko alam ito a. thanks for your post. i'll sign up too.

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