July 02, 2010


I will be off to blogging in a while, I am going to chat to the boyfriend. I decided that we chat early today as I am going to accompany my son to school. He told me yesterday that his teacher told them to bring their mama today. I will also bring him to the doctor right after his class. I will just share the reason is to why I bring my son to doctor later as I am running out of time. I still need to search on where to buy silver bullion.

A friend of mine love to collect silver and she found out that silver is a good investment. So she wants to add silver bullion on her collection of silver jewelry.


gracia said...

wow! Hoe deeply inlove naman you are...

Tey said...

It must be really hard to be a single mom and hands up to you Rose.. Blessing will always come along and you are already having them.. God Bless

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