May 31, 2009

Roofing Contractors

Finding a good roofer is one of the important tasks when planning of building your dream house. Those who are planning to undertake any type of roofing work must carry out a little personal research and see who can do the best job of roofing before engaging someone to do it especially if you have a very tight budget. Or better yet contact a Roofing Contractors that will do the job without hassle.

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Bye and Welcome

In few hours the months of May will come to an end and we will be welcoming the month of June. Time really flies.... we are in the middle of the year na..I hope I can buy any of the stuff in my wish list.. hehehe though I am really dreaming to have a digicam... But i guess i will not buying it cos my bf has a digicam and he dont want me to buy one.

On Internet Marketing

As a blogger we always dream of having a higher page rank. The higher your page rank or blog traffic the higher your chance to earn more. For us to achieve this dream we should know the tricks and tips on how to develop and increase the blog popularity. In my quest on searching on how to increase internet marketing for my websites I have learned a lot though I know I still need to learn a lot about internet marketing.

I came across They have introduced a new technique called the reputation management. Their reputation management services ensures that your firm has a good online reputation. They have the ability to generate positive information, buzz, and press about your company by having it published on many different news and social media web sites.

They also offer proactive approaches for building a formidable reputation for your company or website. They create links to your site, and create positive media for you.
Sometimes it is quite hard to overtake the negative web pages and start showing up the new sits but with their proactive approach they create established pages that show up with content that you control.

So guys, if you want to learn more about internet marketing browse through their site to learn more about internet marketing and online reputation management.

What I Am Doing

Hello folks, finally I am done with doing the layout which I promise to Irene, Ma'am Imelda's niece. It's a free layout.... Anyway, I will be off for a while. I need to cook the maja blanca which my mother promise to my cousin. I guess it will take an hour to finish cooking.

I promise to share the recipe when I come back.

Green Path Supplements

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I Am At The Leaving Room

Good morning folks! I take another blog thing this morning.... Wondering which part of the leaving I am... And the is it...

You Are the Living Room

You are laid back and casual. You can have fun in almost any situation.

You believe in being easy going. Life's hard enough, and you're not going to make it any harder.

You are sociable and friendly. You welcome almost anyone into your life.

You are completely unpretentious. You prefer living in a comfortable home to living in a showy home.

Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units, skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland via androgen stimulation. It is most common during adolescence, affecting more than 85% of teenagers, and frequently continues into adulthood.

Luckily I am not one of those people who are having difficulties on how to get rid of the pesky acne. But to those who are having a hard time getting rid acne you can always find the best acne treatments at

May 30, 2009

Best Diet Pills

Are you tired of skipping your meals and exercising but it seems that nothing is happening? You still have all the unwanted fats in your body? Then maybe this procedure is not the right one for you. Or maybe it’s the right time for you to consider using diet pills. But you should be careful on choosing which diet pill to take as there are some diet pills that do not used enough ingredients.

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I'll Be Off

yes folks, I am going to take an hour off online. I really need to rest, my back and right arm is sore. I still have some task that need to be done.

Anyway guys, Mr Google is doing some update again. Have you check your pagerank? This blog is given a plus 1 rank from PR2 and my other blogs retained there pr's.. ciao for now guys.. enjoy the rest of the week.

Printed Tshirts

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Just finished chatting to my boyfriend few minutes ago. Luckily, my pc has been been to me. It was a bummer last night, it kept on restarting for almost an hour until I give up. My right arms is sore I guess it's because I am sitting in front of the pc longer for the passed days doing my online errands.

I still have some task to finish before I get my ass off in here.

Freedom Debt Relief

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Colds and Itchy Eyes

Geeez.... am I having an allergy again? I woke up with colds and my eyes is a bit itchy. hay.. hopefully, this will not get worst like the last time time I got an allergy. It's weekend today and I want to enjoy it. But oppss.. looks like Mr Sunshine will not show up today....

What a gloomy Saturday>.......

Be The Best Cook

I am not a good cook compares to my youngest sister I can cook though but I sometimes wish I do better with it comes to preparing the food and presentation. Sure I am not alone in this journey because I know there are many people who also want to excel in cooking. The only means to do extremely well in cooking and food preparation is going to a Culinary cooking schools which we know there some school offer this kind of course.

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May 29, 2009

Off For A While

I'll be off for a while folks I need to clean our yard before the rain start to drops. Hopefully, to be back soon and do my usual blog hopping. Ciao for now folks!! Good night to those who are at the other side of the world... Happy blogging to all!!!!

Night Vision Equipment

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May 28, 2009

What A Bummer

Geezzz... my internet connection is such a bummer it takes some minutes to load my website. The last time I used the internet was only few hours ago and the connection were good. Hopefully, the connection will be better later.

Mosquito Magnet Repair

If you and your family like being outdoors for barbecue’s, family picnics, or just hanging out by the pool or in your back deck during the summer months, protect yourself from pesky mosquitoes and other biting insects which can easily ruin your plans. We all know magnets that attract to iron but have you ever heard of a magnet that catches mosquitoes? Actually it is not a magnet, but the name of the product is mosquito magnet which is used to trap mosquitoes. Even though these mosquitoes are small, they create a lot of problems to human beings. Mosquito are very dangerous as they are the reason for spread of many contagious diseases.

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Can't Believe

Woow... golly I can't believe I earned back the PR3 that I've lost for more than two months. Mr. Google has been good to me although this blog has given a PR0 before but was given a PR2 for a month or so. But now after the hard work I give to this blog I now earned back the PR3. Isn't great?

How about you? Have you check your PR? If not, what are you waiting for? Who knows you will be as lucky as I am.

Unique And Trendy Maternity Clothes

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May 26, 2009

A Big Thanks

A big thanks for the pasalobong....This morning I got a phone call from Ma'am Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods asking me if I can picked up her pasalobong to me and to my little bugger from her trip to US. With any ado i immediately say yes and so I waited for her message as she promise me to send sms if she is on her way to her office.

My little bugger were so excited and of course the mama also. Why not I was told that she bought Victoria Secret for me. Isn't great? On our way I checked what's inside the box and I was surprised to to know that I had a Caress [Daily Silk] along with my VS Sweet Temptation cologne. While my son had 2 bars of Toblerone.

Treadmills For You

As we all know there are some ways on how to get rid of those unwanted fats. You can do it by surgery, by using diet pills, skipping meals or exercising. For me diet and exercise is the best and safe way to reduce weight. But sadly it didn’t work for me, it’s because I don’t have self disciple. I can’t stop my self eating too much when a mouth watering foods is serve on the table.

If in any way you do not want to do your exercise outside still do your exercise from the comfort of your home using a treadmill or any exercise equipment. Talking of treadmill, you can find wide range of treadmills at Pro-Form.Com. You can also find ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength equipment, ab machines, fitness accessories and a lot more! So visit Pro Form now and avail of their 3 days sale.

May 23, 2009

Am I Bad Or Good

I want to take a nap this afternoon but before I sign off from blogging I want to take the blog thing I found few minutes ago. It makes me wonder if I have been good or bad this year... and the result.. here is it.

You Were Nice This Year

You Were 40% Naughty, 60% Nice

Okay, so you weren't *entirely* nice this year

But Santa doesn't expect a modern girl to be perfect

You were good enough - and you'll be rewarded for it

Notebook? Why not?

I got my personal computer for more than two years the first year of use was fine. I did not encounter problems and if I did I do not need to worry as it was under warranty. 'Twas in two years when I started having problems such changing the hard drive, reformatting many times and etc.

Its annoyed me when I am having computer hang ups it refrain me from blogging and doing my online errands. It is in this time when I sometimes wish I have Sony Vaio notebook which I use when my computer is in chaos.

Have Wonderful Weekend

whoott.. thanks goodness I have a reason to update this rejected blog of mine. I know I am not updating this blog as I did before. The advantage of having multiple blogs, I am sure you will understand what I mean if you have multiple blogs. Anyway, it's weekend once again and it will be a hot weekend for me. Mr Sunshine is up very early...

On Wichita Remodeling

Every body in the house is sound asleep and me? Here I am sitting in front of my computer, I was chatting to my boyfriend few minutes ago. He needs to be at the bank before the closing time so just chatted for almost an hour. I’ve been searching the net for few hours now and my eyes are getting tired or maybe I am just sleepy. But what ever it is I will be signing off soon.

Anyway, does your house need a tremendous make over? Remodeling a house is definitely a project that needs a thorough planning and budgeting. You have to make sure that the feasibility of the project is attainable and you are hiring professional with proper credentials, licensing and references. Don’t take a chance and hire just anyone that is not a professional to do your remodeling project it might cause you some problems. At Wichita Remodeling contractors rest assure that you are hiring qualified contractors to the project.
They specialize in major and minor remodeling, floors and carpet, wood, laminate, tile, kitchens and baths, full handyman services and light plumbing, doors, windows, and decks. They offer free estimate and a 10% discount to senior citizens. You may call them at 316) 665-4863 for more information.

May 22, 2009

Blogging Instead

Supposed to be I am chatting with my lalabs this time but I received an sms from him letting me know that he can not go online because his PC is acting up again. huh, it seems that we have same pc problem... He will just call me later today when he is online.

On lighter note.. since we not chatting I can use the time blogging and blog hopping which I started while waiting for him to go online. So guys!!! you will see me in your place any time soon...

May 21, 2009

On Online Shopping

The advent of technology made our daily life easier. Take shopping as an example, now a days you can buy anything and everything you want from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go out just to buy your needs, all you have to have is a computer that works properly and internet connection and viola you can start visiting online store available in the World Wide Web.

I remember when I paid the first items that I purchased online I was very anxious if I will get the item gladly I received the items sounds and safe. Since then, shopping online has become my hobby but I am far from being called shopoholic. Few days ago I have been searching where I could find best buy on Shoes. On my quest in finding a place where to buy good quality of shoes but affordable I came across this website where I can buy the Skechers Shoes I’ve been wanting with confidence. The online store has been in the business since 1996 and offers the best brand names Mens Shoes, women’s shoes, and kid’s shoes at unbeatable process.

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My Bugger Is Here

Yes, my son is already here from my sister's place. He arrive with his cousin, my sister's elder son which grow up with me and my mother. I was laying on my bed when I heard my son's voice so I hurriedly go out to check if I am right and I was. He give me a big hug when he step is our door where I am waiting.

I will not be alone tonight when I sleep.

Wedding and Family Vacation Preparation

Month of June is fast approaching I am pretty sure that there are lots of couple who are getting married in this month. Are one of those couple who will be ex-changing I do’s next month? If so, where would you like to have your wedding? Or where do you want to have the honeymoon? Being married is a very special moment that we need to plan it ahead of time and finally to it make to success. Success means two things, first; to live forever till dead do as part and the last means to make it become perfect moment.

Anyway, if you are planning a wedding and having a hard time deciding some details especially the venue then, I advise you to visit the website which I found on the net. Surely they will make your Vermont weddings fun and memorable. The wedding alone will be beautifully orchestrated with the assistance of their professional staff.

Their Vermont honeymoon packages is very affordable and I am quite sure you will have a wonderful and memorable honeymoon when you booked them. They also offer many seasonal specials and Stowe, Family vacation Vermont deals for you to choose from. With many phenomenal outdoor activities to offer, Vermont family vacations have something for everyone. From hiking and boating to horseback riding and skiing, there is something of the great outdoors for every member of your group.

So what are you waiting guys book now at previous links and book now whether you are planning to have a prefect getaway with your family or planning a wedding.

Excited !!!!!

I slept alone in my room last night because my son, nephew and my mother are still in my sister's place. I had a very nice sleep last night and I woke up when the phone rang. Guess whoa re calling? Well, it no other than but Ma'am Imelda herself. She is finally back from her trip to New Jersey. I feel excited while she is telling her travel experience.

But what make me feel ecstatic is when she told me I she bought a Victoria Secret for me. Isn't great? I just bought a Victoria Secret lotion and cologne from Mommy Tammy's store and getting another flavor of Victoria Secret is really great. Am so.. excited to have it......

May 20, 2009

Safety First

Work boots is a perfect foot gear for safety apparel which is used to cover our foot in our work. Work boots are mainly used by manual labors. Besides protection they also provide comfort to feet. They are mostly used during industrial and other field or site works. The quality and design of the boots also differ according to the kind of work. Nowadays these kinds of boots are also worn by ordinary men and women since they are comfortable and trendy. provides a complete idea about different brands of work boots such as Bates, Rocky, Converse, CAT, Wolverine, 5.11 Tactical and many other top name brands.

Stop Plagiarism

I was astonished when I found out from Mommy Tam that a blogger is stealing post of Juliana of Jualina's Lair word for word. I sometime stumble the blog and I like the way she write. But not anymore after reading Juliana's post about this blogger who are copying her paid post.

What is Plagiarism?

According to Dictionary, Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

To all Bloggers who exert effort to create noteworthy entries and who continue to maintain a Blog which is a reflection of who she / he is, ” Good job! ”

To those who have the desire to Blog but are merely scraping contents from other peoples materials, ” Whether you are monetizing your site to help you with your basic needs or to satisfy some of your wants, do it the proper way. Stop making money out of someone else’s work. Otherwise, you are nothing but a common thief! ”

Thank you!

I would like to pass this tag to Chuchie, My Moods, VhingF, Clarissa and Fe

Off To Bed

Right now, as I type this post the rain is pouring outside. I can't heard the sounds of my keyboard, all i hear is the sound from the rain that falls on our roof. It makes me more sleepy and so I am off to bed now... But before I hit the turn off button I want to check exterior shutters which I found online.

Interesting Blog Award

I got interesting award from a very good friend in the blogging world Chuchie. Thanks for this award sis, I really appreciate it.
I would like to pass this award to the following:
Mommy Tam of Anything Under the Sun, Ma'am Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods, Nova of History of Supernova and Sweetpain and Marie of Arbitrary Thought

May 19, 2009

On Sacramento Roofer

It is a most to have a durable roof in every house. The task of the roof is to protect us from all the elements. If you have poor quality of roofing you may encounter serious damage in your house hold and belongings. Water that seep in can be a reason to damage the structure of the roof, walls and ceilings.

I remember the leak in one of the room in my grandmother’s old house. It destroys the floor and walling. Good thing my aunt was then planning to renovate the house to make it bigger and durable.

Talking about roof, if you are living in Sacramento or surrounding areas and is looking for the best roof doctor I suggest you to visit Sacramento Roofer. With over 38 years of continual hands on experience in all areas of roofing, and substantial experience with digital technology, Ron Williams, "The Roof Doctor", is a roof inspector who is uniquely qualified for roof inspections, roof evaluations and roof certifications. specialized in roof certification, roof inspection, roof repair, roof replacement, pressure washing and Sacramento roofing. So if anyone here is need of the above mentioned services don’t hesitate to visit their website for more information or better yet call them at +18886589725.

Up Again!!

At last My Daily Thoughts and Moods is up again,it's been down for a couple of days because the domain expired. I fell bad when I got an offline message from Ma'am Imelda who is currently in New York asking me to renew the domain. But since I was not able to check my yahoo messenger for more than a week I just saw her offline yesterday. I was shock because the offline was sent May 13th.

I am glad that all is fine now.

May 18, 2009

On Dating Site

I had bad and good experienced on my quest in finding my real love. Good because I was able to talked people from other country and learned different culture as well. The bad side of my experienced is when I talked people who are not serious and only wants games and talk mischievous stuff. Cause of this I almost stop my search until one day while checking my mails I receive an e-mail from a guy I wasn’t excited that time maybe because I am feed up for not finding a nice guy to talk too. I less expects that we will end up girlfriend and boyfriend although we argue on out first chat. Thanks god, because of argument my boyfriend think that I am the girl he has been looking.

So guys, if haven’t meet Mr or Ms Right I suggest you to check out dating site that is available online. Who know, like me you will meet your greatest love in the World Wide Web. At Lucky Lovers you will have a chance to meet Russian singles, Ukrainian Singles, Belarus Singles, Kazakhstan Singles and a lot more! With more than 200 000 singles you will surely meet someone for you. Keen to know more about Then why not visit their website now and explore it every page of the site.

Good morning!!

Hello people! How was your weekend? Hope you had a wonderful weekend. As for me I had a nice and relaxing Sunday. I was sleeping most of the time. I deserve the sleep anyway because I have been tired for the couple of days.

Now, I am back to my normal life. I hopefully I can do my usual blog hopping later today.

May 17, 2009

Okinawa Japan

I have been busy and stress for the past weeks. If I only have a lot of money to spend I really would like to have an out of town travel or better yet an outside of the country vacation. It been my dream to travel outside the country and I hope one day I will win a lottery.

Are you planning to take a summer vacation? Then I suggest you to visit Okinawa, the subtropical South Islands of Japan. Located southwest of mainland Japan and is the southern most prefectures for the country. Two and a half hours flight from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Naha Airport. Okinawa Japan has a lot to offer that includes sightseeing spot, festivals, culture, and history on this beautiful island chain. The place is also well known for scuba diving, beaches, cherry blossoms in January, resort, marathons, crystal clear water, coral reefs, warm weather and a lot more!

Want to witness and experience the above mentioned activities and places? Why not book your trip at Okinawa Travel?
Would want to know more about Okinawa Japan? Then I suggest you to visit, the website offers tons of information that you want to know. If you want to talk people who know more about the place, you can visit their forum as well.

PC Blabbing

I do not know what went wrong to my pc. After sleeping for many hours today and decided to hit the open button of my pc it restarted many times. I have been trouble with my pc again for almost a month now. If the it continue restarting in the couple of days, I guess I need to bring pc to repair again.

May 16, 2009

Have Your Own Business

If you are one of those people, who dream about starting your own business and becoming your own boss, then Dubli Network is the right place to visit. It has an easy ready-made business concept that help prepared the foundations for your successful future. It’s a friendly network that provides you with a fantastic platform to materialize your dreams into reality. It also serves as the best reverse auction site on the World Wide Web nowadays, seeking to offer you the world’s best brands and services at cost effective prices. Cool right?

In Dubli is an independent marketing team comprised of strategically recruited veteran internet and traditional marketers, programmers, attorneys, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, media consultants, writers and public speakers. Through this website you will find entrepreneurs, industrialists, sole proprietors, marketers, programmers, investors and many others who have the zeal to reach the zenith of prosperity to explore and experiment with their businesses online in a fun filled strategic and innovative way.

The major goal of Dubli is to use their collective expertise to help build your own dream business. The more successful you are, the more successful Dubli is. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now for more information and be the boss of your own business.

May 13, 2009

Is Up..

Mr Sunshine is finally up after hiding in the clouds for few days now. It summer now but I sometimes could now feel the summer hit. Unpredictable whether nowadays is because of the global warming which one of the major problem in the world. And we can not solve this without the help of every body.

Anyway, I hope Mr Sunshine will continue to shine until this afternoon to dry the mud in our yard. Nanay will celebrate the Santa Cruzan on Saturday.

May 12, 2009

Where Handicapped People Come Together

Now a days chat has become the fast growing trend and growing activity online. User has a chance to meet like minded people share experience and ideas. Not only that, with just a little of research you can find different chat rooms for people with different interests. Recently, I came across this website called Wheelchair Chat City a best place for handicapped people to meet and chat without being bullied. So if you are tired of being bullied and harass by other chat room user, I guess it the right time to go and find a place where disabled chat is available. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and get an instant access where you can find people who share the same sentiments as yours.

Join Wheelchair Chat City and chat with tons of users from all over the world in our free handicap chat. You will find many wheelchair people from different background and different cultures. Have a great time absolutely free. What is more, get on your cam and let many of people see you while you enjoy their broadcast. Create a 100% free account right now and start seeing and communicating with all of the users on this website immediately. This free Wheelchair chat room site is best for chat users who love Wheelchair women and men on webcams that you can see for free in the Wheelchair video chat line.


This afternoon my eyes were itchy and a bit reddish. I was thinking that I am having an allergy again and I was right my eyes is swallowing. It's been a while since my last attack. Below is a picture when i had my last attack. Apologize for the quality as I only use my webcam on taking the pic.

Can anyone tell me what I do every time I have this? I would really appreciate it.

May 11, 2009

Big Beautiful Women

Are you bored of way of life you had? Boredom is an emotional feeling experienced during periods of lack of activities or when a person becomes uninterested in the activities that he does. Why don't you engage in some activities some people do nowadays such us surfing the net and find interesting information? Chatting other people can be so of fun. All you need to do is find a place who shares the same interests with you. If for instance, you are a chubby type of person and is searching for someone to share same experience and ideas then head over to is where big beautiful women chat rooms can be find.

By the way, to those who don’t know the meaning of BBW it stands for Big Beautiful Women. It allows you to share your videos on webcams and it is a perfect place for the BBW to meet and chat. Once you sign up, you can get instant access to all other member's webcams and you can have fun. The access is unlimited and so is the fun. Membership is 100% free, all you have to do is head on over to now and fill up the registration from provided. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website now and start chatting to big beautiful women around the world. Have fun guys!!!!!


We are finally home, my nephew's doctor's allow him to go home. Thanks God the two x-ray result was negative. The doctor advice us to give him soft food until tomorrow. My nephew is getting bored staying at the hospital that is why he is always talking about his first experience in the wheel chair and his experience in the x-ray room.

I will surely have a good night sleep tonight since I am worried last night.

Tattoo Lover's

The mother's day had past and I haven't visit back my friends who leave a message in my shout box. It's been a hectic and stressful mother's day for me. Hopefully, I can visit my FS account and send some love to my friends who remember me in this day. I also try to visit all my visitors how pass and greet me. The advent of high technology amaze me sometimes, especially during special occasion because you can't greet your friends and family without spending too much money.

Another proof of the wonder of World Wide Web people can find different chat rooms of different interest. People can also easily find friends, family, long lost acquaintances and potential lovers through the many networking sites out there. However, for people looking specifically for tattoo enthusiasts then you can try signing up with and mingle to your fellow tattoo aficionados.
Well, we all know tattoos are forever so it is very important to know the most information you can before doing it and to be sure you really want to do it and what figure you want and where.

Assessing tattoo chat room is absolutely free. Isn’t cool? You can meet thousands of real tattoo lovers without paying any penny.
There you can upload pics, visit people´s profiles, go on chatrooms with audio and video, send emails and much more!

I Need A Friend

I've been tried for the past few days now that is why I tried to answer the blog quiz I find online what I need to be HAPPY and here is what I got..

You Need Friends to Be Happy

You are a friendly, social person. You seek out connections and relationships.

Being close to others is very important to you, and you don't like discord.

You feel great when you're cooperating and working with others. You enjoy belonging to a group.

Nothing makes you feel worse that feeling alone or alienated. You want to be liked by those around you.

I guess I need to mingle with my friends, it's been a while since our last meeting.

On Loosing Weight

Trust me when I say loosing weight is not easy like one, two, three. I have been trying to loose some weight for few months but it seems that nothing has change instead I am gaining little by little. Frustrating, really.

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Short and Quick Update

The plan of blog hopping yesterday did not materialized because we brought my nephew to the hospital and I am too tired when I get back home last night. I will go back to the hospital this morning and I hope the x-ray results will be all negative. Please do pray for my nephew's safety who just had this 9th birthday the other day

May 10, 2009

Direct TV vs. Dish Network

Currently, our television is not connected to any cable company. Few months ago my cousin applied for a cable connection and my son wants to go there because he can watch cartoons shows. That is why I am considering having a cable connection although it can only means another expenses. I am still to decide whether to get the traditional cable or the satellite television. So I am starting to browse around the World Wide Web for information. Luckily, I found a website called that allows me to compare Directv to Dish Network.

While browsing the website, I found out that they are presently offering Direct tv deals and the option to choice which package is best for your family and budget. For further information you can visit

Running Out of Words

Would you believe it takes me an hour to finish the post before this post? You read it right guys, it takes me an hour before I finally hit the publish post button. I am running out of words so get my butt off in front of my pc and chatted to Rochelle {my younger brother's gf}. How about you? Have experienced running out of words while blogging?

Local Chatroom

Few years ago snail mail main the source of communication to communicate beside land line telephone. But the advent of high technology begun more and more people opt to use electronic mail to send letters to their love ones. Some opt to use the short message service {SMS} through mobile phone and chatting online has become the sought after communication for every body. It has made our lives easier and saves us tons of money from long distance and overseas calls. Instant communication is at the tip of our hands. We can go online anytime and chat with friends and relatives.

Speaking of chatting, isn’t fun chatting to locals? You’ll be able to share your experiences and be able to connect with local member almost instantly because you live in the same community. I came across this website which allows locals to chat and meet.
Local Chat City allows you to user to access local chatroom where locals meet and discuss their topics of interest. What are you waiting for? Go online now and create you free account and get connected with new friends through online chatting. Not only that you can also see who you are chatting with and allow other members to see you through webcam.

No Blog Hopping

It's Sunday here and yet I haven't doing my usual weekend blog hopping like I have been doing for few weeks now. I also need to build the blog traffic of my wordpress blog. Hopefully I can do the blog hopping later today.

Ohh yes, before I forget. We will have our lunch today at my brother's house. Its fiesta... so lot of mouth watering food again. One reason why loosing weight is such a though job.

Tireless Carpet Cleaning

Every summer my one of my niece will stay for a vacation. So just imagine how our house will look like when we have three kids a mess. In addition, two of my cousins who live in near us will come over that makes them five kids. Whoah… no wonder my mother is always complaining almost every day. Thanks to my cousin who stays with us, she helps us clean the house.

In few days from now, we will have a Santa Cruzan gathering. It is my mother who is the Hermana Mayor for this year. The house needs general cleaning and since I am not good in cleaning I called my sister yesterday to come earlier so she can help me do the cleaning. Good thing we did not use the carpet that we used few months ago in the living. Cleaning the carpet is a though job especially that we do not have a vacuum at home.

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May 09, 2009

Happy B-day myspace graphic comments

Its my nephew's 19th birthday today, I did not prepare many food. We had pansit and fried chicken for dinner and my brother's girlfriend bought an ice cream for desert. I promised my nephew to bring him to downtown but I was tired and I was sleeping the whole day. I hope I will have time to treat him to jolibee or chowking.

To my nephew, Happy happy b-day. May you have many many more b-day's to come, good health, study hard and be good always..

Black Men White Women Chat

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Fell Better

I feel better now after taking a two hours nap. I only had almost 2 hours sleep because my uncle wake me up at 4 o'clock in the morning. When I am done cooking I can't go back to sleep so I decided to go online and edit the post that was rejected the other.

I am still sleepy but I will take a nap later today after I am done with the link assignment I got last night.

On Home Remodeling

Any remodeling project can be a stressful but if you take your time and do a little research ahead of time remodeling can be exciting and stress free job. You also need to consider a lot of thing before anything to avoid mistake and spending too much. To those people who need to remodel their homes whether to expand or want to add modern facilities I advice you to find a contractor who will work for you all the way.

Ridnour Construction, LLC is a family owned business which has been serving the people for over 25 years now. They specialized in additions, three Season Porches, kitchen, bath and basement remodeling, decks, siding replacement, window replacement, des moines remodeling. Before undertaking your own Des Moines Remodeling project, you have to plan first and determine your budget to have a smooth process home improvement process.

I personally need this kind of service as I have a lot of plan for our home. But since my sideline online is quite slow for few months now, saving the amount I need is more difficult. Aside from saving, I also need someone who can work with me from start until the project is done and the way I want it.

So guys, if are planning to remodel your home explore, there professional attitude and attention to detail can make your project go smoothly and guarantee great results and added value to your home.

^-^ Morning Blahhh..

Wahh.. it's almost 1 o'clock in the morning here and I need to wake up at 4 o'clock because my uncle asked me to cook the Dinugu-an that he will bring to the family of his girlfriend. So I better get my butt off in front of the pc now and go to bed. Problem is I am not sleepy yet so I am sure it will take time until I fall asleep. Good night guys!!! or should I say Good Morning guys!!!May you have an enjoyable weekend with your love ones.

May 08, 2009

Online Education

There are plenty of reason is to why a student stop going to school. In my case, it was more in financial aspect why I stop going to school. Continuing my degree is one of my wish but I am having a second thought because my son needs my attention.

With the advent of online education, finding a place to study from the comfort of your own home has become easier for those who want to finish their degree like me and working professionals who wants to widen their knowledge.

On my search on finding an online university I found a premier online university which offers Graduate Courses for working professionals. It is an online University that provides undergraduate to post-graduate courses for thousands of students through online. Its education is based on the concept of high quality distance learning, which allows students to interact with classmates around the world, providing a better educational experience. You can pursue doctorate in organizational psychology, masters in mental health counseling, bachelor in computer information systems, child development, communication and a lot of other courses are available at their university. No other universities offer more courses for distant education students and that makes this online university unique from others.

There are lot of Online Degree that is available in the World Wide Web that is why you should be vigilance in deciding.


My sister sent a smart alert half an hour ago, every time she do this I know she is asking for a load. hehehe.. but I don't want to go out because of rain water and mud outside. The rain starts to pour 2 hours ago and it lasted for 20 minutes. But I do not have other option but to go out. My cousin who stay with us is outside, I guess she is with her friends.

On Tattoos

A tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding. Tattoo enthusiasts may refer to tattoos as work of arts but not for me. I personally hate tattoos. I find it gross every time I see a man that almost covers his body with tattoo. My brothers and cousins have this tiny scorpion tattoo on the left side of their palm. Good thing it is not noticeable.

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Sleepy Here

Good morning guys!! Did you had a nice sleep? I had a nice but short sleep. It's 10:42 AM here but I am getting sleepy here. I guess I will take a nap soon.

Its TGIF again, do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me I don't have any plan like usual I'll just stay at home and take some nap I hope.

May 07, 2009

Las Vegas HVAC

When I was a kid I would always complain to granny that I am cold every time I go with her in the bank. I never thought that time will come that I will come that air conditioned room would be a necessity during time summer time. At this moment, an electric fan will do but not when my boyfriend comes. I remember when he asked me to find a house were we can rent when he arrive here in the Philippines. He demands me to find a house which has an air conditioned room.

Now a days finding an air-conditioners is very easy as you can find different brands of air-conditioners by various companies, in different sizes and having the best features that is available in the market. But finding a company that will fix your broken air-con can be tough as all the company promises to offer good service but only few of them are true to their promise. If you are living in Las Vegas or surroundings areas and is looking for the best company that will fix your broken air-con Las Vegas HVAC is the right place to visit. All their workers are trained and very professionals. They provide us quick services and repairs of all types of HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning equipment at affordable costs.

So guys, if you have a broken air-con you better fix it with the help of Mountainview Las Vegas HVAC and be ready for the summer. And speaking of summer, its summer time here in the Philippines and it’s getting hotter each day. So having an air-con is really nice.

Watched Basketball

Are you a basketball lover? I personally love to watch basketball, I just love cheering and shouting for our barangay basketball team. Five years ago, I used to watched every basketball games that our barangay team would play. I just enjoy cheering for them and I stop doing it when I give birth to my son but this afternoon I finally able to watch the championship game. Boy.. the audience is too noisy, well no wonder our team got a lot of supporters from my place. hahaha...

And after more than an hour of playing... OUR TEAM made it.. WE ARE THE CHAMPION....

Meet Black BBW Singles

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Good Night!!

Geezz.. I did not make it, I really wanted to blog hop this evening but I came online a bit late and I only to chat to my lalabs. Right now, I am really sleepy. My eyes is getting heavier every time I wink. Hay.. I really hope I will have enough time tomorrow as I it will be a busy day for me. Hayy.. life!!!!!

On Wedding Ring

A friend of mine is having a church wedding this month. I heard about it few weeks ago but I did not expect that I will be invited since we seldom talk when she finished her term ad one of the councilor in my place. But last night, I was surprised when my little cousin handed me an invitation at first I did not know who give the invitation. So I hurriedly open it in excitement and there I was my friend’s name and her husband name. They will be exchanging vow again but this time in front of Almighty God.

I am pretty sure the couple is very busy preparing the details on their up coming wedding such us distributing the invitations, looking for the reception venue and of course the Wedding Ring. They had a nice wedding ring in their civil wedding but maybe they want another wedding ring made of titanium grades. I personally want a black tungsten rings for a wedding ring but I don’t hear wedding bell yet so I am not going to have this kind of wedding ring soon.

Anyhow, I am happy for my new friend because finally a church wedding that she has been dreaming of will going to happen soon.

May 06, 2009

Off For A While

I will be off for a while guys, hopefully to be back in an hour. I still have one task to finish but I still have some offline errands that need to be done this evening. Tomorrow is another tiring day for me. I just hope the weather will be nice.

So bye for now guys!! I will be seeing you in your place later today if I can.

Best Dallas Realtors

Finding and selling a house can be difficult especially if you do not have any idea on what to do. I realized this when my lalabs asked me to look around to a possible house where we can start building our family when he finally come. Renting a house is our first options before buying a house. We want a house that is near to the hospital, school and market and we found some. Internet made our house hunting easier.

Anyway, if you are planning to acquire a house of your own or want to sell your old house because you want a bigger home for your family then I suggest you to find a reliable and trusted realtor. The realtor will help you sell your house and find a house of your dream easier. And if you are living in Dallas, Texas or surrounding areas and is looking for the best Dallas Realtors then I can help your find the best realtor in Dallas.

Mezera/Young Home Group is a top-producing father/daughter team recognized in D Magazine as Best Realtors in Dallas for 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Gerry Mezera is a professional real estate career for 32 years, resulting to hundreds of successful real estate transactions. While Corey Mezera Young is amiable, dedicated and fun-loving with a passion of helping people buy and sell their homes. Isn’t a perfect pair? Keen to know more? Then visit for more information.

I Regret!!!

Few days ago, I check how much is my balance in my paypal account and I was glad that I am paid $***.** for almost 2 months. Since, paid blogging had been too slow in my part for having a PR0. Gladly, I am Payu has been good to me the last month although all my blogs has PR0.

I was about to transfer the money to my bank account but then I choice to wait for for days hoping the the dollar rate will increase. I am a bit disappointed when I check it yesterday because no increase happened instead it reduce. So I guess, I will transfer to my account today before it the dollar rate reduce again.

Punk Rock Lover

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Getting Ready

.. for nanay's Santa Cruzan which will be help on the 16th of this March. Lalabs already sent the money last night so I decided to buy the ingredients which my uncle {the cook} listed the other day. I still need to buy other ingredients in the market to save some, but I still have some times to do that.

Anyway, I feel the summer hit again.... I am sweating big time while in Tacloban and on our way home.

May 05, 2009

Las Vegas Tickets Show

Who would not want to travel to Las Vegas, I personally want to visit Las Vegas, the most popular travel destination in the globe and is known as the city for gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment and sports. Just recently, hundreds of Filipinos traveled to Las Vegas to watch the fight of the pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao to Ricky Hatton. I heard on the news that the tickets are almost sold out few weeks before the fight. Huh, these only prove that getting ticket on popular shows like boxing can be though in Vegas. And if you will wait for your arrival in Las Vegas to secure show tickets, you might not be able to get the tickets you want to the shows that you've been dying to see.

If you are ready to pay a visit to the city of light and gambling, you will need a great way to find out about which shows are going on while you are there. I suggest you to secure your tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment. One of the most saleable shows in Las Vegas is the Blue Man Group. The Blue Man Group brings high-energy and lively Las Vegas show on the stage for two shows a night, seven days a week. You can find Blue Man Group Tickets at Rest assured that securing your tickets at is safe, secure and private.


Hello guys! good morning, did you have a nice sleep? I had a nice sleep after chatting to my lalabs until 12.45 am. We had a nice chat, we were teasing and giggling. We just finished chatting few minutes ago. That is our usual routine chatting in the morning before he goes to bed and when i wake up for me, then again at 5 pm when he woke up and lastly at around 10pm.

Anyway, its a sunny Tuesday morning today.. Finally Mr. Sunshine show up after hiding from the clouds for few days. I feel the summer heat again.

May 04, 2009

Ready for Summer?

Bathing suit or swimwear is an item of clothing designed to be worn for swimming. Swimsuit can be skin-tight or loosely fitting and range from garments designed to preserve as much modesty as possible to garments designed to reveal as much of the body as possible without actual nudity. They are often lined with a fabric that prevents them from becoming transparent when wet.

Summer is just around the corner and every body is getting ready for their summer gimmicks and escapade. If you are in search of stylish and trendy bathing suits I suggest you to visit They have different kind of women's swimsuit, one-pieces, two-piece, bikinis, sling bikini, monokini, pretzel suit, Tankini, G-string, T-back, stringbodys, halter-necks, maillots, plunge fronts or thongs.

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So guys, what are waiting for? Visit the website now and get ready for summer time.


My son is in bed right now. I was wondering why he is laughing out loud and later I found out why? I smell something... my son is in deed farting...huh, naughty son.. he loves to fart and laugh when I am around coz he knows can smell it.

S hurriedly jump into the bed and tease him.

Home Security

Securing our home is very important most especially that burglars are all over because of the current economy situation. There are some people who are tempt to rob others property just to survive everyday. Having home security gadgets will surely give us peace of mind every time we are inside or outside of our home. It is not required to have an expensive alarms and gadgets to secure our home. At, you will find wide range of home security gadgets in a very affordable price and home security information that will help you avoid burglars. So guys, if you are in need or searching of security device please visit Home Security Information for more info.

Pacman Defeated Hitman

Yesterday was indeed another lucky day to all the Filipinos when Manny "Pacman Pacquiao when he proved to all his critics that he is the real pound for pound king which Maywheather and Marquez claimed to be them. Well, Pacman has defeated Marquez in their second bout and he has been chasing Pacman to fight him again.

I am surprise on how he fight Hitman, his speed is really amazing no wonder he beats Hatton by a knock out on the second round. Hatton did not showed the new style that his coach has been talking about. Instead he used his old style and dirty tactics. Did you saw how Hatton used his elbow?

I guess that the reason why Pacman ended the fight early with a big bang before Hatton succeed on his dirty tactics. Huh.. serves him right.

Dallas Siding Service

Few months ago I manage to put finishing touches inside our house. Too bad the flooring did not come out good. It has a long fracture in the middle after a week since my brother and uncle finished the work. I am kind of frustrated because of the money I spent for the materials. When this happened I realized that building or renovating a house is not really easy. You need to hire someone that knows his craft, someone who knows what to do. No I need to save again to fix our floor and this time I will surely hire someone that knows how to fix it.

Anyway, are you are planning to build or renovate your house? If you are living in Dallas, Texas or surroundings areas and is looking for a good siding company with professional, knowledgeable, and experienced workmanship then I can help you find the right one.

Joe Cookston and Sons Inc. has a good reputation in satisfying its customers providing the best Dallas Siding service can anyone have since 1959. Isn’t a good reason to visit? In addition, this company offers wide selection of sidings such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement and aluminum that fits your tight budget and taste. So, take a look at their website at for more information and start building or improving your home with the decision and choice.

May 02, 2009

Weekend Blabbing

How are you guys? I hope are having a nice weekend. As for me, I am here sitting infront of my pc doing my weekend blog hopping when I saw this link in my shout box which has sexy photos posted in the first page. Gladly, I did not ask my nephew to do the blog hopping for me.

Few days ago, I was talking about gaining my pagerank back and in fact I still have it now. But yesterday I was disappointed that one of the paying site has a record of PR0 and it only means that I will not able . After checking some website that check pr's this blog has still a pr of 2. I already send a to the website about this problem and even checked the pr to the link where they exclusively check pr's of all the blogs that are listed to them and boy... I still have the pr2.

Huh.. hopefully this will be solve soon.. so I can have some task..

May 01, 2009

Importance of Sleeping

Having a good night sleep is all what we deserve after working hard the whole day. But do you know that getting a good night sleep has something to do with picking the right and perfect bed? I remember few years ago I always have this back ache every time I woke up in the morning and little I know that I was not comfortable with the bed I am using then. But that was few years ago, I always have a good night sleep every night. Thanks to the new bed that I purchased few months ago. It’s a bit pricey but I don’t regret choosing it because it comfortable to use.

Anyway, if you are in search on where to find wide selection of beds worry no more because Time4Sleep Beds is here to help you find your dream bed. They specialize in leather beds, children's beds, divan beds & wooden beds. Their beds come in all shapes & sizes including sleigh beds, double beds & king size bed frames. All their bed collection includes metal beds, children’s beds, iron beds, faux leather beds and antique beds. So hurry starts browsing and quit having bad sleeping experience.

Before I hit the publish button for this post I want to share a healthy trivia which I read recently. You know that ideally everyone should spend eight hours sleep each day? But there are times that we can not have enough sleep for some reasons. Do you know that having sleeping disorders can lead to some serious illness such as, high blood pressure heart attack, heart failure, stroke, obesity, mental impairment, fetal and childhood growth retardation and a lot more!

Rainy Summer?

It has been raining for few days and it's not unusual because it's already summer here in the Philippines. It was in the news that there are three to five typhoon that possibly hit my country. Oppss.. yes guys you read it right, a typhoon during summer times.

I guess the unpredictable weather is because of the global warming which is one of the major problem of the globe nowadays.

On Business Promotions

With the current economy situation that everybody is facing nowadays promoting once business is a good idea to survive. There are lots of ways to promote your business, such as, putting banner stands, billboards, advertising, Customize T Shirts, personalized bags, office supplies, drink ware and a lot more. I remember I have an uncle who owns roasted pig business. Every year, they are giving away Custom Printed T Shirts of their business name, contact numbers, address and proprietor’s name. As for me, I will choice giving away Logo T Shirts to all my workers and customers.

So guys, if you have are running your own business and in search of a good promotional strategy. Then you should try a unique, competent and affordable way of promoting your business. With the help of internet finding a place which offer printing of promotional products is not a problem, in fact you can find one by clicking any of the previous links in this post. Through them you will find wide selection of custom print T-shirts, logo shirts, and print over 500,000 other logo promotional products that will suit your tight budget.