November 17, 2009

Very Nice Gesture Of My Love

Few days ago I was chatting to my boyfriend and I he almost made me cry for his sweetness. I touch for his concern to my health and he not like the idea that my family is allowing me to do house chores although I am sick. I know he is right I should be resting all day but then I don't there are time that I am left without any other choice but to the stuff on my own.

But anyway, I am really glad and lucky to have a boyfriend like my boyfriend. He supports me all the way and he even promise me that he will not leave me in case the doctor find out that I have problem with my health. Isn't it a very sweet gesture. That is why although I am always afraid to visit a doctor because I am afraid to know that I am sick but with what my boyfriend said it made me strong and relax knowing he will be with me always.

I know for some people my boyfriend's act is normal but not for me. One reason is that we haven't meet in person although we are in our 4 years by January but we feel that we own each other. Another reason is that he is not the sweetest person I know.. hehehehe.. but he can most of the time. And everytime he do it I am always teary eyed.

To my love, thanks for everything and I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! Would you leave a comment for this post love? hehehe.. well, I know you will read this post soon..


imelda said...

you are lucky to have him. I wish he would meet with you soon. he is lucky to have you, too for all the honesty and loyalty towards him

Crayons n Pencils said...

I must say that is a blessing from God, to be loved by someone you haven't really met in person but still have the kind of love and concern for you. Just keep the faith.

Visiting you here along with my other blogs!