January 31, 2010

Free Downloading

Hello guys! How is your weekend doing so far? As for me I didn’t had a blast nonetheless I am enjoying every bit of my weekend. I didn’t stay online this time unlike last weekend I spent my weekend sitting in front of my desktop running online errands. And because I don’t have anything to do I decided to surf the internet and search for a good movie to watch. Indeed I found the movie that I’ve been searching for quite sometimes now but then I need to download the movie before I can watch it. However my desktop is not in its best condition so downloading the movie is not a wise decision.

To those who are in search of a good search engine, perhaps you could visit It is the best source for thousands of movie download, songs, games, dvd torrents, tv torrents, books and a lot more without worrying of getting a virus or downloading an empty files. The website also has a vast of regularly updated files and above the website is a free of use. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website for the best downloading experience for your favorite movie, songs, book and etc.

January 29, 2010

Good Night

Good night folks!! I am going to bed now... have a wonderful and blessed weekend with your love ones..

Need My Energy Back

I never had enough energy for the past couple of days. There are so many things to do but I just couldn’t do it at this moment. I keep on thinking how can I get rid of the strange feeling and on and off headache so I can do some of my pending task online and offline.
Anyway, have you heard about dehumidifier? I honestly don’t know what is it, I already tried goggling it but to no avail. I will try it again later and I hope the website is available.

January 27, 2010

Freebie Layout

I finally made another freebie layout in my design and scraplo blog. Please do visit and leave some comments, comments is highly appreciated. By the way, I have been planning the blog makeover for my dear friend last year but I am always busy or very lazy.

Anyway, I glad that I did it last weekend. I still have few layout to make for my other blog and for my friends blog.

Easy Search and Download

In my spare time you will see me sitting in front of desktop blogging while listening to music or watching movie online. However it’s been few months that I haven’t doing this because of desktop problem and I missed doing it. If money is not a problem I would like to bring it to repair shop and change everything what’s inside the central processing unit (cpu) so I could watch movie and listen to music like I do before.

Anyway if you are movie fanatic just like me and is searching for a website that offer free downloading and is fast I have good news for you. I recently came across this website which offer Music Search, video search and software search easily. So for those who are searching for your favorite music or movie but can’t find it in other search engine, the perhaps you could visit With their huge database I am quite sure you will find what are you are looking in this website. So next time you want to download something or searching your favorite music or movie Rapid Share Search is the right place to visit.

January 22, 2010

Good Morning

Good morning peepz!!

The son is finally in school he is with my mother.. He has been absent for a week now. I am really thankful that he is showing improvement and is eating his food during meal. My son is not a break lover unlike my nephew he would ask for rice in breakfast.

January 18, 2010

Industrial Equipment

Do you know of someone who is searching on where to find wade range of industrial equipment? Perhaps you could visit They have been in the business since 1948 and distributing products in 50 states and 40 countries in the globe. Browsing the website is easier with the help of their Smarter Search.
So why go and drive from one store to another when you can buy anything you want from the comfort of your home. All you need is a functioning desktop and internet connection.

January 15, 2010

Slim Quick Extreme

Have you been trying to desperately lose weight but you feel all your efforts proved futile? Well, don’t lose hope. If you have been doing proper and regular exercises and you have been having that after 6pm diet regimen, well here is an effective fat burner that have worked wonders on many women. Simply click here to learn more about slimquick extreme. It guarantees speed of results, power, affordability and no side effects.

Too Much Blogging

Boy! I have been blogging since morning and yet I still have some pending tasks left. This afternoon I could not think of a good idea so I decided to take a nap. My plan was to sleep for an hour but then I sleep like a baby and it lasted for three hours. No wonder because I slept late last night and I woke up twice to get Justin’s temperature and give him his medicine.

Thanks God is getting better now, his temperature is near to normal.

Exhausted Me..

I’m extremely exhausted but this time I’m not talking about babysitting my sick son. He is quite okay now although I am still giving him his medicine. I am so tired sitting in front of my desktop doing all my pending tasks. I want them finish before Sunday because I want to make the layout for my other blog. The holiday season is over long time ago and yet my other blog is still using the holiday layout.

Anyways, I should be searching for safe and effective slimquick pill for my friend. She is getting impatient to lose the unwanted fats that she gathered during pregnancy.

Be Familiar With Eczema

I never thought that using the internet would be interesting until I met my boyfriend. In fact I’ve been using the internet when I was in college but then only to use MIRC. It’s one way of meeting and chatting people from all over the globe. Few years ago, I realize how important to have an internet.
Anyway, have you ever heard about eczema illness?
Well, I honestly don’t know anything about this skin problem. Thanks to the one who invented the internet technology because I stumble upon this informative website called The website talks about eczema it’s causes and treatments. So those who are searching for eczema treatment perhaps you could visit the site now.

You Make Me A Better Person

It’s been a while since last posted about how lucky I am to have my boyfriend. So here I am posting another one after gazillion years.I hope the boyfriend will love this..

Joint Pains

Have you been carrying heavy loads lately?

Then perhaps your body aches like hell. To those who are searching for an effective and safe joint pains treatment, I recently came across this website called They reviewed top-selling joint supplements available in the market today and ranked them based on the following criteria:
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Lazy Butt

Oh boy! I can’t understand why I feel lazy and gloomy today. Maybe it’s the weather, the rain kept pouring little by little since last night. The water rain and mud are all over the backyard which makes me lazy. I need to do something outside but the cold breeze makes me want to stay in bed and sleep. Duh! It’s not a good idea though I have a lot of stuff to do online. Last night my internet connection sucks so I was force to go to bed as I can’t do anything.

Anyway to those who gained much during the holiday season perhaps a quick weight loss is what you are searching for. Well, just a piece of advice be vigilant if you resort on taking diet pill as there are diet pills that are not safe and effective.

I Wish

I know I am not good in English my grammar is not perfect as well. Whenever I received an e-mail to let me know that my post is rejected due to grammatical error I always regret I did not pay much attention to my teacher. Huh, it seems that I am looking for someone to blame of. But yeah, if I could only go back to the time when I am starting going to school I will for sure study my lesson seriously.

Never in my wildest dream that I will have my own space in the World Wide Web and share my thoughts all over the world. And more important I didn’t dream of writing in exchanges of money.

How I wish I write like other bloggers do. How I wish I don't have any problem on what to what whenever I am making a review or personal post.

January 14, 2010

Blackhead Removal

I wanted to make a good post for my review while waiting for the boyfriend to finish talking to my friend in yahoo messenger. But dang! My mind seems to be wordless as I always end up deleting the sentences I have created. Annoying for a blogger like me especially if you have a lot of task that needs to be done before the deadline.
Anyway a good friend is asking me to help her find an effective blackhead remover. She had visited few dermatologists and tried some blackhead remover that is available in the market today but nothing happened. It seems that the blackheads love the face of my friend hopefully we could find a safe and effective remover for her blackheads.

January 09, 2010


I really had fun in the last quarter of 2009, I manage to watched 2012, new moon and avatar movies with my friends. Surprisingly my movie companion will always send me sms every time she want to watch movie and because I was a little upset of something I always say yes to her invitations. Right after watching the movies we will roam around the mall searching for bags.

Yes, I’ve been craving for a new bag but until now I haven’t buy any because I did not found what I am looking. So opt searching online but instead of bags I stumble upon this great website which offer wide range of Hudson jeans on sale. At this moment, I am not sure whether to buy the bag or jeans lol.

January 07, 2010

A Busy Day

Hello peps! It will be a busy day for me. I am going to back to the back today as I was not able to deposit the check yesterday because I was late when I arrived at the back. The cut-off time for clearing check is 11.30 and I arrived at 11.45. So this time I am going to go as soon as I am done chatting to my lalabs.

Hopefully I will have enough time to blog hop later today. I don't want to lost the PR I gained back in this blog.

January 06, 2010

A Room Makeover

Year 2010 is here and for a change I am considering on having a room makeover. A room make over doesn’t need to be expensive, simple changing of blinds that much your room can add so much to your room with less expenses.

So If you are looking for an inexpensive yet high quality kind of window blinds you should check out Select Blinds. What makes them different to other blinds store is that they have free sample available. Cool isn’t?

January 03, 2010

So Happy and Loving It!!!

Wondering the title for this post? Well, I have my reason to be happy and I love it... really, who would not want a page rank anyway? I am sure every blogger is working too much just to earn a page rank. As we all know the higher the pagerank your blog has the bigger your chances to get some opps and of course earn more molah..

I feel static when I check my page rank a while ago because this blog and my other blogs got a page rank. I've been wishing to gain back the PR3 that I've lost in this blog few months ago and I am really happy because Mr. Google give this blog a PR2. Isn't a good start for this year?

January 02, 2010

An Update After Gazillion Years!!

Hello peps!! Pardon if I wasn’t updating this blog for the past couple of days. Aside from not having any task assign for this blog I don’t have any exciting story that is worth posting lol. However I though hope that you had a blast celebrating Christmas day and New Year with your love ones.

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