October 29, 2010


The boyfriend would not miss a day without taking a deep in a jacuzzi and walking. I wonder how it feels being in a Jacuzzi since I haven’t experience it although I have seen a real Jacuzzi. Well, I hope the boyfriend will come soon for he promise me to experience it. Haist, I could not explain the excitement when that time comes

I Miss The Regular Chat

It’s really nice to catch the boyfriend before he sleep. I miss chatting to him three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and late in the evening my time. I really hope we could chat regularly next week since my desktop is on the repair shop. Just bad, because the repair shop is always close. Good thing they leave a note and a phone number. I am going to call them when I arrive at home. I need to know if they are done fixing my desktop.

October 27, 2010

Manual Directory Submission

Monetizing a blog is not easy as 123. You need to know how you can build a good traffic. Four years ago, all I want is to have a website of own. An online avenue wherein I could rant and complain without worrying what other people may say.

However, when I found out that I can earn from bogging I started the manual directory submission although I really don’t why I need to do it. I just follow the advice of my friend.
So if you have a site and you are planning to earn from it I would advise you to check out

Fast Approaching

How time flies, in few days we will be welcoming another month and before we know it we will are of those who is in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Three years now I have been spending too much on Christmas shopping. I am glad that the boyfriend doesn’t complain although I make a big hole in his wallet.

I don’t have a list yet of what I am going to buy this year. Anyway, I still have ample of time to think. For now, let me check what is asset based lenders for a friend I am helping with. I don’t have any idea about this that is why I am eager to find out as well.

I Somewhat Find Easy To Love

Since I don't know what I am going to write in here I choice to take anothe online quiz. THis time I want to know if I easy to love. So here is it...

You Find it Somewhat Easy to Love
Love is never easy, and you while you try your best to let love into your life, it's a struggle.
You find it a bit difficult to get close to and trust other people. You've been burned before!

You keep your heart as open as possible. You would like to love more and be loved in return.
Wanting love is half the battle, so keep up the hard work. Eventually you'll get all the love you crave.

Blackhead Remover

We ladies want to look good always, but what will you do if you have blackheads all over your face? Well, there are hundreds of blackhead remover available in market these days. However finding the best and effective blackhead remover can be stressful. Good thing I happen to came across this site which help customer find the best and effective blackhead remover.

I am glad that I don’t have blackhead although acne comes a week before my monthly period. But I don’t freak-out for I know they will live after few days.

Eye Wrinkle Cream

Nowadays, there are so many eye wrinkle creams available in the market that is why finding the best eye wrinkle cream that really works can be stressful and time consuming. Gladly I found this site called this site is specially designed to help consumers get the information needed to find the right products that is safe and effective.

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3 Days Of Hiatus

Hello guys! It’s been three days since my last post in this blog. Please accept my sincere apologize. Yours truly is uber busy attending offline matters. Now, that my desktop is on the repair shop I am hoping that I could get back to blogging like I used to. For now, allow me to thanks my visitors for always visiting my sites although I haven’t been visiting your site. I promise to make it up to you guys as soon as all will get back to normal.

October 23, 2010


In one way or another each one of us encounter financial difficulties. In times like this we sometimes end up wishing we are burn rich or we have a good investment that will help us recover from financial dfficulties.

If you or you know someone who want to start investing for the future but haven’t decided yet what kind of investment to start the I would suggest you to start investing in gold coins or other form of gold. Gold buying has been identified as one of the best way to preserve wealth for centuries. It is also proven that price of gold never decrease in value. No wonder rich people never stop buying gold jewelries.

Nonsense Post

Dang! i have two rejected post. The reason is that I didn’t follow the rule. I should make two non-paid post in between the post I am doing for this site. But because I do not know what to write in here I am talking non sense (again). I don’t want to stop although I am talking gibberish words because I want this post to reach more than 50 words so I will be valid. Hehehehe.. I guess I already reach the more than 50 words so I’ll stop now. If you still read this post. a big thanks. :-)

Happy Weekend

Hello guys! How is your weeked so far? As for me, I am kinda busy. I have lots of online tasks that was assigned to me in the past couple of days. Since I have limited time blogging I always end of cramming so I could finish the task on time. I could not afford to lose $$ especially that holiday season is just around the corner.

Anyway, I won’t talk too much in here because I only have an hour or so as I need to go home because I have an important matter to do. Tomorrow I am not sure if i have time to blog. I will be uber busy..

Gold Investment Information

As you have noticed I have been talking a lot about gold investment lately. Today I will be talking about it again. Well, I could not just stop myself knowing that there are lot of people out there who failed when they invest their hard-earned money to something that is not worth investing. I know how hard it is to earn money but it is more hard to accept the fact that you have lost your money because of wrong investment.

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Going Home

I am afraid I can’t stay longer, my eyes is nearly close. I find it hard to open my eye when I blink them. So I guess I need to take a nap real soon. I also know it will be difficult thinking of a good review if I am sleepy. So I better go home and take a nap and blog later today.


I honestly not know what I am going to right in here. Maybe because I am very sleepy and all I want is lie in my bed and take a long nap. But then, since I have some pending online task waiting I don’t have any choice but think of a good topic to post. The online task required two nonpaid post in between the post I right in this particular site.


Are you one of those who want to start investing in gold and other precious metals? If so, then I would suggest you to visit United States Gold Bureau. They are America’s leading dealer of precious metal such as gold, silver, gold coin and few to mention. If have a lot of money, without a doubt I will start investing in gold. But since I am not yet ready for a big capital I shall settle on buying gold jewelries. I wonder if I can afford to buy gold bullion in the future. Well, maybe if I win a lottery.

A Storybook Cake

Walking down the aisle is a dream come true to us woman. My dream wedding won’t be extravagant as I want it to be private. I am curious how my cake look like so I took another quiz online and here is what I got.

You Are a Storybook Wedding

Love make you feel special and important. You want to be needed and adored by others, and you return those feelings with all your might.

To be unloved would be a crushing blow for you. You would find it hard to love yourself if no one loved you.

For you, romantic love is about finding someone as unique as you are... who thinks the world of you as well.

When you find someone who sees things in you that no one else sees, then that's when you really know it's true love.

October 21, 2010

Online Task

Gosh!! I have a lot of online tasks that waiting. I was surprised when I saw another batch of online tasked assigned to me. I am not yet done with the tasks that were assign to me last week but I still have time to finish them all before the due.

Now that I have another batch of online tasks I don’t have room for laziness. I need to finished them; well I still have ample of time to do it so I will take it slowly.

Diet Pills Fat Burners

How time flies, month of October will soon to finish and before we know its Christmas time once again. It is this time when get a chance to attend many parties. When we talked about party mouth watering foods are serve in the table.

No wonder when holiday season is finish there are lots of woman who are searching for Diet pills fat burners that works. If you have happened to be one of them then you should check out

October 20, 2010

Gold Bullion In Its Best

I know I have been talking a lot about investing in precious metals lately and now I will be talking about it again. I couldn’t stop my self from talking about it especially that we are all experiencing economic difficulty. With this there are millions of invididuals who lost their job. Some of them opt to invest their hard-earned money and lost it.

That is why, if you are planning to invest it is a must that you do a thorough research you will not end of losinh your money or better yet invest it gold bullion. Gold investment has been proven to be the safest way to invest. When it comes to gold and other precious metals is the right place to log on because they are not selling faulty products.

Great Pretender

Have you experience befriended of a faker?Or have you a victim of fake people? I do, in my 31 years of existence I can honestly that I have been a victim of fake people. The first time or at leat the painful experience in this kind of treatment was when I was 15 or 16 years old. Someone asked me to run for SK chairperson. I don’t have any plan of running as I know that my knowledge is not enough to be a youth leader. However, this particular person has a sweet tongue and promised that she would help me all the way only to found out that she is supporting another candidate.

From then on, my treatment to this person has changed. I also promise myself not to be a victim of fakers but there are times that I could not defend myself from fakers especially if the person is a master faker. I can name a few but I choice to keep it myself. I know my blog is the avenue of my thoughts and feelings but I know my limitations and I shall settle on my limitations.

Barangay Election 2010

On Monday it would be a judgement day for hopeful candidates who run for office in the barangay. I remember when my grandmother was still into politics there were no money involved. If you have a big family then you will have a bigger chance to win the post but its different now. If you don’t have money then expect to lose the battle. People these days are into vote buying, my mother is one of the hopeful candidate. Although I am agaisnt of vote buying I still prepare some amount for my mother. I so love my mother that I will support her in any way I can.

My family is not perfect, we have our up and downs but in times of diffuculty and in times of election there is no doubt that we will suport each other come what may.

October 19, 2010

Best Weight Loss Supplements

A while ago I was encoding the election paraphernalia for my mother right after saving what I did I immediately search for best weight loss supplements not for me but for my friend. The boyfriend said I am losing weight but I am afraid I might gain few kilos before this year end because of holiday season. I just hope I will not over eat whenever I am at the party.

Sometimes I can’t stop myself from eating too much especially if a lot of mouth watering foods are serve in the table.

October 18, 2010

In A Relationship

In a relationship it is not always a bed of roses. A normal relationship will stumble upon problems that can wipe out all the love andtrust that you’ve build for months or years. In my past relationship I can say that I always learn something from it. I can also say that I am more mature when it comes to building a relationship. But there are times that I feel like giving up. It is when my heart is break into pieces, it is when I am misjudge. Gladly I always manage to follow my heart over my head.

If you are in a relationship I know you will understand or maybe feel what I feel when you and your partner are having problem. Well, if you are in love a lover’s quarrel is just normal.

October 17, 2010

In more than two months we will be coming a new year. This year has been good to me and I do pray that the coming year will be continue to be good. But before this year end I want to know what would be my 2010 name. Here is what I got…

Your 2010 Name is Sasha Jessica

How modern!

Have you tried your's? If not,go and check it.

Gold Bars

Certainly everybody wants to secure the future of their love ones. Others would invest into something that is not proven that is why they end up losing their hard-earned money. Others would ask around for advice and information before investing. The later individuals have bigger chance to be successful.

So if you are considering in investing for you and your families future I urge you to invest in gold bars and other forms of gold. For many many years now it is already proven that precious metal like gold is the perfect way to invest your money because the price of gold has been increasing.

If I am to invest my money in the future I will surely choice investing in gold.

Uber Busy

I’ve been uber busy lately to the point that I was off more almost two days. For a person who in a long distance relationship communication is really important. For us, talking online is the best way to communicate for we don’t trust our phone system. There are times that we could not call each other because we no connection. That is why being off from the World Wide Web for almost two days is kind of hard, glad we survive.

Apart for not talking to the boyfriend, I also missed my online tasks. With this I only have little time to finish the assign tasks for me. So apologize if ever I could not return the visit yet.

October 15, 2010

Let Go

I really hope I could fix my desktop at home so I will have longer time staying online like I usually do before. For few months, my desktop has been acting up to the point that I could not use them because I couldn’t open them or I freeze before I could connect it to the internet. With this I lost few of my tasks because I missed doing them before the due date.

Just today, a premium tasks that was assigned to me was removed because I missed doing the task. If my desktop is working I am quite sure this won’t happen because I grab the blessing that comes my way. But for now, I shall let them go because I don’t have ample of time doing them.

October 12, 2010

Interior Dppr Handles

For sure each one of us has its own dream house. As for me, my dream house would be simple and yet elegant to look at. I want my house situated in a wide space so I could make a garden and a playground for my kids. I also found out that a house located in a wide backyard is more attractive to look at.

Apart from having a wide area I would like to have a unique interior door handles that could add beauty to the doors.

October 11, 2010

Almost Done Doing My Tasks

I am done doing my pending tasks in one site. Now, I am going to finish the task that was assigned to me few days ago. I ready receive an e-mail from that site that I need to finish the task today. So I better get make this post fast and start doing the review for that particular assignment.

Hopefully another batch of assignments coming, Christmas is just around the corner and I need extra molah.


Well-Equipped DePuy Hip Lawyer

Few months ago, there are thousands of people experiencing pain and swelling after a hip replacement surgery. The swelling is so severe that they need to undergo second hip replacement surgery. If you are one of them or you know someone who is a victim of this unsuccessful operation you can visit O’Halon, McCollum & Demerath for they have DePuy Hip Recall lawyer that understand that your hip surgery may not be your fault.

With them you will surely get the right damages you deserve for they have highly trained staff that is well-equipped to handle even the more complex liability claim.

Blogging In The Internet Cafe

I am here at the internet, not to chat to the boyfriend but to blog. I have few tasks that need to be done. I really hope could finish them all today as I have very limited time using the internet. I don’t trust my desktop at home for it takes time before I could finally connect to internet and worse I could not finish what I need to do because I always end up freezing.

So here I am working my online task in the internet café.

October 09, 2010

Listening To Holiday Song

I am here at the internet café, a chiristmas song is played over the counter. I know it’s kind of early but I like it though.

I am not called as a Chiristmas girl by my boyfriend for nothing lol. Since I remember I always love listening to Christmas songs. Whenever I heard Christmas ong I always look at the bright side of life. It helps me to relax. I know somewhere out there will react as to why I like listening Christmas songs.

Medical Resume

Are you a graduate of any medical course? Are you searching of a good job in the medical field? Nowadays there are thousands of unemployed in the medical field that are job hunting. With this applying for a job in this field is not easy. However if you will post your medical resume at The site is connected to the top employers in the healthcare & medical industry. With this I am quite sure that you will land to your dream job.

October 03, 2010

Beauty Course

The other day I was waiting for a ride when a beautiful lady pass by. I noticed that the guys sitting in the waiting shed could not help but have a glimpse to the girls. I wonder if the girl did her make up herself because if she do the girl knows how to blend the make ups. I also wonder if she took up a beauty course.

Talking about beauty course if you are considering on taking another degree then perhaps you want to check out Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School at Regency Beauty Institute. For more detail information you can visit them at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244.

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I Need To Sleep

Darn! I really need to go home now for my back wants to lay in be. I am afraid I will lost three tasks this time. I am not sure if I could finish them all now. Apart of being sleepy I am also running out of words to say. The disadvantage of having few english words in the dictionary lol.Anyway, I will try my best to finish them all before going home but if not I shall let them go and wish to have them back in my dashboard soon.

Missing Someone

I miss the boyfriend, big time. My uber unpredictable desktop didn’t allow me to come online. After almost half an hour of trying I decided to go back to bed. The boyfriend told me to go abck to sleep if I can’t sign in after 15 minutes after he called me.
I only hope he will manage to call me later so I could hear his voice.

Medical Carts

Darn! I miss blog hopping. I am currently blogging from the internet café near my place. Glad that I decided to come from I owe big time to my visitors.

Talking about blog hopping, while I am visiting from one blog to another I found this awesome site that offer medical carts. Howard Medical and Howard Computers has been in the business for many years now. Their primary goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied with them.

Medical Carts

Darn! I miss blog hopping. I am currently blogging from the internet café near my place. Glad that I decided to come from I owe big time to my visitors.

Talking about blog hopping, while I am visiting from one blog to another I found this awesome site that offer medical carts. Howard Medical and Howard Computers has been in the business for many years now. Their primary goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied with them.

October 02, 2010

Medical Scrubs

I remember when I and my other friends visited the wake of my friend's brother a soldier asked me to show my palm to him. After few minutes of looking my palm he told me that I will be working in medical field. Right after hearing it I gave him a smile and say "is that possible to happen although I am afraid of needle?" The soldier answered me and said YES.

If I pursue any medical course right after finishing my high school I should be wearing one of those medical scrubs that I saw online few days ago. But then it's not faith for I end up being a stay at home mom. So my dream of wearing medical scrub uniforms will remain a dream unless I enroll a short term course in medical field.

But for those who are looking of scrub stores I'll be glad to help you find. One good site to visit when it comes to scrubs is The site offer ample medical scrubs that suit your need and budget.

Silent Mode

What wondering why I was in a silent mode for few days? Well, I was busy like bee attending the little one. They had their scouting camping earlier for they will be busy preparing for the foundation and family day which will happen two weeks from now. I would like to take this chance to thank all my visitors. I am sorry if I can't visit you back at this moment. I promise to make it up to you when I have enough time and when my desktop allow me to do so. I know I always have the same reason for not visiting you back and I also know it's a lame excuse.