February 28, 2009

Life 123

Have you heard of Life123? If not, then I will give you brief information about Life 123. Life123 can help you find the information you need on a wide range of important life topics. They provide answers to life’s questions through dependable content from their staff of seasoned writers and editors, including original content from experts in our writer community. Life123 delivers practical insights into things that really make a difference. Every topic is easy to read and even easier to act on. If you’re looking for the fastest way to know-how, or want to share your Life expertise, Life123 is for you.
Whether your question is all about beauty, career and money, craft and hobbies, food and drinks, health and wellness, holidays and entertainment, relationships, sports and recreation, technology and many, you will find it at Life123. Since I am a food lover I browse the food and drinks categories and I found an article about the food customs in india. If you have question about life, is the right place to visit.

:-D Goodnight

I am here alone sitting in front of my pc. Everybody are sounds asleep, and i am going to bed soon. But before I bid good night I would like to take this chance to great you all a happy weekend.

Good night peepzzz!! See you all tomorrow.....

February 27, 2009

Wedding Rings

Every girl, dream to walk in the aisle and exchanges I do’s with the man of their dream and live happily ever after. But of course there is a lot of things to go through before you can grasp this dream. First, you have to have a boyfriend that is financially stable, emotionally and spiritually ready to tie the knot with you. Preparing a wedding is fun and at the same tiring, with all the things that needs to be done before the wedding like searching for the best wedding invitations, searching for a good venue, fitting and Wedding Rings the essential accessories in the ceremony.

At you can find different varieties of titanium diamond rings, titanium rings, tungsten carbide rings and black titanium rings. You can also find wedding bands with gold, platinum and diamond inlays, High quality titanium necklace, crosses, titanium bracelets, chains and a lot more! Their latest additions include titanium black rubber rings featuring durable, black silicon rubber inlay in a deep square channel, providing an excellent contrast against Ti with a unique two-tone look and high-tech contemporary style.

Workshop.. and Another Workshop...

I am pretty exhausted afyer attending a half day workshop this afternoon. Suppose to be our schedule is on March 6 but it was move this afternoon. It is in favor to part because we will be attending another 9 days workshop that will start on Monday.

It will be a busy day for me again as i need to entry my transactions from January until this month. I only have few transaction but i do have a lot of receipts and ctc from January.

I am asking your patience and understanding if I can't visit you back. But i promise to make it up when i have time.

Track Sex Offenders

Often times we don’t personally know our neighbors and what they are capable of doing to our love ones. Isn’t scary to find out how many convicted sex offender might actually live in our city or the house next to us. Sex offenders are among the dangerous criminals as they are capable of destroying once life and future. As a mother, I am always cautions on the welfare of my family so I am on the look out of possible sex offenders. It maybe impolite to think bad to someone who we don’t really know but with the so much sex abuse that I heard on the news it’s better to be careful and vigilant. Gladly, there is a website which is designed to Track Sex Offenders in our area. All you have to do is visit Through this website we will be able to trace sex offender in our area by just entering the zip code. With this we can view detailed information of nearby offenders. We can even view their photos and current address as well as the previous whereabouts.

Alertness and awareness will ensure our family's safety from the predators. It is better that we have on-hands information about these sex predators so that we can educate and warned our children on whose people are to avoid. We never knew what these sex offenders are up to, they will do anything to persuade the young minds of children. So, check out and search for yourself if there are local sex offenders that live in your area.

February 26, 2009

Quality Post

D o you write quality post? As I lurk around the blogosphere I notice that only few bloggers write good post or quality post and hundreds of blogger do write about their life chronicles. Sad to say I am not one of the few bloggers who write quality post but I am happy to say that I am of those who write personal post. In the first place, that’s my plan when I made my blog. But that is before I knew about paid posting.

Although, I frequently write personal post in between paid post it does not mean that I do not want to write quality post. But then again I know my limitation, my grammar isn’t good compare to other blogger. I seldom redo rejected paid post because of grammar problem. Shame on me!!!!! Hahaha.. I do salute bloggers who write good English in fact I often wish I am like them.. sigh…

But heck, I will be blogging still and continue to write my life’s chronicle. I don’t care if it’s not exciting to read. If my post is not interested to you then you are FREE to leave and click the X button at the left side of your browser. Lol

February 25, 2009

Sleeping Marathon

For more than a week now I am having difficulty in sleeping. I often sleep two to three hours every nights. No wonder I always have a bad headache almost everyday. Few minutes ago my nanay told me to take a medicine for headache and hopefully I feel better after.

Indie Clothing

Hello guys! Are you in search of Indie Clothing? Then worry not more visit the previous link for more information.


I am finally done changing the layout of my other blog. I like the current layout more.. I guess I will using this layout for good or until i find another nice freebie kit.

I am getting sleepy here, well no wonder because i only sleep 2-3 hours. I've having difficulty to sleep for more than a week now. I think I look like a zombie now. lol

Fine Arts

Are you an art collector? What kind of art do you collect? Are you in search of an excellent work of art to your collection? If so, the place to visit is Paragon Fine Arts the home of contemporary arts, traditional arts and commercial arts. You will find original paintings of many artists like Andrew Atroshenko, Issac Maimon, Tim Rogerson and many more. Paragon Fine Art has been in the fine art business for over 15 years and prides themselves in their customer service and quality. Keen to know more? Then visit for more information.

Scrapy Layout

Woot i change the layout of my other blog, I just noticed that the previous theme layout is not appropriate to the blog title. Since I found nice scrap freebie kit i decided to make a new layout. I still need to edit the header for the coming days. Please visit DesignsNscrapLO to see the layout.

February 24, 2009

Prepaid Phone Card

Three years ago my wallet is always full of Phone Cards cards. I am not a phone card collector but my mother was working abroad that time and the only means of communication to contact her beside snail mail is through phone. We do have phone at home but I find it expensive than using Calling Cards.

Now, that I do not need to call my mother every now and then I do have a boyfriend which I call every now and then. I have noticed that my phone bill is always above what I am expecting so I am considering to use Prepaid Phone Card whenever I am to call my boyfriend.

Good thing I came across this website which allows me to choice phone card by name that makes it easy for me to choice which one I want. It also provides information about the card so I know what I expect before I place my order. Another thing that's pretty handy with this website is that I will be able to recharge the card while keeping the same pin number. Isn’t cool? So hurry visit the new and improved website of Union Telecard Phone Cards and Calling Card for all your calling cards and international prepaid cards needs.

Another LO

I came across this website that offer awesome scrap kit freebie. When I saw the freebie preview I immediately download the freebie but to say the bandwidth has already exceeded to i did not able to download the kit but leave some comments. This morning I tried to visit the website again and luckily i was able to download the freebie.

Please visit my DesignsNscrapLO to see the pinky layout.

Married Chat Room

Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Are you in getting bored staying at home baby sitting your sons or daughters? Or are you in search of new friends all over the world? Are addicted in chatting online? Or are you married and having difficulty to find the right place to hang out online? Worry no more, because i recently bump this website called Through this website you will have a chance to mingle tons of married people from all over the world through online chatting. Isn't cool meeting other people from different country and exchanging ideas of being married?

So, I am calling all married women and man out there why not give it a try. It offers 100% FREE registration!. All you have to do is visit and fill up the online form that is provided by the website and viola you can start chatting and viewing other members by accessing Married Chat Room. With Married Chat City, married people are given a place to chat. So for married individuals out there who are still in search for the best married chat room, go to and enjoy 100% chatting excitement!

February 23, 2009

Best Mom Award

Woott.. isn't great receiving this kind of award? Thanks sissy Shelo for passing this award to me I really appreciate it.


  1. Show the award logo in your post.
  2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
  3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
  4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.
Scrap Credit: Cucciola Designs

My pregnancy was not expected though I not think it as unwanted pregnancy because I and my ex-boyfriend has been planning to have a baby. But then during the time that i conceive my son we did not talk about the pros and cons if i get pregnant. When I found out that I am pregnant I immediately told about it to my ex-bf but things did not end up as we plan. By then I realized that promises is made to be broken lol....
Anyway being a mom is a tough job and a rewarding job. When I give birth four years ago, that was the time that I felt complete. I can not explain the feeling, my son is the bundle of joy for me.

Now I want to share this award to other best mom bloggers Imelda, Fe, Pinaymama, and Kris

February 21, 2009

Interracial Chat Rooms

Interracial marriage nowadays is rapidly increasing I know some couple who meet thier love ones through online chatting. Luckily, I also met my boyfriend through online chatting few years ago. So if you are bored or looking for some then why not visit Registration is free, all you need to do is fill up their online form and viola you can access Interracial Chat Rooms and start meeting and viewing other members.

Happy Weekend

It's weekend once again, do you have any plan this weekend? As for me I do not have any fancy plan yet. But for sure I'll be staying at home and catch some sleep. A friend texted me if we can go out tomorrow but then i refuse because i am not in the mood to go out.

Health Insurance

Have you heard of Anthem Tonik Health Insurance? If not then let me give you a few information, it is a major medical insurance plan offered by Anthem Blue Crossand Blue Shield. Anthem first introduced Tonik Health Insurance to provide a simple, yet comprehensive plan covering not only major medical, but dental and vision. Good offer right? Currently their service is available in six states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire. For more information visit

400 Post

Woot.. this my my 4ooth post for this blog and I do not know what to write to make this post special. Well, I've been in lazylandia for the past days. I missed blog hopping and i seldom update my blog. It is not a fruitful week either but still I am thankful for what i've earned this week.

I will be off for our session and hopefully i will be able to blog hope when i get back online.

February 20, 2009

Managing company with TeamWox CRM

Are you a business owner and want to have a good relation to your employees? Or do you own a company that has a branch all over the country? Then you need the help of TeamWox Groupware. Managing company with TeamWox CRM allows the combination of the corporate information in one safe place, this is also intended to increase employees productivity and the efficiency of the company as an organization. Using this product will allow your company the advantages of work activities transparency, effective internal policy and personnel relations, cost cutting and gain in productivity to name a few. Imagine having an access of your company's documents from anywhere in the world.

Sounds as sleep

Good morning guys! How was you night? Hope you had a wonderful sleep, as for me i just woke up but intended to go back to bed since my son is still sleeping. It's always nice to ask him hug and kiss me while he is sleeping. Sounds strange? My son has this attitude to hug and kiss me when i ask him to it even if he is sleeping.

February 19, 2009

Catholic Chat City

Nowadays, there are hundreds of couple who meet their partner through chatting online. Luckily I am one of those and we have been in a long distance relationship for more than three years. We have our ups and downs but thanks God we are still together and going strong. I recently came across this website called, through this website you will be able to meet catholic people from all over the globe. You can exchange ideas and belief of being a catholic. So if you are a catholic and want to mingle people with the same believe visit Catholic Chat City now.

Want more? Creating an account is absolutely free, all you need to do is fill out the form online and you will have instant access to catholic chatrooms and start meeting and viewing with plenty of people all over the globe. So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now for more information.

Not In The Mood

I do not know what is happening to me but i am not in the mood to blog. But since I am grab some opps and it's been a while that i able to grab some opps so here I am blogging though i am lazy.

February 18, 2009

Garden Offices

I would love to have a home garden in the future, where I can spend my afternoon reading some books or just having some coffee with my dear husband. It also a cool idea watching my kids and hubby playing their favorite sports. I know most of you will agree that staying in a trendy and beautiful garden helps you relax your mind and body.

With this, having a garden in each office is a good idea. It will help the employee to relax and enjoy what they are doing without feeling tried. So if you are looking for a good design that will get along to your office visit, they have a wide range of design for garden offices if your choice.

February 17, 2009

Join My B-day Contest


hello guys! would you like to win some molah, ec credits and blogger layout? I am currently running a b-day contest, please visit this link for more information. So see you all guys and good luck.

February 16, 2009

Increase Traffic

Who do not want to see our blog be featured as blog of the day and get a lot of traffic from it. We all know that to earn higher income in blogging out blog must have a good traffic and one way to increase traffic is joining to blog directory. I recently found this cool website called It has a unique feature like easy submission of blogs and all the blogs are listed randomly to get equal exposure.

Good morning

Guyz! How was your weekend? As for me I had a nice weekend I watched some movie online. It will be a busy Monday for me today, I will be attending a symposium in tax remittance. So I don't have enough time to stay online.

I go now guys and prepare my breakfast.

February 15, 2009

Air Beds

If you are looking for a great website that provides you a lot on buying air beds, then worry no more. Recently I found this great website called can provide you all the great information about air beds and information related to it. It also guides you how to repair, flea control and maintenance among others. Before buying that air mattress you've been dreaming, be sure to check

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines

How are you guys! I hope you are having a nice day with your love ones. As for me I do not have any date because I am miles away with my one and only. **winks** But then I had a date with my friends in college. It was raining non stop so we decided to stay and have our lunch at STI Tacloban Canteen but the food where bought outside. diba kakaibang date? hehehe..

Anyhow, I had a great time with my friends. We also call our friend how is in Manila and make her inggit. hehhee..

New Ford, anyone?

Getting a car? Then the right place to go, they have excellent service if you are looking for a New Ford car. They also offers all car portal, dealing in new cars, used cars and leasing offers. So, go and visit the website now for more information.

Off To Go

hello guys! Happy heart day, thanks gracious my eyes is getting better now. I saw a smile on my lips when i checked in the mirror if I still have reddish eye. But, gladly it getting normal now.I just received an sms from y friend that she will be at STI [my alma matter] at around 12 noon. So, I need to off my ass out here in take my shower. hehehe.. See you guys later today.

Bring Back Your Lost Hair

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After browsing the website I remember a cousin that is close to me that is getting bald. He is always wearing a cap every time he ho out and I guess it is because he is loosing his self confidence. Who would not? If you are loosing some of your hair and your skin head is getting visible. I am pretty sure my cousin would love to try Toppik products which he can buy directly from Hello Gorgeous Store.

So what are you waiting for bring back the confidence that you have loose because of baldness? Visit and avail of the discount they offer in selected products. They also offer flat rate in super fast shipping.

February 10, 2009

Blogging Instead

I have a plan on going to accounting office to meet our book keeper. After I take a shower I called our book keeper if she is free today but unfortunately she is not. Instead she told me to go there tomorrow morning, so here I am blogging again. Hopefully, I can settle/finish my overdue task to out CY 2009 budget, actual expenses of 2008 and ask our accountant if the supporting papers for the purchased of material is complete so I can pay for it. I had the checked verified yesterday but since I am advice not to pay before I talking to our municipal accountant.

I know, some of you will ask why I have few pending task that need to be done. My answer is because I procrastinate for the past few weeks and I am hooked to blogging and making layout. Hehehehe….

Auto Insurance

Often times we ignore that having insurance because we don’t want to spend extra expensive and bewildering process when applying. Because of this we also forget that insurance is a good protection for our loved ones health, our home, cars and business if you have. And if you are looking for the best auto insurance, can help you find one. Through this website you can compare quotes with other insurance companies. This way, you don’t need to deal the devastating process of searching the insurance that fits your budget and needs. So if you are in search of a good offer of insurance quotes don’t look any father visit

Candice Crawford

I am sure you will agree that beauty queens also got a brain and talent. One of them is Candice Crawford? She is a beauty titlist and at the same a journalism student. Wow, a beauty queen and now a reporter and sports anchor.

February 09, 2009

Free Blue Layout

As I've promise that I will giving away a free layout in my DesignsNscrapLO. I already posted the layout, please do visit the link to see the layout live. By the way , you should have your own photobucket account.

Zenni Optical on New York Times

Would you believe that New York times write an article about Zenni optical? Base on what I’ve read on the article, New York Times clearly stated that you can have a cheap frame that includes lenses with anti scratch coating for a little as $8. If you have a doubt on what I’ve said you can visit the article “Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank” and read it for self.
I seldom see my son playing my eyeglasses that is why I am not happy to use it for the past month because it has some scratch on the lenses. After reading the article of New York Times about Zenni I immediately visited the site and here is what I like most.

Isn’t simple yet beautiful?

So, if anyone here is planning to get a new eyeglass don’t look any father visit Zenni Optical is the popular online eyeglasses shop offers a wide selection of high quality stylish frames for as low as $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. All their eyeglasses come with high quality stylish frame; thin and light lens with UV protection and anti scratch coating; case and cleaning cloth; and full guarantee. So, if you need more question and details about their eyeglasses, you can visit their website for more information.

February 08, 2009


myspace comments

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks payu for giving me an extra assignment this weekend. I honestly not expecting for another bunch of assignment since I got 2 assignment yesterday. Whoot.. if this is what I get for doing my task immediately i will try to finish all the assignment fast.

Custom Rubber Stamp

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Health Care Career

Looking for the perfect job nowadays is a tough a job specially that there are lots of companies that announce bankruptcy because of global economy crisis. However, with the right resource and assistance I am pretty sure you will find the job that is appropriate to your degree.

If you are a graduate of any health course, you don’t need to worry as you can find health care career online by visiting

Dateless on Heart Day

Yay, valentine's day is fast approaching in few days time you will see couple roaming around, walking hand in hand, while the girl is holding a flower or bear in her other hand, sweet right? Restaurant, fastfoods, hotel are decorated in a romantic mood. hay, how i wish I have a date on Valentine's day but unfortunately I don't have any date on this day. But in fact i never I had a date during valentine's in my whole life. Isn't ironic? But it's true.

To those who have a date in on this day good luck and enjoy every moment. Be responsible enough of any actions that may happen. You know, we can never say what will happen when everybody seems in a romantic mood.

Horse Supplements

If you are looking for horse supplements, then don’t look any farther visit You can find everything you need whether you own one horse or ten, a few farm animals or a whole farm. Jeffers Equine has all the products that you need to keep your animals safe, healthy and happy. So go check them out to know more about their website.

Top Diet Pills

The good thing about internet is that we can easily find any product that we need and we can find great deals of almost everything. And most of all we can also find assessments and testimony from other users. So, if you are searching for top diet pills in the market don’t look any farther visit They give a comprehensive and detailed review on many weight loss products on the market.

Good morning

guys! hope you are all having a great weekend with your love ones. As for me here I will be off soon to do some errands and hopefully be back after lunch. I will be making a layout which I will be giving away in my new blog DesignsNscrapLO , so if you want a free layout check it out guys.

February 07, 2009

3D CAD Software

Planning of building structure, bridges, roads, transits and other infrastructure is not that easy. The people who do this task need to know the pros and cons of their job. Few years ago, they need to do draw the plan manually but thanks to modern technology because 3D CAD Software is now available. This software is the comprehensive solutions for the infrastructure lifecycle from buildings to bridges, transit to utilities, clean energy to clean water. Isn’t cool?

Bentley Systems Incorporated also offer MicroStation Training to architects and engineers who wants to improve their knowledge in design, model, visualization, documentation, and map projects of all shapes and sizes.


It's past one o'clock in the evening no wonder my eyes is almost close. Everybody is sound asleep now except me. So I guess it's time for me to bid good night. Enjoy your weekend guys... good night.....

February 06, 2009

Streamlight Flashlight at

Valentine’s is fast approaching, I am pretty sure some of you are planning on what to give to your love ones during this occasion. Well, if your partner is engage to exciting activities like, camping, hiking or an enforcer. I presume that streamlight flashlight is a nice gift idea. Nowadays, streamlight flashlight is used by most professionals because of its safety and good quality. Wondering where you can find huge selection of streamlight flashlights? is the net store where you can find world's finest brand name products of flashlights, binoculars, telescopes, sunglasses, goggles, prescription goggles, rifle scopes, range finders, spotting scopes, microscopes, and more. Now, you have a bunch of gift ideas. you are assured that you are well assessed by their live customer support. They also offer Free UPS Shipping on orders over $29.95, knowledgeable customer service, wealth of product information, product reviews, experts in the industry, buying guides, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So don’t look any father to visit today.


I am having headache every now and then, I guess I am having migraine again. I think too much coffee intake is the reason why the awful migraine is knocking my head. Also, I have been stress for the pass few days and luck of sleep. But thanks goodness cos I have a long sleeping marathon yesterday. And it makes me feel better.

February 05, 2009

Feel Good

After taking a nap, I was a bit grumpy this morning so I decided to take a nap early in the morning. I can not start my blog hopping and I also want to check the russian stock market, not that I am into stock market I am just in the mood to lurk around the net.

So Far sSo Good

At last after ranting about my pc hang ups it come to an end. Yesterday, I brought my pc to repair shop and change few stuff. Though I am having problem when I open it but it not a big problem compare before.

Now, I can do blog hopping without any problem. So see you around guys.

February 03, 2009

Best Diet Pill

Are you still freaking out to loose those unwanted fats all over your body? Or are you still searching and looking for the best diet pill that is safe, effective and affordable? Well, fret no more because is here to help you find the best diet pill in the market. Each diet pill is reviewed by the users. I guess I need to visit too, as I am getting crazy on how to loose the fats I gained for over three years.

Signing Off

for a while, I need to start doing my offline errands now. I hope to be back after lunch and finish the remaining task from Payu. Hope you guys are having a nice time blogging, see you around.

Luminox Watches

When did the month of January go? Time really flies, we never know it Valentines day again. Boy, i know some of you are looking forward for this day. I am quite sure some of you are planning to surprise your love ones.

However, if you haven't find a gift for your partner worry no more because I can help you with solve your problem. I recently bumped into this website called Kenmar They offer a wide selection of Luminox watches that is perfect for your partner.

That is...

I am getting sleepy here, how i wish I can stay longer as I have some task that need to be done. Though I still have few days to finish all the assignments that i have I want it to be done.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me again, so I will can not stay long in front of pc. *Sigh*

February 02, 2009

Plus Size Clothing

My mother is a bit big compare to normal Filipina size, that is why whenever we are shopping for her new clothes we are having difficulty in finding the right size that she like. Good thing I cam across this website that offers huge variety of plus size clothing.