March 05, 2010

Paper Dolls

When I was kid I never had a real barbie doll to play with. What I only have is a paper doll and paper dresses that I made. Whenever I see a barbie I always pray that someday I will own at least one but it never happened. Lucky those kids always get the toys they wanted.

And speaking of toys, I found this website which offer wide selection of different kids of toys for kids and adults. I am going to bookmark this website for future use.


kimmy said...

the barbie doll thing? you're not alone. i never had one, myself, and by the time i could afford one, i was A GROWN UP, hehehe..

Our World Of Fun said...

Oh I remember those days when I had bazillions of paper dolls. We would play fashion show with classmates with the paper dresses that we made. It was actually fun and our parents did not have to buy us expensive dolls. We made our own.

Prettymom said...

@ kimmy
same here and I more want to buy toys for my son

@our world of fun
yes and also because my mother can't afford to buy real barbie lol