December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas myspace graphic comments

December 10, 2009


I was multi-tasking a while ago, watching my favorite show on tv and blog hopping. Am happy that my desktop is good I haven't freeze since I started blog hopping too bad I don't have any task for today. I am also getting sleepy so I might go to bed after posting this post.

Aside from getting sleepy I also feel bored as I miss my boyfriend. I haven't seen him on cam for almost 2 weeks not though he always call me always and we exchange sms. I just hope they don't need to stay longer in the US.

December 06, 2009

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Blogging Instead Of Cleaning..

Grr.. I still need to clean outside but here I am sitting in front of my desktop blogging although I kept on freezing. Well, I still need to finish few tasks which I’ve been neglecting for few days. My tummy is starting to starve as I haven’t eat my breakfast yet so I guess I need to take my butt off in here soon and eat my breakfast and start the cleaning.

How I wish we have a house help to do the cleaning for me but then I am not rich so I can’t simply afford to hire one lol.

I Need A Break

Last night I visited my other blog and I am upset to know that all the graphics I installed for that blog were all gone because my photobucket account is inactive. Annoying as I don’t have ample time to make a layout as I still need to run some offline errands. I just hope I can still retrieve my password as I already forgot my password in my old photobucket account.

Anyway, as you’ve notice I have been out from the blogging world for few days. I’ve been running some stuff and darn my back is aching big time for sitting most of the time. If only I have enough money to spend I would like to visit punta cana and enjoy the wonderful white sand of the beach and other attraction that the place has to offer. So just in case you are planning to take your family to a summer escapade next summer I urge you to visit for affordable Punta Cana vacation packages.

December 05, 2009

I Want A Laptop

Christmas is just around the corner and if I am to choice a Christmas present I would love to receive a laptop. Well, who don’t want a laptop for a gift? I am pretty sure everybody wants it, has become popular nowadays. Whether you are a student or a professional laptop come in handy. So for those who are searching of laptop deals you can visit for affordable and stylish laptops. On top of this they are also offering free shipping. Cool, right?

Blog Neglected

First I would like to ask an apology to my all my visitors for not updating this blog for almost three weeks and for not returning the visit to all my visitors. I've been uber lazy updating this blog since Mr Google took away the page rank for this blog. As we all know task is very slow if your blog has a zero page rank. And since I am maintaining multiple blogs there are times that I am waiting for link assignment before I will make an update.

So all my visitors, I promise to make it up to you as soon as I have time to stay longer online.