October 29, 2009

Browser Problem

I was blog hopping a while and suddenly I opted to open my triple P dshboard and I was surprised because Mozilla Firefox cannot open the ppp website. I thought ppp is having some update but I was wrong when I find out that I can not also open the blogger website.

As of now I am using the opera browser which doesn't allow me to open my triple P dashboard. How annoying, I do hope the mozilla browser will work soon.

October 28, 2009

Make It Happen

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My sincerest apologize for neglecting this blog for the passed few days. Yours truly has been very busy last week that I couldn't find time to blog nor return the visit from other bloggers. Now that I all is going back to normal I really hope that I can do the blog hopping for this blog. I miss blog hopping..

So those who kept on visiting me despite the fact that I can't return the visit a big thanks guys.

October 23, 2009

Life Insurance Rates

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October 22, 2009

Auto Insurnance Quotes

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Busy Like A Bee

As what my post title say's yours truly is a busy bee for the past few days. I am always with my son for the few days now. On Saturday they will have their 6th Foundation Day and family day. It's a whole day affair with starts with a mass.

I haven't returning the visitors for this blog and I also need to add few links. Hopefully, I will have enough time this weekend.

October 21, 2009

Obtain Bulky And Muscular Body

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My Rare Personality

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October 17, 2009

Finding The Right Apartment

I myself know how hard it is to find a house or apartment that would satisfy the needs of the people who will be living the house or apartment. That is why I understand that many people make the mistake of rushing the searching process and as a result they will end up living a house or apartment that does not meet their needs.

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On Shipping Boxes

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No Chat And Blogging

Last night, after taking a nap before chatting to my lalabs I could not use my pc. I couldn't login to skype because the desktop kept on freezing. it takes me more then one hour restarting and trying to login to skype but to no avail.

Thank goodness the desktop is cooperating today, I just hope lalabs will come online soon. I did not see him last night so I am missing him.. so much!!!

Aside from not chatting to my lalabs I was not able to blog hop last night and I was not able to finish my online assignment.

October 16, 2009

A Silver Watch For Christmas

The wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Everybody is getting busier and excited for this big day. Last year I purchased a gold earring and ring as a present for myself. This year I want to buy a silver watch for myself. These days more and more people opt to invest in silver. Aside from the gold, silver has been known for a lot of people for many years now.

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Suddenly Gone

What is happening to me? Few minutes ago, I am in the mood to blog but suddenly all the topic was in my mind is all gone. Argh... where did the mojo that I had a while ago? I guess I need to relax my mind and be back later. I still have few assignment that need to be done and I want them finish before tomorrow.


Just to update on what I am doing guys since I haven't had an update for this site for few days. Well, I am still here busy blog hopping, doing reviews assign to my other blogs. Aside from this I also need to accompany my son to his daily practice for the school's family day which will be held next Saturday.

I still have a lot of stuff to do before this day such distributing the envelope,need to find doctor's gown and buy a cloth for my son's talent outfit.

October 13, 2009

Life Insurance Lead

Whether you want to get a life insurance, home insurance, pet insurance or even car insurance, the insurance will always there to protect us against the unexpected happenings and financially assist us covering the losses arising from any accidents.

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On Filters

Geezzz.. time really flies, we are almost in the middle of October and before we know it the month of November will come. I am really getting excited for the holiday season, well who is not.

Anyways, if looking for reliable supplier of complete line of filters, is the leading online distributor of state-of-the-art, spa filters, refrigerator water filters, water filters and purifiers in different brands.

Good Morning Guys!!!

How is your morning so far? As for me I did woke up really early and immediately hit the open button of my pc while writing something. The infected pimple in my lower lip haven't blow up yet that is why the pain is getting worse.

Hopefully it will blow up anytime today so I can feel better.

October 11, 2009

Works of Cao Yong

I am not an art enthusiast or fanatic in fact I barely know anything about brushes or anything that is related to painting. Nonetheless, I always know when I see an art work that is perfectly done.

Anyways, are you an art lover? Or are you wondering where to find huge selection of painting for your home? Whether you are an art lover that loves collecting different kinds of arts or searching on where to find a wide range of painting, I urge you to visit this is very interesting site that offers different kinds of arts that you may interested in. Paragon Fine Arts is a full service art gallery committed to the philosophy of offering dealer prices to the public. They specialized in contemporary, traditional and commercial art. They have experienced staffs that are best in customer service and quality. On their artist is Cao Yong, he is the official artist for the 2008 Olympics. Born in a small town in China, he started his training in painting at a very early age of 11.

Voice of the East, Luxemborg Gardens, Pretty Life in Montorosso, Lovers Under the Rain, Thoughts of Amsterdam, Quiet Moment, Twilight by the Fountain and a lot more are one of Cao Yong work of art.

Sunday Update

Hello guys!! How is your weekend so far? As of me I am not really productive this weekend, unlike last weekend I have inline tasks that need to be done.

On the lighter note, I am glad that I am not busy this weekend because I manage to clean my room,I've been planning to it for more than a week now but because I love to procrastinate I always moving it.

October 05, 2009

Bank Failure

With the downfall of economy there are lot of companies and declared bankruptcy. Millions of people lost their jobs and home. And speaking of bankruptcy my aunt and her hubby put up a money in one bank and sad to say the bank where they out up their money declared bankruptcy few months ago. I am not sure how much they receive from the insurance.
I know how my aunt felt when they knew the bank failure because that is the only money they got. Anyways, if you have saving I urge you to check your bank coz u never know what is going to happen.

Miss Hopping

Geezz.. I missed blog hopping for the past few days, how can I gain back the pr that I've lost for this blog if I will not blog hop. I only hope I will have more time tomorrow to stay online.

On Furnitures!

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No Update

Yay, my apologize for not updating this blog. Since I am maintaining multiple blogs updating every blog everyday is tough but I know that's not an excuse. That is why I sometimes end up writing and posting non sense topic just to have an update. Like today, since I do not have exciting story to share I am talking non sense again lol.