December 27, 2010

What Present You Got Last Christmas?

Few days after Christmas I am quite sure that all the gifts has been opened. The little one was very happy when he opened his gift because he got want he wanted, a transformer robot. As for me, Ireceived my christmas gift from bioyfriend a month ago, an ACER notebook. I wonder if someone out there got an htc desire smartphone from their love ones.

Anyways, whatever gift you’ve received last Christmas what really counts is the gift of life and the coming our our Saviour. We most keep that in mind.

Birthday Invitations

I still remember when the little one turned two years old because my boyfriend gave him a big party. Lots of food were prepared by my sister and mother. I wanted to make a personalized birthday invitations but I don’t have enough time to do it myself nor I have time to search online. That was my first experience to host and prepare a big party so I don’t know what to do and where to start.

At least next time I host a big party especially the first birthday of my next child (I and my boyfriend wants 2 kids) I know where to find ample selection of 1st birthday invitations. But then the next baby is not coming soon because I and the boyfriend is not yet together.

December 22, 2010


I miss visiting other blog, it’s been a decade since the last time I visit the links listed in my list. I am hoping that I will have enough time to do it before Christmas.

On the other hand, since I could not open the paying site where I reserved a task this morning. But since the site is down I might take a nap. I am getting very sleepy, my eyes is getting heavy. So good night folks! I hope to see you soon…

Two Weeks Without Update

Darn! I could not believe it’s been two weeks since my last post for this blog. Aside from the fact that I am uber lazy to share stories I am also busy shopping for presents and wrapping them. I am glad that I am finally done buying the all the stuff that I am going to give to my cousins and godchildren. I know I will be uber busy wrapping them tomorrow. Well, I really like to start wrapping today but I am too sleepy and I need to wake up very early tomorrow. I will chat to my boyfriend too later today but I will take a nap while he is busy shopping with his older daughter.

December 11, 2010

Presentation Covers

One summer time I and my other group mates were nervous and sleepy. We were about to defend our baby thesis (it’s a subject taken bu computer science student in preparation for the thesis that we are going to make in our final year). After eight years I could still remember what I felt and what I did in front of our instructor. It’s my first time to experience but not for my group mates so I asked them ideas on what I am to do infront of the instruction.

Anyways, to make the story short one comment that our instructor was we had nice presentation covers, which is good because we really had hard time finding it. Nonetheless, our defense were successful although I made few unnecessary movements.

December 10, 2010

Sexy & Steamy Prenup Video of Maggie Wilson & Victor Consunji

Few days ago Maggie Wilson, the former Binibining Pilipinas World was on top of the popular searches in yahoo. I actually don’t click any names in the popular searches but on that day I was curious so I clicked her name and viola I knew the reason why she is on top. Everybody is talking about her prenup video with her fiancee construction mogul Victor Consunji. The name doesn’t ring a bell to me but considering the fact that he is a "construction mogul" then this guy must be filthy rich, right?

Anyways, I watched the video and I can say it’s the steamy and racist prenup video I have watched, so no wonder people are over reacting to it. The shots are all sexy and was taken in different places such as in bed, in a white sports car, and in the pool. Well, the video maybe too sexy for many of us but at the end of the day, it’s their video and they want it like the way it is. I can also say kudos to the wedding videographer who shot the video,l it’s beautifully done.

Lastly, the couple must be so in love to each other that they decided to have a sexy (almost making out) prenup video.

December 09, 2010

Getting Funeral Insurance

Are you considering on getting funeral insurance next year? If so, the you are doing the right thing. It really good to be prepare as we can’t really tell is to when we are going to go. If you don’t have an idea what can you get if you have this kind of insurance then I would avise you to visit Xlife insurance company.

By visiting this website you will find helpful articles that will answer all your inquiries.

Finally, I receive a call from my boyfriend few minutes ago. We are going to chat, its our third time to chat since he left for an important travel to Greenland.

On the other hand, I am really bless for the past weeks for online opportunity keep on pouring. I have another bunch of tasks, the payout is not big but better than nothing. I really hope I will have another link assignment to do over the weekend.

December 08, 2010

Payday Loans To The Rescue

Time really flies and before we know it we will be celebrating the holiday seasons. I was at the mall near my place the other day and I could say a lot of people finding the right gift for their love ones.

It’s the time of the year wherein payday loans come in a handy. Who doesn’t want to play Santa this coming holiday season? I myself want to be a Santa to my family and friends, for this to happen I need more extra cash. I am not sure yet if my money would be enough before the big day but I am positive that I have the money I need.

One thing is for sure I could not apply for payday loans if ever I need additional cash. But for those who work regularly then you can apply for payday loans to cover all your holiday expenses. I would advise you to visit a particular website which offer fast and easy payday loan. Your application will be approve immediately and the cash you needed will be deposited in your bank account the next banking days. Should you need more information? Visit any of the links above and you will be directed to the website I am talking about.


It’s a holiday for the little one. He is in front of the television now, watching his favorite cartoon. He has been complaining that to my mother that he is starving,hehehe.. well, it’s not only my son who is starving as I am starving too. I shall get my butt off in here and prepare for our breakfast.

I’ll be back soon folks, need to finish my tasks today.

December 07, 2010

What Present Should I Give

Haven’t shop for my christmas present, I have listed what I am going to buy though. To make sure I don’t miss a thing I am checking my list twice. Last year I forgot to buy the gift for one of my godchild so I end uo giving her cash. This year, I am thinking of giving fashion jewelry or bag to the girls and clothes for the boys. I still have few days to think this over and I hope I come up with a good decision.

Fat Burner For Men

Few months ago my mother and my aunt saw my boyfriend on cam. They are surprised of how my boyfriend manage to lose weight. Well, one thing is for sure he didn’t take any fat burner for men that is available online, though I am not against if he take any of them.

Anyways, my boyfriend look younger after he lose some weight. Wondering if I will also look younger if I lose weight.hehehe.. without a doubt I’d love it.

I Didn't Catch The Fishes..

Darn! I missed catching those fishes in my dashboard last night. The payouts are not really big but I ever I am given a chance to grab it I will surely grab it. Chirstmas day is fast approaching and I need some extra so I could not pass any blessings that comes my way. Hehehe.. I know I am being greedy but we all need money.

December 05, 2010

Just Another Investment

When I was a kid I never thought that to buy gold coins is a good invesment. Back then, I only knew that jewelries that are made of gold is expensive and one can pawn it when you need instant cash for unexpected bills.

I started reading about gold investment when I had internet connection at home. I wanted to consume the unlimited my internet bill so I get to search from one website to another. With this I have found quite a lot of blog talking about gold investment. In fact, at one point I wished I have lots of money so I could start investing in gold. But then, I know I could not afford to buy gold coins or other form of precious metals, unless I won a lottery, that would be another story.

How about you? Do you want to invest in gold?

Drawn By My Passion

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Of Being In A Relationship

I have been in a long distance relationship for four years. The longest relationship I had so far, like a normal relationship, we also had our ups and downs. At one point I and my boyfriend had misunderstand that we didn’t chat for few days though we exchange offline. That was the worse misunderstand we had. I am glad that whenever we had rift, may it small or big problem we always manage to surpass it. Through this, our relationship is getting stronger and in every misunderstand we have we always learn from it which is good.

Having a boyfriend like my boyfriend is a blessings, my only wish and prayer is that we can start building our family real soon.

Am I In Love?

Gold, gold, gold and gold…

I know I have been blogging much about gold buying. I could not stop myself from talking about it, one could think I am so deeply in love in gold investment.hehehe..

For those who wants to buy gold but doesn’t know where to start then you can stop worrying now. All you have you to do is visit I am quite sure you could never be wrong in visiting this website. Aside from offering authentic precious metals they also have superb customer service that will help you all the way, from buying gold to delivering your purchase right in your door steps.Cool, right?

I Am Missing Someone Dear To Me

Finally, I and my boyfriend chatted last night, it was a short chat though but better than nothing. One thing that I don’t like when my boyfriend is on travel is because we can’t chat regularly. In a regular basis we usually chat three times a day. Chatting once a day is not enough, like what happened when my desktop bug down.

Anyways, my boyfriend will be home in few days, so we can chat as many as we can and hopefully soon we won't be needing the internet technology to see each other.

December 03, 2010


Haist, I will be attending a birthday celebration tomorrow and yet I haven’t bought my gift yet. I could not think of a perfect gift actually so I am uber lazy to buy it. The weather makes me lazier to go out too. Well, I will not have time tomorrow so I am going to the mall soon, hopefully I could find something nice.

I will visit some blogger friend as soon as I get from buying gift. So bye for now guys, wish me luck that I could find a nice gift for the birthday celebrant tomorrow.

December 02, 2010

On Life Insurance

I wonder how many of my friends have life insurance, having an insurance these days is a must. With the sky rocketing prices of basic commonidities and unstable economic situation life insurance will surely come in a handy if something happen to you. However, getting a life insurance is not easy because there are many insurance companies but you don’t have any idea of how much it will cost you and the benefits that you can get. Good thing, you can search free Life Insurance Quotes online at

You can also find Life Insurance Advice in case you don’t know what kind of insurance policy you’re going to get. So if you don’t have life insurance yet, today is the right and perfect time to get your own. Whether you’re young or old its not a problem with for they also offer Over 50's Life Insurance. For more information you can visit the site anytime of the day or call them in their hot line numbers.

November 27, 2010

Home Blackheads Remedies

Few days ago I and my cousin were at the mall shopping for the dress I need next month. While we were roaming around food court choising what food to eat for lunch I saw Iris, she is with her friends in college. I noticed that her one friend has blackhead problem and she is kind of uncomfortable with it. I was tempted to tell her to search home remedies for blackheads online. But then, since I don’t know her personally I just keep my mouth shut and give her a smile, with that she will be comfortable talking to me.

November 26, 2010

I Am Sleepy

It was past midnight when I decided to go to sleep last night, I guess it’s already one o’clock when I fall asleep. Then at around 3.30 in the morning my boyfriend called up for chat. We chatted for an hour, then after we chat I immediately go back to sleep. My plan was to stay late in bed but because the little one is going to school I need to get up early. So that is the reason why I am very sleepy this time. I really wanted to stay longer but I couldn’t, I need to take a nap. I’ll continue blogging later today. By then, I can think of a good review.

Weight Gain Supplement

For a change I won’t be blogging about losing weight this time, while some of us want to lose weight there are some people out there who wants to gain weight, not with fats but to gain more muscles. Like losing weight, gaining weight is not an easy task to do as well. I remember I also want to gain weight before but to no avail, now that I gain too much I want to shed those unwanted fats but to no avail.

If you noticed that you need to gain weight then you might want to try the weight gain supplement that I found online. To know more about the supplement I am talking about you can visit

November 25, 2010

I Need Multivitamins

Health is Wealth.

Since I start blogging I mostly sleep late at night. I know that luck of sleep is not good to my body but I could not stop my self from staying late online moreover if there are online opportunities that come my way. I just could not let those blessing slip in my hands.

Since I could not help my self but stay up late I am thinking of taking multivitamin to avoid any illness. I’ll be checking this website that I found recently, it offers different kinds of multivitamins.

I Miss

It’s been few days since I saw my boyfriend on cam so wonder I already miss him. I use to see him everyday and we normaly chat thrice aday that is why when I not see him in a day it seems that something is missing inside of me. I sent him sms an hour ago I am hoping that I would see him today or tomorrow.

Good thing I have some online tasks that need s my attention and I also have some offline errands to run in the next couple of days so my mind will be busy.

November 23, 2010

Gold Bullion As A Gift

As you’ve noticed I have been talking a lot about how good it is to buy gold bullion, rare coins, gold coins, silver and other precious metals. Today, I will be talking about it but this I will be talking how good it can be if someone would give you this kind of give this coming holiday season. For sure, everybody would love to receive gold bullion as a present this coming Christmas.

However, only few can afford to buy this kind of gift for it is very expensive. Well, no wonder gold bullion and other metals are expensive because they are a good investment as well. I have read somewhere that the price of gold never go down for the past many years and expert said that the demand of metals will increase in the next coming years. So if someone wants to give gold bullion as present this coming Christmas I will gladly accept it.

I Am 41% Jealous

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He Will Be Away From Home

The boyfriend will be away from home for two weeks. He is in a business trip. He just told me yesterday that he needs to go Greenland today for an important trip. I am kind of sad because I will not see him regularly but he promises me to call and send sms. He will also try to be online if there is an internet connection since his laptop is with him.

I am not starting to miss him. ..

November 19, 2010

Karaoke Session

I don't have a thing in singing but my mother and my other siblings love to sing. I am the kill joy in the family because I always tell them tk stop singing before midnight when they start opening the karaoke. I know they would enjoy drinking the local wine when they are singing while drinking and chit chatting.

My mother is planning to host a Christmas party, I wonder who will sing more song from the karaoke songs that my sister will provide. Well, one thing is for sure I won't dare to sing even one song.hehhehe...

November 16, 2010

Safe & Effective Fat Burner

Often times when I bumped into a site that offer fat burner pill the first question that cross my mind is “does it really works?”. We all know that there are hundreds of fat burner pills available in the market today and all of them promise to be the best among others. True is that only few of them are true to their words. I wonder if thermogenic is safe and effective, good thing I came across this site that talks about this fat burner.

No Chat Begore Going To Bed

When I woke this morning I have one message from my boyfriend. He told me, he can’t wait until I get online because he is too sleepy instead we will chat earlier today so we will have longer time talking. After reading his message I decided to call him to say good night and I love you. It has been our routine to let each other feel how much we love each. Chatting or calling before we off to bed are few ways of showing our love for each other.

Although we have little hindrance in fulfilling our dreams, we both know that soon we will be together and start building our dreams.

Personalized Holiday Gift

The month of November is half finished; it seems that it was only yesterday when we were busy preparing for trick or treating and Halloween parties. Before we know we will be busy again putting up Christmas trees and other Christmas decors. Well, as for me, I am doing putting our tree and other Christmas décor that I used last year. I am not starting to search where I could find personalized holiday gift for my family.

Good thing I came across this site called red This site offer personalized gift for anniversary, birthday, Christmas gift and etc. If you are having a hard time choosing what present to give then you can check their gift holiday guide.

November 15, 2010

On Ceiling Fans

Shopping for our home is not really easy, like for example if you are shopping for fans, you need to check several fans before you could come up with a decision. However, because of limited times and less options often times we get the wrong fan. To get the right fan you’re searching for, the right place to go is Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. By going to this online store one will get a chance to Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!

So next time you shop for Ceiling Fans, you know where to go. As for, I don’t have plan on buying Ceiling Fan but if ever I need to buy a new one for my room I will surely buy it at Hansen Wholesale, for they have durable and wide selection of fans.

Great Fight!

Right after chatting to the boyfriend I immediately logon to my dashboard and blog. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to blog after chatting to him because I wanted to watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao to Antonio Margarito. The greedy in me (lol), wants to stay and finish my online tasks but being a Filipino and a proud one, wants to witness how the boxing champ blow the arrogant and proud Mexican boxer.

At the end, I choice to go and watch the fight, a very good and entertaining fight. In deed our boxing champ never stop amazing his fans when Antonio Margarito had a bloodying face, close right eye and nearly close left eye.

We are proud of you, Pacman!!!

November 12, 2010

Success Weight Loss Stories

I don’t watch the Biggest Loser regularly. Last night I could not stop myself but watch the finale episode for they are going to announce the biggest loser winner. After checking the final weight of the three challengers, the older among the competitor won the million dollars price. For sure her story is one of the weight loss success stories in the net today. If you want to read more stories you can visit

Expensive Dress

I was the mall earlier today, after doing the things I need to do I decided to roam around hoping I could find a nice dress. I am not a fun of dress but this Christmas I want to wear a dress for a change for I always wear jeans. While I roam around I found a wonderful dress but the price is also wonderful lol. I am not sure if my budget is enough to buy this dress. Good thing I don’t have a credit card so I won’t be spending in excess of my budget.

But for those who own a credit card, be wise on using it. You might end up broke for many months because you need use your income on paying your credit card bill.

No Chat

I miss chatting to the boyfriend this morning because I over slept. Well, I actually wake up early but decided to go back to sleep because I am having abdomen ache I guess it’s because of my monthly visitor. When I get it I have a message from him letting me know that he will be sleeping is I will not be online at 8.40 in the morning. Since I know he won’t be online when anymore I decided to go back to sleep again hoping the pain will be gone when I wake up and I thanks God I don’t feel any pain when I wake up again at 10am.

November 11, 2010

Lady Gaga's Tickets

This morning I was watching lady gaga’s music video and I honestly love it. I don’t have anything against on she wear on the video as long as she carry it well, then there is no reason to fret about it. If I will be given a chance to watch her concert without any doubt I will sure watch it.

For those who are searching for lady gaga tickets online urge you to visit

November 05, 2010

Are you interested on starting an investment that is really good and last long? Well, perhaps you want to try invecting in gold bullion. Investing in gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals is wise investment if you are thinking of the future. It is also a best way to preserve one’s wealth.

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Lucky Day

Yesterday, is one of my lucky day I was able to reserve few tasks for this blog and my other blogs. Yay, I might run out of words as I need to make two non-paid post in between my post for this paying site. Well, I know I don’t have the right complaining because online tasks is what I want and needs. More online tasks mean more molah, greedy? Nope I am just being true to myself. Who doesn’t want molah anyway, sure we all want that.

Outdated No More..

Darn! It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. It only means that this blog is outdated, well not now for I manage to reserved few tasks for this blog and my other blog :-D. God is good really, as you all know I am trying to save some amount for I am planning to buy something for myself this coming Christmas. If online tasks continue to pour I might buy one item in my wish list for this year.

I won’t be talking much in here as I don’t have much time to stay online. Hopefully, I will be back in the original track soon.

October 29, 2010


The boyfriend would not miss a day without taking a deep in a jacuzzi and walking. I wonder how it feels being in a Jacuzzi since I haven’t experience it although I have seen a real Jacuzzi. Well, I hope the boyfriend will come soon for he promise me to experience it. Haist, I could not explain the excitement when that time comes

I Miss The Regular Chat

It’s really nice to catch the boyfriend before he sleep. I miss chatting to him three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and late in the evening my time. I really hope we could chat regularly next week since my desktop is on the repair shop. Just bad, because the repair shop is always close. Good thing they leave a note and a phone number. I am going to call them when I arrive at home. I need to know if they are done fixing my desktop.

October 27, 2010

Manual Directory Submission

Monetizing a blog is not easy as 123. You need to know how you can build a good traffic. Four years ago, all I want is to have a website of own. An online avenue wherein I could rant and complain without worrying what other people may say.

However, when I found out that I can earn from bogging I started the manual directory submission although I really don’t why I need to do it. I just follow the advice of my friend.
So if you have a site and you are planning to earn from it I would advise you to check out

Fast Approaching

How time flies, in few days we will be welcoming another month and before we know it we will are of those who is in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Three years now I have been spending too much on Christmas shopping. I am glad that the boyfriend doesn’t complain although I make a big hole in his wallet.

I don’t have a list yet of what I am going to buy this year. Anyway, I still have ample of time to think. For now, let me check what is asset based lenders for a friend I am helping with. I don’t have any idea about this that is why I am eager to find out as well.

I Somewhat Find Easy To Love

Since I don't know what I am going to write in here I choice to take anothe online quiz. THis time I want to know if I easy to love. So here is it...

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Blackhead Remover

We ladies want to look good always, but what will you do if you have blackheads all over your face? Well, there are hundreds of blackhead remover available in market these days. However finding the best and effective blackhead remover can be stressful. Good thing I happen to came across this site which help customer find the best and effective blackhead remover.

I am glad that I don’t have blackhead although acne comes a week before my monthly period. But I don’t freak-out for I know they will live after few days.

Eye Wrinkle Cream

Nowadays, there are so many eye wrinkle creams available in the market that is why finding the best eye wrinkle cream that really works can be stressful and time consuming. Gladly I found this site called this site is specially designed to help consumers get the information needed to find the right products that is safe and effective.

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3 Days Of Hiatus

Hello guys! It’s been three days since my last post in this blog. Please accept my sincere apologize. Yours truly is uber busy attending offline matters. Now, that my desktop is on the repair shop I am hoping that I could get back to blogging like I used to. For now, allow me to thanks my visitors for always visiting my sites although I haven’t been visiting your site. I promise to make it up to you guys as soon as all will get back to normal.

October 23, 2010


In one way or another each one of us encounter financial difficulties. In times like this we sometimes end up wishing we are burn rich or we have a good investment that will help us recover from financial dfficulties.

If you or you know someone who want to start investing for the future but haven’t decided yet what kind of investment to start the I would suggest you to start investing in gold coins or other form of gold. Gold buying has been identified as one of the best way to preserve wealth for centuries. It is also proven that price of gold never decrease in value. No wonder rich people never stop buying gold jewelries.

Nonsense Post

Dang! i have two rejected post. The reason is that I didn’t follow the rule. I should make two non-paid post in between the post I am doing for this site. But because I do not know what to write in here I am talking non sense (again). I don’t want to stop although I am talking gibberish words because I want this post to reach more than 50 words so I will be valid. Hehehehe.. I guess I already reach the more than 50 words so I’ll stop now. If you still read this post. a big thanks. :-)

Happy Weekend

Hello guys! How is your weeked so far? As for me, I am kinda busy. I have lots of online tasks that was assigned to me in the past couple of days. Since I have limited time blogging I always end of cramming so I could finish the task on time. I could not afford to lose $$ especially that holiday season is just around the corner.

Anyway, I won’t talk too much in here because I only have an hour or so as I need to go home because I have an important matter to do. Tomorrow I am not sure if i have time to blog. I will be uber busy..

Gold Investment Information

As you have noticed I have been talking a lot about gold investment lately. Today I will be talking about it again. Well, I could not just stop myself knowing that there are lot of people out there who failed when they invest their hard-earned money to something that is not worth investing. I know how hard it is to earn money but it is more hard to accept the fact that you have lost your money because of wrong investment.

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Going Home

I am afraid I can’t stay longer, my eyes is nearly close. I find it hard to open my eye when I blink them. So I guess I need to take a nap real soon. I also know it will be difficult thinking of a good review if I am sleepy. So I better go home and take a nap and blog later today.


I honestly not know what I am going to right in here. Maybe because I am very sleepy and all I want is lie in my bed and take a long nap. But then, since I have some pending online task waiting I don’t have any choice but think of a good topic to post. The online task required two nonpaid post in between the post I right in this particular site.


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A Storybook Cake

Walking down the aisle is a dream come true to us woman. My dream wedding won’t be extravagant as I want it to be private. I am curious how my cake look like so I took another quiz online and here is what I got.

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October 21, 2010

Online Task

Gosh!! I have a lot of online tasks that waiting. I was surprised when I saw another batch of online tasked assigned to me. I am not yet done with the tasks that were assign to me last week but I still have time to finish them all before the due.

Now that I have another batch of online tasks I don’t have room for laziness. I need to finished them; well I still have ample of time to do it so I will take it slowly.

Diet Pills Fat Burners

How time flies, month of October will soon to finish and before we know its Christmas time once again. It is this time when get a chance to attend many parties. When we talked about party mouth watering foods are serve in the table.

No wonder when holiday season is finish there are lots of woman who are searching for Diet pills fat burners that works. If you have happened to be one of them then you should check out

October 20, 2010

Gold Bullion In Its Best

I know I have been talking a lot about investing in precious metals lately and now I will be talking about it again. I couldn’t stop my self from talking about it especially that we are all experiencing economic difficulty. With this there are millions of invididuals who lost their job. Some of them opt to invest their hard-earned money and lost it.

That is why, if you are planning to invest it is a must that you do a thorough research you will not end of losinh your money or better yet invest it gold bullion. Gold investment has been proven to be the safest way to invest. When it comes to gold and other precious metals is the right place to log on because they are not selling faulty products.

Great Pretender

Have you experience befriended of a faker?Or have you a victim of fake people? I do, in my 31 years of existence I can honestly that I have been a victim of fake people. The first time or at leat the painful experience in this kind of treatment was when I was 15 or 16 years old. Someone asked me to run for SK chairperson. I don’t have any plan of running as I know that my knowledge is not enough to be a youth leader. However, this particular person has a sweet tongue and promised that she would help me all the way only to found out that she is supporting another candidate.

From then on, my treatment to this person has changed. I also promise myself not to be a victim of fakers but there are times that I could not defend myself from fakers especially if the person is a master faker. I can name a few but I choice to keep it myself. I know my blog is the avenue of my thoughts and feelings but I know my limitations and I shall settle on my limitations.

Barangay Election 2010

On Monday it would be a judgement day for hopeful candidates who run for office in the barangay. I remember when my grandmother was still into politics there were no money involved. If you have a big family then you will have a bigger chance to win the post but its different now. If you don’t have money then expect to lose the battle. People these days are into vote buying, my mother is one of the hopeful candidate. Although I am agaisnt of vote buying I still prepare some amount for my mother. I so love my mother that I will support her in any way I can.

My family is not perfect, we have our up and downs but in times of diffuculty and in times of election there is no doubt that we will suport each other come what may.

October 19, 2010

Best Weight Loss Supplements

A while ago I was encoding the election paraphernalia for my mother right after saving what I did I immediately search for best weight loss supplements not for me but for my friend. The boyfriend said I am losing weight but I am afraid I might gain few kilos before this year end because of holiday season. I just hope I will not over eat whenever I am at the party.

Sometimes I can’t stop myself from eating too much especially if a lot of mouth watering foods are serve in the table.

October 18, 2010

In A Relationship

In a relationship it is not always a bed of roses. A normal relationship will stumble upon problems that can wipe out all the love andtrust that you’ve build for months or years. In my past relationship I can say that I always learn something from it. I can also say that I am more mature when it comes to building a relationship. But there are times that I feel like giving up. It is when my heart is break into pieces, it is when I am misjudge. Gladly I always manage to follow my heart over my head.

If you are in a relationship I know you will understand or maybe feel what I feel when you and your partner are having problem. Well, if you are in love a lover’s quarrel is just normal.

October 17, 2010

In more than two months we will be coming a new year. This year has been good to me and I do pray that the coming year will be continue to be good. But before this year end I want to know what would be my 2010 name. Here is what I got…

Your 2010 Name is Sasha Jessica

How modern!

Have you tried your's? If not,go and check it.

Gold Bars

Certainly everybody wants to secure the future of their love ones. Others would invest into something that is not proven that is why they end up losing their hard-earned money. Others would ask around for advice and information before investing. The later individuals have bigger chance to be successful.

So if you are considering in investing for you and your families future I urge you to invest in gold bars and other forms of gold. For many many years now it is already proven that precious metal like gold is the perfect way to invest your money because the price of gold has been increasing.

If I am to invest my money in the future I will surely choice investing in gold.

Uber Busy

I’ve been uber busy lately to the point that I was off more almost two days. For a person who in a long distance relationship communication is really important. For us, talking online is the best way to communicate for we don’t trust our phone system. There are times that we could not call each other because we no connection. That is why being off from the World Wide Web for almost two days is kind of hard, glad we survive.

Apart for not talking to the boyfriend, I also missed my online tasks. With this I only have little time to finish the assign tasks for me. So apologize if ever I could not return the visit yet.

October 15, 2010

Let Go

I really hope I could fix my desktop at home so I will have longer time staying online like I usually do before. For few months, my desktop has been acting up to the point that I could not use them because I couldn’t open them or I freeze before I could connect it to the internet. With this I lost few of my tasks because I missed doing them before the due date.

Just today, a premium tasks that was assigned to me was removed because I missed doing the task. If my desktop is working I am quite sure this won’t happen because I grab the blessing that comes my way. But for now, I shall let them go because I don’t have ample of time doing them.

October 12, 2010

Interior Dppr Handles

For sure each one of us has its own dream house. As for me, my dream house would be simple and yet elegant to look at. I want my house situated in a wide space so I could make a garden and a playground for my kids. I also found out that a house located in a wide backyard is more attractive to look at.

Apart from having a wide area I would like to have a unique interior door handles that could add beauty to the doors.

October 11, 2010

Almost Done Doing My Tasks

I am done doing my pending tasks in one site. Now, I am going to finish the task that was assigned to me few days ago. I ready receive an e-mail from that site that I need to finish the task today. So I better get make this post fast and start doing the review for that particular assignment.

Hopefully another batch of assignments coming, Christmas is just around the corner and I need extra molah.


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Blogging In The Internet Cafe

I am here at the internet, not to chat to the boyfriend but to blog. I have few tasks that need to be done. I really hope could finish them all today as I have very limited time using the internet. I don’t trust my desktop at home for it takes time before I could finally connect to internet and worse I could not finish what I need to do because I always end up freezing.

So here I am working my online task in the internet café.

October 09, 2010

Listening To Holiday Song

I am here at the internet café, a chiristmas song is played over the counter. I know it’s kind of early but I like it though.

I am not called as a Chiristmas girl by my boyfriend for nothing lol. Since I remember I always love listening to Christmas songs. Whenever I heard Christmas ong I always look at the bright side of life. It helps me to relax. I know somewhere out there will react as to why I like listening Christmas songs.

Medical Resume

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October 03, 2010

Beauty Course

The other day I was waiting for a ride when a beautiful lady pass by. I noticed that the guys sitting in the waiting shed could not help but have a glimpse to the girls. I wonder if the girl did her make up herself because if she do the girl knows how to blend the make ups. I also wonder if she took up a beauty course.

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I Need To Sleep

Darn! I really need to go home now for my back wants to lay in be. I am afraid I will lost three tasks this time. I am not sure if I could finish them all now. Apart of being sleepy I am also running out of words to say. The disadvantage of having few english words in the dictionary lol.Anyway, I will try my best to finish them all before going home but if not I shall let them go and wish to have them back in my dashboard soon.

Missing Someone

I miss the boyfriend, big time. My uber unpredictable desktop didn’t allow me to come online. After almost half an hour of trying I decided to go back to bed. The boyfriend told me to go abck to sleep if I can’t sign in after 15 minutes after he called me.
I only hope he will manage to call me later so I could hear his voice.

Medical Carts

Darn! I miss blog hopping. I am currently blogging from the internet café near my place. Glad that I decided to come from I owe big time to my visitors.

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Medical Carts

Darn! I miss blog hopping. I am currently blogging from the internet café near my place. Glad that I decided to come from I owe big time to my visitors.

Talking about blog hopping, while I am visiting from one blog to another I found this awesome site that offer medical carts. Howard Medical and Howard Computers has been in the business for many years now. Their primary goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied with them.

October 02, 2010

Medical Scrubs

I remember when I and my other friends visited the wake of my friend's brother a soldier asked me to show my palm to him. After few minutes of looking my palm he told me that I will be working in medical field. Right after hearing it I gave him a smile and say "is that possible to happen although I am afraid of needle?" The soldier answered me and said YES.

If I pursue any medical course right after finishing my high school I should be wearing one of those medical scrubs that I saw online few days ago. But then it's not faith for I end up being a stay at home mom. So my dream of wearing medical scrub uniforms will remain a dream unless I enroll a short term course in medical field.

But for those who are looking of scrub stores I'll be glad to help you find. One good site to visit when it comes to scrubs is The site offer ample medical scrubs that suit your need and budget.

Silent Mode

What wondering why I was in a silent mode for few days? Well, I was busy like bee attending the little one. They had their scouting camping earlier for they will be busy preparing for the foundation and family day which will happen two weeks from now. I would like to take this chance to thank all my visitors. I am sorry if I can't visit you back at this moment. I promise to make it up to you when I have enough time and when my desktop allow me to do so. I know I always have the same reason for not visiting you back and I also know it's a lame excuse.

September 29, 2010

Discounted Beauty Products

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September 25, 2010

Myrtle Golf Packages And Rates

A luxury vacation is all I wanted this time. Well, since I am not rich an out of town vacation would do. But because of financial difficulties vacation is not in my priority list this year. If I won a lottery I will surely go to any place I want to go. Traveling outside my country is one of my greatest dream. Few weeks ago I found this site called While browsing every page of the site it urge me to visit a place wherein I could play golf in Myrtle Beach. I don't know how to play gold but if I am in to play it in a wonderful place like Myrtle Beach I will surely learn how to play golf.

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Quick Post

I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago but because I always freeze the boyfriend told me to go back the bed when I freeze again. I will be signing off soon. I just want to make blog a little and perhaps do my task that is due today. I will not be talking much in here for I know my desktop will freeze anytime soon. Before I hit the publish button allow me to say thank you for always visiting my site and have a woderful weekend.

White Is Elegant

For few years now I have been saving for improving our home. I manage to bought few appliances and furniture's at home. I really hope I can still save more to finish improving our home. For next year I am planning to improve my room and the other room. I don't know yet what would be the motif of my room if in case I have enough fund for this project. Anyway, I still have ample of time to decide this but I am starting to search of a good furniture to use if ever this project will push through.

Few days ago, I happen to came across this site called New England Lifestyle. From this site you , you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful designs that will suit your taste and budget. I am not a fun of white wardrobes but after browsing the site this site there are few wardrobes that grasp my attention. I never thought that white color can be appealing for it can be elegant and unique. Aside from white wardrobes I also find their stylish white bedside tables refreshing. So I will surely visit this site next time.

For those who are searching for furniture and other home accessories then I urge you to visit

Dry Cough

I have been suffering of dry cough for few days now. Last Monday I already have problem with my voice but because I have been shouting the name of my little one during the educational tour I don't voice the following day. Good thing I got it back now though I still have cough. I haven't take any medicine yet but if I will not get better over the weekend I will start taking my medicine.

September 22, 2010

Mild Acne Treatment

The other day I saw a lady who has terrible acne problem, scars and acne are all over her face. I wonder what she does to get rid of acne. If ever she uses an acne cream I am sure that the cream she is using is not effective.

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Hello guys! How are you doing? It's been a while since my last post for this blog. I do have some story and photos to share but I dont have enough time this time. Hopefully I could share some photos taken during the educational tour of the little one. I also have some photos taken during the Math and Science exhibit wherein the kids was able to see real animal that can only be seen in a zoo.

So watch out for the photos guys...

September 17, 2010

Rapid Weight Loss Pills

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September 15, 2010

Wilmington NC Apartments

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Chasing Opps

Chasing opps while I was at the internet cafe was not easy. I tried to grab some opps but to no avail. The internet connection at the internet cafe is crawling. I guess the reason why they have a slow connection is because they have a lot of customers. I really hope I could still grab the opps that I tried to grab a while ago.

Where To Buy Acne Treatment

Teenegers are prone to acne. But there are some adults that is also prone to acne. Acne can be annoying especially if they seems to like to stay in your face pretty and handsome face. If this happen I guess you need to put an acne cream to get rid of them. I know a place where to buy best acne treatments. These days we should be careful in buying acne creams and other cream for there are products available in the market that is not actually working.

September 12, 2010

We'll Miss Them

Duh! Time flies really fast, it's Sunday again. Where did the three days holiday go? My nieces will go home today with their papa, they have been here since last week and they missed attending their class for four days. We will be missing them, that is for sure because they will not be back before Christmas for the holiday. My son and nephew will surely miss playing with them. Well, time flies and before we know it they are here again for the Christmas break.

September 11, 2010

Investing in Bullion

I have been talking a lot about investing for the future lately and been searching for a good investment. Gold investing is a god investment that I found so far because the price of gold and other precious metals never drop off for many years now.

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Honestly, I don’t know what I am going to write in here. I simply could not think of a good topic to talk about. Well, I am not always online for the past few days so I have some tasks waiting for me. The last time I talked to the boyfriend turned bad. We had this misunderstanding, the reason why we are not chat for two days now. I have received an email from him yesterday but I only read it this morning. I already sent him back a message.

Anyway, I know we will be okay soon like before. Like other couple we always have ups and downs but we always manage to solve any problem that comes our way.

I am Green

You Are Green

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September 09, 2010

Cheltenham Relationship

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September 07, 2010

Still Here

I know I owe an update for this blog…

My apologize for not updating this blog for few days. Not that I am buzy or out from the world wide web. I am still here doing other stuff online but my time is not enough to blog and even lost few tasks as I miss doing the review. I just noticed it a while ago after chatting to the boyfriend.

On the other hand, I am grateful that I could see my love once a day. As I mentioned in my previous post I am at the internet café every afternoon chatting to the boyfriend. Then if I still have time I can blog and do my stuff online. But for now, allow me to aplogize for not visiting you back. I hope I can do it the soonest.

September 02, 2010

Wholesale Apparel

Like most women I also love to shop but because of tight budget I could not shop whenever I want to shop. That is why I always love holiday season for this is the time of year I am allowed to shop for my family, god children and for myself. But surely after buying the stuff I needed to buy I will be amazed of how much I spent on shopping. So this coming holiday season I want to check if shopping of wholesale apparel would help me save some. I am getting excited if this plan works.

Missed Hopping

I missed blog hopping. For the past couple of days I haven’t been blog hopping nor returning the visit to all my visitors. I know I owe it you guys but I don’t have enough time as of this moment. I am currently at the internet café waiting for the boyfriend to come so I decided to do some update. I hope I still have time to stay longer after I chatted to the boyfriend so I can visit some blogs.

September 01, 2010

Black Friday

BER month is here and before we knew we are all busy preparing for the holiday season. As for me, I am starting to make a list on what I need to buy for my family, god children and friends. Sigh! How I wish I am in a place where I can shop during Black Friday. I found out that I can buy cheap items and yet high quality products.

Mesothelioma Help

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Darn! I am too sleepy to think that its just past eight o’clock the in evening. Sigh! I am here at the internet café. I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago but we end up bad to each other but I know we will surely be good again soon. That’s how we are, we always manage to fix things easily.

Anyway, I am not sure I could stay longer now so no blog hopping this time. Hopefully I will have much time tomorrrow. I am also keeping my fingers cross that my desktop will be nice to me when I open it later.

August 31, 2010

Roadside Assistance

Darn! It is only seven oclock in the evening but I am getting sleepy. My eyes is getting heavy whenever I blink it. Well, I guess I really need to get going and start searching about roadside assistance plan. My aunt is in public transportation business and she wants to know more about Good Sam as she might be needing their help in the future.

If you happened to encouter problem with your RV while you're travelling Good Sam is just a phone call away. They will surely help you tow your RV.

August 29, 2010

Gold Bars Investment

Have you heard about gold investment? Are you looking of a good and sure investment for the future? Nowadays deciding how to invest our hard-earned money is not easy. We should read, asks opinion from our family and friends before investing.

As for me, I found out that gold investment and other precious metals is a good choice these days. It is proven that the prices of gold keep on increasing and it is believed that the demand of precious metals in the world market is getting higher. So if you want to start investing in gold bar and other form of gold today is the perfect time to start. You will be amazed of how much you will earn after many ten to twenty years.

Boring Weekend

Well, how is your weekend so far? As for me, my weekend is kind of boring and annoying. I really wanted to nap but the kids are making some noise that I always wake up every time I heard them laughing or shouting so I decided to get up and open my desktop and start doing my tasks. However I need to restart my desktop many times before I could finally submit a post.

Messing Up

My desktop decided to be bad with me and my boyfriend last night. So when the boyfriend calls me for chat I could not open my desktop because it has no power. Good thing I was able to open it this morning however after few times of freezing I couldn’t open it again. It is really annoying when I need to use the desktop I could use it. Sigh! I really need to save so I could bring it to repair shop for upgrade.

August 27, 2010

Medical Coverage

Often times than not we regret getting a health insurance for us and for our family, so when illness strike to anyone in our family member and we don’t have extra money to cover the hospitalization we don’t know where to go and what to do. So in this time of economic crisis preparing is the best key to survive. We should not be overwhelmed paying our medical insurance because this will help us whenever a family member is in need of medical attention. Just in case you have a tight budget to cover for a medical insurance you don’t need to worry as you will surely find medical coverage that suits your needs and budget. All you have to do is do a little research and you will be amazed of the result as you there are lots of companies that offer variety of medical insurance.

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Do you reckon on beautifying your home? Do you know that blinds can add beauty to our home? Few days ago I was in my friend’s house. The first thing I notice when I go saw her newly renovated room was the blinds. I never thought that blinds can actually add beauty to the room and other parts of the house until I visited my friends. If I only have enough money to spend for new blinds I will surely get one for my room.

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Afternoon Blah

For some reasons, I haven’t visiting other blogs for the past couple of days. So I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my visitors for always visiting my blogs even if I haven’t returned the favor yet. I am also thankful that blessing kept in pouring with this I am sure I could bring my desktop to repair shop. I really need to work hard so I won’t lose my PR for my blogs.

August 25, 2010

Online Tutorials

If you ask me what subject I like less without any ado I would say it’s Math. For some reason I am having a hard time understanding numbers. Lucky to those who are having a hard time understanding their Math subject as you can find Math tutorial online. One great site to visit is They are an online tutoring specifically for K-12 and college tutorial at the cheapest possible rate.

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Just remember a friend who is majoring in Mathematics I am sure this site will be a great of help more especially that she has been telling me that she is having difficulty in Solving equations and line plot. I am going to send this link to her soon.

August 23, 2010

Update From The Internet Cafe

I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago. I should be going home now as the dinner will be serve soon but I wanted to update my blogs. As you all know, I having problem using my desktop at home so I always grab the oppurtunity whenever I am at the internet café to do some of my online errands. I don’t have lots of pending offer today but I don’t have enough time to stay longer and visit other blogs. I hope I can do it tomorrow after chatting to the boyfriend.

On the other hand, you can check my post about Melody Adelaide Manuel Gersbach- Binibining Pilipinas International 2009 who died in an accident last Saturday morning.

August 21, 2010

Happy Weekend

The weather is gloomy and yet it’s hot. My back is starting to sweat.

It’s weekend again! Do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me, like usual I don’t have any plan. I also don’t have lots of tasks to do online so I really hope I can continue blog hopping. To my constant visitors, thanks for always visiting my sites and of course also to all of you who have visited my site I promise to be at your site soon..

August 20, 2010

Certified Diamonds

Who would not want to have jewelry that has real diamond in it? I am not really fond on jewelries but I also want to own a ring which is decorated of real diamond. Huh! Am I talking an engagement ring in here? Well, I am actually hoping I could wear my engagement ring real soon.

Talking about diamonds, I happen to came across this site which sell real and certified diamonds. While browsing the site I found few set of jewelries that grasp my attention.

Signing Off

It's time for me to say good night world! I am going to sign off now. I am getting sleepy and tired of farming lol. How I miss farming I am glad that I was able to plant before my desktop gets crazy. I still have few tasks to finish and I hope my desktop will allow me to finish it tomorrow morning.

So goodnight guys! See you again tomorrow..

August 19, 2010

Travel Without Spending Much

Who don’t want to travel around the world? If money if not a problem I guess all of us want to travel to any places.

One of my dreams when I am kid is to travel all over the country and outside the country. But because of financial difficulties this dream is yet to happen, hopefully in the near future. These days, traveling is made easy. With this, I know that my dream to travel all over the country and outside the country will happen. All I need to do is find cheap airline tickets and cheap flights and accommodation. Apart from cheap flights I can also find useful sites which offer travel guide for first time traveler like me. No wonder internet technology has been use as a medium researching.

So if you are planning to take a break from the daily stress of your work but having a second thought because of financial problem you don’t have to worry as you can still pursue your plan travel even if your resources and budget is limited. All you have to do is do a little research and you will surely find flights and accommodation that suit to your budget.


Darn this headache, as much as I want to stay longer here in the internet café but I guess I really need to go home. Headache is getting bad. I only hope I will feel better after taking a nap and before chatting to the boyfriend later. Sigh!

On the lighter note, I am glad that I was able to finish few of my tasks today. I know I could still finish few more tasks if not with my headache.


A while ago I was browsing the photos of my friend who is now living in Sweden. I am amazed when I saw her picture taken while she is riding a snowboard. Ohh! How I wish I could also try snowboarding in the future. I know I will enjoy it as much as my friend enjoys it.

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Do you have your own snowboard? If so, then perhaps it’s high time you learn the Olympic snowboarding trick. Who knows you will be the next champion ion snowboarding. If in any case you want to check snowboard trick images all you have to do is search it online and I am quite sure you will find hundreds of images in flickr.

Go back to my friend; I wonder when she started snowboarding as we don’t have snow here in my country. Huh! I will asks her next time we chat.

At The Internet Cafe

For the past couple of days, I am going to the internet café to chat to the boyfriend. Since the boyfriend is not yet online I decided to do my online tasks as I could not finish them all at home because of computer hang-ups. But I was surprised when found out that it takes few minutes before I could open a browser. The internet connection is crawling like a turtle, I guess it is beacause there are lots of customers. I only hope I could finish few task before I start chatting to the boyfriend.

Promoting A Business

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Multi-tasking Me

I am currently doing the laundry but I remember that I have a task that is going to expire in an hour or so. So here I am trying typing as fast as I can so I could publish this post before my desktop freeze. I just hope I will not lost what I am typing if my desktop suddenly freeze.

Anyway, got to go now guys...

August 18, 2010

3 Years Warranty Laptop

Yesterday I and my younger sister were at the mall near our place. We were roaming around when we passed by a store which sells computers, laptops and other gadget. I don’t have any plan of buying new laptop or desktop but I decided check how much it will cost me if I decided to buy in the future. But if I am to buy a new laptop I would choice to buy the 3 year laptop warranty so I would not have any problem just in case I have problem in the future.

August 13, 2010

Pragmatic Love

You Are in Pragmatic Love

For you, love is a lot more rational and realistic than it is romantic.

It's likely that you thought long and hard about who you wanted to be with before you chose your partner.

You prefer to be with someone you value and respect. You did your best to select the best person possible.

Your love is based on compatibility and similar goals. If you were to break up, it would only be for practical reasons.

Gold Coins At United States Gold Bureau

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Run Out Of Words

Goodness I am running out of words. Well, ideas keep on coming but I am having a problem putting them into words. How I wish I have a writing skills like other bloggers have so I would not be experiencing problem like this.

The clock is ticking and I only have less than two hours to finish the task left. Sigh! Can anyone help me finish my task? I would really appreciate it.


You Are A Relationship Rescuer!

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Buy Gold

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At Home

I just got back from the town plaza to watch the beauty pageant. I was with my gay friends and so far I had fun watching the pageant although my legs are hurting because of standing for few hours. The town plaza was full of audience and supporters of each candidate. I am glad it didn’t rain because I forgot to bring an umbrella when I left at home.

Aside from watching the show I also noticed that there are lots of people who are having a beer while watching the show. Some are with their family eating barbeques and rice.

August 12, 2010


I couldn't think of a good topic to post in here. So here I am posting another online quiz.

You Are an Amateur Flirt

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Needless to say, you aren't always the most confident flirt. You could use some practice.

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August 11, 2010

Perfect Abs

The boyfriend says I am continuously gaining that is why he advises me if I could stop eating rice for a week and see if I’ll lose weight in doing this. However, I am not sure if I can let the day pass without eating rice so I just promise him I am going to eat less rice. I tried it before and it works I only hope it will work again this time. Although I want to shed those unwanted fats in my body I am not yet considering on taking any pill as I am afraid of the bad effect and the more that I am not going to undergo any cosmetic surgery.

Anyhow I am searching some tips on how I could get the ideal weight that I and the boyfriend want. While searching the net I happen to came across this site that tackle about Contour Abs. In this site you will find out if this contour belt really works. So if you want to improve the condition of your abs I would suggest you to visit the site now. As for me, I will concentrate on who I will loss weight and after I will start working on my abs.


Good morning everybody! It's been a while since my last post in this blog. Well, I come online everyday but I am lazy to blog and I don't have exciting story to tell. Aside from being lazy my desktop has been uber bad for the past couple of weeks that is why the boyfriend and I agreed that I will chat at the internet cafe once a day.

On the lighter note, I am glad that I wake up early today and I didn’t had much problem opening my desktop so I manage to grab some tasks. I will be busy blogging again and at the same time I need to think of a good topic to post in my interims.

August 04, 2010

Affordable Car Insurance

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August 01, 2010

Fine Religious Jewelries

A while gold necklace is in my wish list for this year. However, I am not yet sure if I could buy it this year because I spent most of my online earning in improving our home. Well, I still have four months to go and I hope I could still save for the white gold necklace.

If ever, I manage to save the amount I needed to buy the white gold necklace I saw in one of the jewelries store near my place I will start to save for the Celtic Cross Pendants or of the Our Lady of Assumption pendant that I saw at a while ago. The price is quite expensive but I couldn’t help but wish I have enough money to buy it now.

Anyway, if you are searching on where to find wide selection of fine religious jewelry online the right place to log on is All Patron Saints. For more details you can visit the site now!


I have been neglecting my farm in Farmville. So I am currently harvesting my crops and at the same time blogging. Huh! Does it mean I am back to multi-tasking? Well, I just missed the plowing and harvesting so for now I am back to multi-tasking. I am done with the task that is going to expire soon and I am glad that the migraine is gone.

Because of migraine I miss blog hopping, though I was able to visit few blogs yesterday I also have a plan to continue doing it this morning while waiting for the boyfriend to call me for chat. Well, I might do the blog hopping today as I am not yet sleepy. But before I do that I shall finish harvesting my crops on my farm lol.

July 31, 2010

Windows Replacement

Hello folks! How is your weekend so far? As for me, I don’t have any plan for this weekend so I will be just doing the usual stuff such as taking a nap, blogging, watching television and reading. Well, online opportunity seem slow for the past couple of days so I have time to relax and do what I like to do.

The town fiesta is fast approaching and we still have a lot of cleaning to do since we have been beautifying our home. Talking about home beautification, I figured out that improving our home is not an easy task I do. On my experience I need to visit from one store to another store before I could find the perfect materials that I am going to use. Too bad I forgot the site that my friend shared a while ago.

But to those who are living around San Antonio and surrounding area you can hire the best San Antonio replacement windows by visiting They offer affordable, durable and safe to use windows for your home. So whether you are building your dream house or renovating they are the right place to visit in your window need.

July 30, 2010

Gold Prices

Do you love to collect gold coins and other precious metals at this moment? If so, then you should know that it could be a good investment in the future. I read somewhere that gold has been proven to be the safest investment that anyone could have (except for a house) so if in any case you want to sell your gold coins and you want to know the price of gold. Worry no more, as you can get the right gold price at Gold Coins Gain a Aurum Advisors website.

If I have money to spend I will surely start buying gold coins as I know that many years from the gold prices will increase. I only hope I won a lottery by then I have money to spend in buying gold coins and gold bullion. Anyway to those who have gold coins and gold bullion perhaps you want to check the gold spot or spot gold through telephone. With this you don’t need to go out just to know the recent price of gold.

July 27, 2010

Evening Bla

I am going to dose off soon. I am done watching my favorite shows and I am not in the blogging mood today so might as well use this opportunity to sleep early (hopefully). Hopefully online opportunity will pour tomorrow as it has been elusive in the past couple of days. I do have one task to do but I will just do it tomorrow. My weekend was not productive so I was able to return the visit of my constant visitors and other blogs. I was able to do some cleaning as well and also today.

I don’t have much to tell in here so good night folks (for now).

July 26, 2010

Aussie Broadband

Have you been a victim of crawling internet connection? Have you experience opening a website but could not open it as your internet connection is slow like a turtle? I did, but I am glad that I only experience it for more than a week as the boyfriend advice me to apply for DSL connection from then I haven’t had any problem with my connection.

Anyway, if you are still having problem with your internet connection or looking for aussie satellite broadband I urge you to visit Harbour Sat at They offer satellite broadband for as low as $9.95 per month. Lucky for those who are living around Australia as you can get the best internet providers Australia. All you have to do is visit the site I previously mentioned above.

Monday Bla

Hello folks! How was your weekend? For me, I didn’t have any blast over the weekend. I just stayed at home running online and offline errands. Online opportunities were slow this weekend so I had a chance to blog hop.

This morning, I decided to do the laundry since Mr Sunshine were shining but after I am done rinsing the first batch the rain starting to pour and didn’t stop until now. I only hope the sun will shine tomorrow as I have works to do.

Monday Bla

Hello folks! How was your weekend? For me, I didn’t have any blast over the weekend. I just stayed at home running online and offline errands. Online opportunities were slow this weekend so I had a chance to blog hop.

This morning, I decided to do the laundry since Mr Sunshine were shining but after I am done rinsing the first batch the rain starting to pour and didn’t stop until now. I only hope the sun will shine tomorrow as I have works to do.

July 24, 2010


Summer time is here again and as usual beach is one of the best places to spend to cool ourselves and enjoy the stuff we usually do during summer time. As for me, I want to spend quality time in the beach with my family and friends eating our favorite foods or having a sip of our favorite wine.

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Auto Repair Expert

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July 23, 2010

Don't Have Enought Time

I really want to blog hop today I missed blog hopping for the past couple of days but I am very sleepy now. My eyes are getting heavy and heavy whenever I blink my eyes. Sigh! I only hope there is no power interruption tomorrow as we have a power interruption today. I do have a lot of stuff that need to be done but I only have little time to finish them all in one day.

Anyhow, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my visitors. I promise to be at your doorstep real soon. Happy weekend to all!

July 22, 2010

Fundraising Techniques

These days there are lots of ways to gather funds for a cause. Some are opt to sell their old stuff in a very reasonable price, other choice to raise fund they needed but soliciting.

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