February 01, 2010

Heart Day

Where did the month of January go? It seemed that it was just yesterday when everybody is bustling around looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for their love ones. Now, some of us are bustling around (again) finding the perfect gift but this time to celebrate the heart day.

I honestly didn't experience dating with my ex-boyfriends during Valentine’s Day. One time I receive heart shape stuff from ex-boyfriend he handed it to me few hours before the day end. I have this idea that he dated his other girl friend, yeah you read it right one of my ex-boyfriend has other girl friend except me. I was stupid to fall in love with him although I know he has a girl friend. But don’t get me wrong, he first courted me but one day I realize I don’t have a thing on him so I stop answering his letters.

It’s a very long story and I hope I can put it in this blog one day.

1 comment:

Riza said...

I perfectly know what you mean. But you know what, your value does not depend on a man! I know you're a survivor.