March 23, 2009

Go Acobay

Do you like networking? Then you might want to try the new and unique innovative social networking in the World Wide Web called Acobay. Acobay allows you to share "stuff" with others and share the same interests like the cars you drive, gadgets you used, toys you collect, places you visited, cell phones you have, movies or music you love, books you reads, pet you have and many more.

By using Acobay you can also join different kind of networking such as Pet network, Movie network, Auto network, Book network and many more! So what are you waiting for? Visit and start socializing and share your stuff to other member. As for me I enjoying it, I will be adding my blog soon to earn more traffic.

FS What's up????

I login to my friendster account few minutes ago. I was surprised to see because I can't even read and see the pictures in the usual size. Recently FS kept on changing their layout and pages but i do not really like it. i hope friendster will get back the old layout and pages.

March 21, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance Quote

Having insurance is a must among individuals and families. But because of financial problem only few families and individual who can afford to pay for insurance. Gladly, there is some website that is design to help us find the best and perfect insurance that are of reasonable price and of low interest. Before you decide to take a particular insurance, it is best to be knowledgeable first about its regulation as well as policy. I recently came across this blog that will give you a lot of information about insurance called Through this website you will able to locate cheap car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, disability insurance and many more. The website also allows customers to compare insurance quotes.

Task Rejected

The other finally submit the link that was assign to me but I it as rejected so I check the links if its its working well and also the post url. After I check it I resubmit the post hopping that it will be approve this time. I was disappointed when i received an e-mail that the post is rejected again. Now, I do not know what to do with my post i maybe delete the post.

I will just wait for the response to my e-mail before I delete the post.

March 19, 2009

Too Hot

Yay, summer is fast approaching and its getting hotter each day. We don't have electricity for few hours that is why we can not use the fan so we stayed out side longer. Gladly, the electricity is back and i am not back to blogging. Too bad I was not able to take a nap because its too hot.

Planning To Shop Online

For a month now I am eye-ing an wonderful pants and blouse but the price is very expensive that is why although I like to have them both I simply can not afford to buy it this time. Whenever i go downtown I never failed to visit the store hoping that I can buy them on Sale, but to no avail.

Anyway, I have been trying to browse website hoping to find a pants and blouse that will catch my taste. So if you are looking for million of deals and FREE shipping you should visit the website.

March 18, 2009

Blogging After An Exhaunsted

Wooo.. finally i am blogging after a very tiring day. My son's graduation started at 10 am when the schedule time was 8 am. Filipino time always prevail. Anyway, the kids were sweating and the girls make-up is almost vanish when the program start. I do not know why they decided to have a mass graduation in all the 54 barangay in my town. Just imagine how many kids are there.

Hopefully, next time no more mass graduation will be conducted for the sake of the children. I hope I can post some pic soon.

March 17, 2009

Right Investment

If you want to invest your money in something that does not decrease in value over time then you should consider investing in gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals? This is the best investment that anyone must have especially with the current financial crisis that is going on we really need to be wise on investing our money. I’ve recently came across this website which offer any kind of precious metals and deliver your orders right at your door footstep and they can even arrange a convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

So hurry! Visit Monex Precious Metals, America's premier precious metal dealer. For over 40 years of expertise and experience, Monex became the trusted leader in precious metals by thousands of investors with over $25 billion in hard asset investments that includes rare coins, gold, silver and platinum bullions.


This morning the chairman was here letting me know that I need to attend the budget hearing tomorrow morning. For few seconds I was not able to answer him only because I remember it my son's graduation. I know he is just a participants but will you blame me? My son is really excited to wear the toga and as a mama i also feel what my son's feel.

I just hope the budget hearing will be done early. I am keeping my finger's cross.

You Chanhe My Life

that is the title of the movie which i watched yesterday with my friend. I and my friend were surprised to know that there are lot of movie goer who are standing. So we still need to wait for almost half an hour before we finally found a vacant sits. Well, no wonder because the movie is really great. I was giggling and laughing through out the movie.

Go Farreys

Summer is fast approaching that is why it’s getting hotter each day. During these days ceiling fans and electric fans come in a handy. I recently came across this website called that provides vast of ceiling fans which you can choose from brand and style. All their products are made by excellent manufacturer such as, Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, and a lot more!

After going through the different brands and style of ceiling fans such as ellington ceiling fans, fanimation ceiling fans, hunter ceiling fans, casablanca ceiling fans and a many more! I’ve come to conclusion that I want my house to have this type of ceiling fan, particularly casablanca fans. So if you are thinking about buying ceiling fans for your home, think about, you'll surely find the ceiling fan that will fit your busget and home.

March 16, 2009

I Am Going T o Watch a Movie

Yay, I am getting excited I will be meeting my college friend later today. We are planning to watch a movie “You Change My Life” The Power Hug. I mage to watched the part I of the movie and I was giggling and laughing while watching. For sure I will be giggling and laughing when I watch the second part of the movie. I am still waiting for the confirmation of my friend.

By the way I wrote a post about the workshop I’ve attended in my other blog. Please click the link and show some love.

March 14, 2009

Venting Me

As I mentioned in my previous this blog’s PR has dropped from PR3 to PR0. As we all know having a pagerank of zero also means of having a few link assignments. That why I am sometimes lazy to check if I have new assignments and when I see nothing I often get disappointed, especially that I am saving for my mother to use for her Santa Cruzan this coming May. But then again since I love blogging I can not stop but continue to update my blogs despite of not having a PR.

Gladly, I check my inbox as I have a link assignment waiting for me , though I am having second thought if I will to accept the assignment or not. But then again, I end up accepting the assignment as I need to earn and save some bucks for my mother.

As I pause for the moment it cross my mind that summer is fast approaching and I am sure some of you is planning to have a summer getaway. Some even think of playing casino to try their luck. But most of the winners have to pay taxes in their home country as part of their casino winnings are withheld due to US federal laws which state that 30% of the amount should be withheld. But do you know that you can actually avail of casino tax refunds if given the right information. Casino Tax Rebate will help you get your gambling tax back with the help of this IRS Authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent. Their commitment, experience and expertise speak that they have never been refused any valid refund.

Happy Weekend

How are you guys! i hope you are all enjoying your weekend. A s for me I am glad that my bf's cam is now working as i haven't see him for few days. Now his cam is clearer compared before. Another reason to have a happy weekend is that the LUB-BDP is finally over. hehehe..

March 12, 2009

Safety Equipment

Nowdays, burglars are all over the globe. They are just waiting for the right timing to attack their innocent victims. Isn’t alarming that because of poverty the high number of housebreaker victims is rapidly increasing. For me, one way of minimizing this crime is to have a safety equipment in every house. It maybe a little expensive but it is worth to have this kind of device than loose some of your valuable things.


Yeheeyy.... I am enjoying the break from the exhausted workshop, the culmination is moved tomorrow because our Municipal Mayor is not available today. So here I am am catching works online. I also made another freebie layout for Ma'am Imelda for her blog My Daily Business.I will be posting the screen shoot in my design and scrap LO blog.

I am waiting for the second prize and 3rd prize winner to contact me regarding the layout prize that is part of the prize.

Credit Card Comparison

Do own a credit cards? Having a credit doesn't mean life is easier. Always remember to responsible whenever you used your credit cards. Who need to be prepared to pay it whenever you use it. With this you will build a good credit history that is good for future purposes. A friend of mine is planning to get a credit card because she needs to have a good credit history.

At the moment she is in search on where to find the best credit cards. Best that she don't need to pay high interest. Good thing I came across this website called, it gives vital information that anyone needs to find the best credit card that suits their requirements. I surely pass this information to my friend and will ask her to read the article which will surely help her on her search in finding a credit card.

March 11, 2009

Little Update

Sorry guys, I haven't updating this blogie for the past few days. As you all know I am attending a workshop in Land Used Based- Barangay Development Plan [LUB-BDP, that is why I have a very limited time staying online. Gladly, we will have a break tomorrow. Supposed to be tomorrow is our last day but the Municipal Mayor is not available so the culmination is move to Friday.

Anyway, when i get home I immediately open my ym to check for offline and here is what I got.

Oh how I do love you my love;
When you smile you make my heart jump;
When you sad you make my heart sink;
U my destiny my sweet love of my life;

That message is from my lalabs, isn't sweet? hehhehe..

March 07, 2009

Shed Those Unwanted Fats

I am still trying to loose those unwanted kilos but to my dismay I gained few grams last months. So I guess I need to start searching for the best best weight loss pills online.

However, I worry that I might buy unsafe and ineffective diet pills. Good thing, Sybervision Reviews offers a comprehensive site regarding the best weight loss supplements in the market. Through this website you will find customer reviews, expert reviews and clinical studies information to help you find the product or products you might want to discuss with your doctor. Find out which one you think might be best for you.

March 06, 2009

Fransis M.

May you rest in peace!!!!

T o be Updated

March 05, 2009

Too tired

I want to make the layout for the 2nd price winner but i am too tired cos of the workshop. I am also thinking many thing as this moment so I am sure I can't think straight. So for now I am going to take some nap.

I mentioned that this blog's pr has dropped to zero, since then i haven't grab any opps. Huh! nahhh.. I am not happy with it.

March 03, 2009

Wholesale Clothing

Are you a wise shopper? Do you have an online store business? Then the right place to visit is is an online marketplace where professional buyers can search through commercial inventory and government surplus assets. You can find auctions on liquidated that including wholesale clothing, computers, electronics, houseware supplies, industrial equipment, vehicles, jewelry and a lot more! See their quality products online by visiting at their website. Enjoy shopping in the comfort of your home.

March 02, 2009

Flat Zero

So, Mr. Google updated this blog once again. Few months ago this blog has pr3 then it was updated to pr0 but, after 3 weeks it was back to pr3 and now its back to pr0 again. I was a bit disappointed when i saw it yesterday morning.

Huh, I only hope that i will gain back the pr that i lost like before. For sure some blogger will surely feel disappointed when they knew that the lost their pr because it could only mean one thing, paid post will be too slow.