August 19, 2010


A while ago I was browsing the photos of my friend who is now living in Sweden. I am amazed when I saw her picture taken while she is riding a snowboard. Ohh! How I wish I could also try snowboarding in the future. I know I will enjoy it as much as my friend enjoys it.

Talking about snowboard, if you happen to be in a look out of snowboards I would suggest you to visit Through this site you will find different kinds of snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards and accessories used in this type of sports. The site also offers men and women clothing from different brands. Shipping is not a problem as they ship internationally and you will get the item in your doorstep without hassle.

Do you have your own snowboard? If so, then perhaps it’s high time you learn the Olympic snowboarding trick. Who knows you will be the next champion ion snowboarding. If in any case you want to check snowboard trick images all you have to do is search it online and I am quite sure you will find hundreds of images in flickr.

Go back to my friend; I wonder when she started snowboarding as we don’t have snow here in my country. Huh! I will asks her next time we chat.

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