January 31, 2009

Happy B-day Justin Ailken

Happy birthday Justin Aiken, may you have more birthdays to come, good health and mayo you grown up to be a good person that mama wants you to be. Always remember that mama loves you so much.

Web Hosting Geeks

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You can also find updates right from their blog which you will find here.

Relieve Somehow

After taking pain reliever I am somehow relieve to the pain that my toe is giving to me. I have other concern other than pain is a broken nail when the wound is finally heal. I am a flip flop lover and it could be disgusting if i have a broken nails. Hopefully the nails will not look that bad.

Online Shopping Made Easy

Are you in search of a good and affordable shoe like I am? Finding the right shoe and price can be thorny especially that you will hit upon a hundred of online store nowadays. Good thing Shopwiki is here to help us with our shopping problem. ShopWiki helps us to find the specific products on the internet effortless. It is the only shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is the only shopping search engine that combined advanced web-crawling technology with customer-written wiki.

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January 30, 2009


I was about to go online this morning when i noticed that our house is moving. I panic a bit and called my son who was in the kitchen that time. I was in the local news a while ago that the earthquake intensity that hit my town is 5. Good thing the earthquake did not cause any damage.

January 29, 2009

I'm In Pain

that is what i feel in on of my toe since I woke up this morning. It seems that the pain is increasing every hour and so I decided to take some medicine. Hopefully it will not get worse tomorrow as i have some errands to do. My day is not good because of the pain i feel right now. I will be posting few picture later as to why my toe is hurt.

January 27, 2009

CAD Software

My ex-boyfriend is an engineering graduate and immediately applied for a work after graduation and usually useArcteryx gear when he need to visit the site. I remember we used to talk about his works though I not understand what he is talking about. Nah, I was in love that time so I don’t mind what he is talking about. As long as he is beside me I don’t mind if he is talking boring stuff, but that was 5 years ago. Hahaa.. I remember he used to talk about CAD Software, as a civil engineer it is a must to know how to use the software. But then I do not know if he excels in this field since we have our own life now.

Anyway, if you are in search of MicroStation Tutorials or any solutions for infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges, roads, trails, oil, gas mining, metals and many more. Bentley System Incorporated will surely help you widen your knowledge about CAD.


No, I am not pregnant again but my sister told me that she was delayed for a more than 2 weeks. I was surprised when i knew about this because she is taking birth control. She has 3 kids now and she don't have any plan of getting pregnant soon. Yesterday i called her to ask if the pregnancy is confirm. She was laughing when she told me she has her period last week. Well, I am happy for her. i know she is not yet ready for another baby.

Drugs and Alcohol Detox

Isn’t frustrating if you a member of the family is into drug and alcohol addiction? Are you in search of an institution that will help your love one regain their lives? Well, worry no more because Pat Moore Foundation is here to help those people that are into drugs and alcohol addiction. They specializes in drug and alcohol detox treatment. Pat Moore Foundation has been doing detox programs for heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and other substances for over 23 years. So, if you are concerned or want to help someone start a new life visit for more info.

Change the Layout

yes, I am loving the layout of my other blog the color i used is blue which is no doubt it's my all time favorite color. The layout is not prefect as I had a mistake but no worry I will be fixing it one day. Here is the screen shot of the layout.

Disney World Vacation

One of the best things that I am looking forward is having fun with my family. A nice vacation to some place is what I am wishing, I am quite sure my family will love the idea. My mother will celebrate her birthday soon, if I only have enough money to spend for this king of escapade I will surprise her for a Disney World birthday vacation. Disney World is one of the great places to visit anytime of the year. I hope I win a lottery because that the only way I could bring my family to Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Planning a vacation is easy nowadays, you can book in a hotel which suit your budget without hassle. Best of all you can find ideas as to where to spend your vacation in case you can not decide on where to go. Anyway if you are planning to take a Disney World vacation with your family, you should sneak a quick look at They offer a great Discount Disney World Tickets. They have an array of Magic Ticket which you and your family will enjoy watching. So be sure to visit the Orlando Fun Ticket before your flight.

Good Morning

Good morning guys, how's your sleep? As for me I had a wonderful sleep, thanks goodness I fall asleep when I lay my back to bed. Hopefully it's like that always. Anyway, I will be off early today as I need to do offline errands that is been neglected cos of blogging. So ciao for now guys! enjoy the rest of the day or night.

Super Affiliate

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January 26, 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Hi guys! Are you joining to Chinese Community to celebrate the Chinese New Year? I research what is the belief of Chinese during the new year period. Here is what I got.


1. Opening windows and/or doors is considered to bring in the good luck of the new year.
2. Switching on the lights for the night is considered good luck to 'scare away' ghosts and spirits of misfortune that may compromise the luck and fortune of the new year.
3. Sweets are eaten to ensure the consumer a "sweet" year.
4. Clean the house from top to bottom before New Year's Day for good luck in the coming year.
5. Wear a new pair of slippers that is bought before the new year, because it means to step on the people who gossip about you.
6. Bathe yourself in pomelo leaves the night before the New year, it is believe that you will be healthy through out the year.


1. Sweeping the floor is usually forbidden on the first day, as it will sweep away the good fortune and luck for the new year.
2. Avoid medicine and medicine related activities (at least on the first day) as it will give a bad fortune on one's health and lessen the luck one can obtain from New Years.
3. Avoid clothes in black and white, as black is a symbol of bad luck, and white is a traditional Chinese funeral colour.
4. Washing your hair is also considered to be washing away one's own luck.


3 Store

Mobile phone has become a necessity for many people in this generation. I have a Nokia mobile phone, it’s not good to compare to other phone. But what matter is I can take pictures, make a short video, access the internet which I never tried since I have internet connection at home. I can also listen and download music, but most important is I can take and make a call, receive and send message. I bought is last year, I bought in a good deal. It’s working well though it fells on the floor many times. I do not have any plan on getting a new phone for my self but I want my mother to have a mobile phone for emergency purposes.

While browsing on the net for a good deals of mobile phones I came across this 3 store that offer top brands such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericson and a lot more. You can also find phone accessories and mobile broadband in a very affordable rate. Good offer, right? I am quite sure at, you will find plans that will suit to your life style and tight budget. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website now and chat with their customer assistant online or you call them at 0800-358-6961 for your inquiry.


I have so many things that need to be done but here I am sitting in front of the pc blogging. I really need to stop or minimize this bad attitude. It was all set yesterday, I will leave the house early in the morning but heck I haven't taken my bath yet, so I guess I'll start working after lunch.

January 25, 2009

Cheapest WoW Gold

Have you heard of world war craft, star wars, lord of the ring and etc? I am quite sure you at one time or another played one of the online games I mentioned. Or maybe you are still an enthusiast player like other do. If so, you might consider visiting The website is offering the Cheapest WoW Gold Shop that you can find online. They work hard to be a step ahead to their competitors in customer service, speed, value and price which they feel they achieve this goal, that why they are confident enough to say that they guarantee a 100% satisfaction to their customers.

What's Up Guys!

How's your weekend so far? I hOpe you are having a good weekend with your family and love ones. As for me, I am enjoying the weekend doing nothing.hehehhe. Like usual I had a long sleep marathon, which is good since I don't have enough sleep for the past few days.

January 24, 2009

Digicam Craze

Having a digital camera is one of my wish last Christmas but unfortunately this wish were not granted and since my birthday is fast approaching it is again listed in my birthday wish. Huh, sounds like I am desperate to have a cam. I am indeed, wondering why? Photograph is an important part of many people's lives; through this we can capture memories of our self, family and friends. Isn’t great looking an old picture reminiscing what happened when that picture were taking?

If you are thinking in buying a digital cam you should visit this New York camera store which offers vast of digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, dvd’s and combos, audio and many more. 42nd Street photo has been in the business for over 40 years now that give them a good impression of serving the people. Unlike other store you have three options on how to buy their products, by shopping online, going to store or by phone. You can visit for more information.

January 23, 2009

A birthday wish

Rechie passed this birthday wish award to me few days ago, apologize sis for the late posting. I really appreciate for counting me in as one of the receiver of this tag. Anyway my birthday is fast approaching, I will be turning 30 on the second week of March. oppsss... guess when is the exact date. hhehehe..

The rules are...
  1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...
  2. The list should be 15 numbers
  3. Post the image of this award in your posting
  4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.
Here is my wish:
  1. Bundle of happiness to my lalabs and family.
  2. To grasp my lalabs soon.
  3. Good health for everybody [me, my son, lalabs, and family]
  4. Long life to granny.
  5. More opps, **winks**
  6. To be able to save some bucks for my nanay's santa cruzan this coming May.
  7. To be able to finish the house finishing.
  8. To own a digicam
  9. To have laptop, toink..
  10. To bring my family to a grand vacation [bring them to one place which we haven't visited]
I am passing this tag to Fe, Kris, Hazelious, Eds, Kaye, Missy and Imelda

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Fast Approching

my son's birthday, that is. As early as now he is starting to talk about it, as if he will have a birthday blast. He will be turning 4 years old on the 30th of this month. I don't have any plan yet though preparing for a blast is far from my mind. Hopefully, he will be still happy on this day and of course in his best of health [always].

Back and Neck Pain, Anyone?

Back pain and neck pain can be pain the ass. I usually suffer back pain when I am sitting in front of my pc for long time or if I am working and carrying heavy stuff. Though I am not suffering of terrible back pain I do understand how it is to be to have such an illness. Wondering why? It is because my boyfriend happens to have severe back pain in times. It stopped him for the doing the stuff he used to do such as carrying heavy stuff and he often can not walk properly. But then again he is still thankful that he not need to undergo any surgery unlike his friend who undergo surgery for having severe back pain.

I came across this website called which offers MedX and VaxD to treat chronic back and neck pain. MedX works to fight muscle weakness, which is the major source or cause of chronic neck and back pain. While the VaxD decompresses the spine and allows negative pressure to create in the spine and resort to allow the back and neck pain heal. I will refer this website to my boyfriend later today. So if you are one of those who are suffering from back and neck pain why undergo surgery when you have other option to restore to health.

Done Another Layout

I am fixing the layout of Chie's trends, I actually made a layout for her other blog but then she ask me if I can then make a layout for her sister's blog. I will be posting the screen shoot of the layout in my other blog and update this post for the link.

January 22, 2009

Wedding Ring

As I have mentioned in my previous post, planning a wedding is fun and draining as you have to attend some details. One essential accessories of the wedding is the wedding ring and finding the wedding rings. Worry no more are I have found a place that has an array of beautiful and stylish wedding bands. They also have titanium bracelets and black tungsten rings that you can give to your wife as your wedding present to her.

Huh, I am sure your fiancée will love it.

Sun's up

Mr Sunshine was up the whole day and I am glad the clothes that was hang outside is all dry now. Hopefully, tomorrow would be a nice day too so that my son and his cousin can play outside. It's been a while since they played in our yard.

First Try


See the bubbles around the image i take it off.

These imagine is my first try to change the background to transparent. I am happy with the outcome now I don't need to fret whenever I need to worry in making a transparent background. That's all for now guys I also want to check ted's blog. I found this his blog very interested.

Transparent background

For few day I've been reading tutorial on how to make a transparent background. I want to make a blog layout with amine graphics in the header. So far kasi lahat ng nagawa kong blog layout is from the freebie scrap kit that I downloaded. I found some cute doll images at glitter graphics but there are some images that has a white background so I want to change the make the background transparent.

Salamat naman that I found this website that teach how to make a transparent imagine. So I will try If I can do it. Good luck to me!!!

January 21, 2009

Planters Talk

Each one us want a house that is comfortable and calm to live in. For us to achieve this goal we need to make its part of the house alive and relaxing. Putting beautiful plants in Planters inside and outside the house is one approach to have a good ambiance.

Anyway, if you are looking for Indoor Planters and Outdoor Planters whether you are an individual homeowner or represent a 400 unit residential building can provide you with different style of planters in a very affordable price. They also offer Garden Planters, Window Box Planters, High End Planters, and Decorative Planters.

What I like in this website is that customers can shop for any product by their shape, material, color and price. So if you are looking for planters for your home or office don’t look any further visit for a great choice.

Would you believe that I have 52 gray and white opps in TP? Yeah, you read it right I have 52 opps in my TP dashboard but then i can not grab some of the opps. I got a message few weeks back from TP that they had fix this problem but it seems that they haven't fix it yet.

Hopefully this glitch will be resolve soon.

Mustang Part Store

Are you in search of Mustang auto parts? If so, worry no more as I came across this Mustang Parts Store where you can find everything you need, from accessories, body kits, bulbs, headlights, grilles, wheels and many more.

Sleeping Habit

I sometimes sleep at 7-8 pm, i know it's too early. But then i am usually awake during midnight but recently I noticed that I am having difficulty to sleep early. Although my eyes were close my mind is wide awake. I know this is not good for my health and I need to do something before its too late.

How about you? Have you experience having sleeping disorder? What did you do to cope up with this problem? Comments are highly appreciated.

Web Designing

Nowadays more and more people are having there own personal website. Not only that, I noticed more businessmen venturing in online business. An example of an online business is online store. At present people opt to shop online for almost everything, from clothing, gadget, food and many more! Having an eye catching web design is one factor to succeed in this kind of endeavor. Speaking of web design, while browsing the net I happen to see this web design company which provide best business solution which will help their customer to be successful in their industry. The company’s Creative web design team is compose of experienced business analysts, project managers, technical analysts, developers, information architects and designers who can literally understand what's your need is and work for it.

So if anyone here is planning to have an online business but having difficulty in web designing worry no more as you can have it from the reliable expert. You can visit the link I’ve provided, the website is easy to navigate. They even have a blog that will give additional information about the company.

Officially US President

Today mark the historical event as the first African-American president take his oath as the United States president. As a Filipino I am honored to know that there are some Filipino's who graces this momentum event. Yesterday, Charice Pempingco sang the finale song of Pres. Obama inaugural ball and she was given an standing ovation of the audience. And earlier it was in the news that 6 Fil-Am kids will get a chance to sing in this occasion with their choir mates.

January 19, 2009

Vegas Health Insurance

Getting a health insurance is nice idea especially that there are some families who are having financial problem because of recession. If you living in Nevada and planning to acquire a health insurance this year it’s not too late, all you have to do is visit Vegas Health Insurance, they provides free health insurance quotes for individual and family.

Back Pain

My back is sore, I attribute it for sitting in front of the pc most of the time. Since I want to learn on how to use all the tolls in PI7 I am giving my spare time exploring pi7. As of now I am happy on what I've learn.

By the way you can visit the blog layout I made yesterday here and here.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Nowadays, more and more people are getting in to drugs and alcoholism. It is frustrating when someone from our family is in this kind of addiction. Gladly there are companies like Hill Recovery who helps people to overcome this kind of addiction. So, if you know someone that is looking for Alcohol and Drug Treatment institution is the right place to visit.

PR is Back?

A week ago I posted here how disappointed I am when I found out that my PR in this blog was smashed by Mr. Google from PR3 to PR0 and lately I was surprised because it is not indexed by google as it is rated NA. I am in the point of accepting the fact that life of blogger is not really easy. You need to do your best to maintain a good traffic and pagerank.

This morning, I am surprised when I check my PR and its back to PR3, for once I am in denial so I hurriedly login to my TP account and there I saw the 3 under the Pr column.

LA Police Gear

Are you guys is in search of a good source for law enforcement products and gear? Well, the right place to visit is They offer all the military tactical gear products like backpacks, batteries, belts, gasmasks, gloves, handcuffs, pepper spray, flashlights, boots, medical supplies, training aids, GPS units, watches, galco holsters, Surefire flashlights, black hawk, buck knives, 5.11 tactical gears, Leather holsters and many more. Through this website you will find everything you need at a very affordable price. So hurry visit for more information.


How are you guys? Did you ahd a wonderful weekend? As for me, I am sitting in front of the pc exploring PI7. I am learning little by little and I like it.

January 17, 2009

Fentraphen diet pill

Choosing the right diet pill can be confusing especially that there are hundreds of diet pill available in the market today. But worry no more as I recently found this website that reviews diet pill like Fentraphen. They provide all the information you need before taking any diet pills such as; Safety of Ingredients (Safe Diet Pills) ,Money Back Guarantee ,Consumer Testimonials ,Appetite Suppression ,Weight Loss Potential (Diet Pills that Work) ,Overall Value.

Eager to know what other people say about the diet pill you are talking? Then visit the link above.

Enjoying the cold weather

That is what i am doing right now, for few weeks now the weather here in the Philippines is quite cold. Sleeping is the great thing to do when I am not doing anything. Sobra sarap matulog ng nakabaluktot. Weather forecast say that the cold weather will stay until next month. But hot weather is expected late next month or early in March.

Term Life Insurance

Are you guys are looking for an accurate term life insurance quote? If so, you should visit this cool website that I came across recently it is called In here, you will find different types of life insurance like mortgage life insurance, term life insurance, seniors life insurance, smokers life insurance and many more.

Finding the right insurance that suit to your budget does not have to be difficult, with all the best term life insurance quotes listed at Whole Sale Insurance I am quite sure you will settle in this website. So hurry visit the site now!

Happy Weekend

Hello guys! How is your weekend doing? I hope you are all enjoying the weekend with your family and love ones. As for me here, I am trying to finish the pending task I got from this week. Blogging has been too slow to me since Mr. Google slapped the pr in all of my blogs.

Anyway, I have come to realize that I need to dance along with the blogging thingy, like I will lost the pr I gained any time and losing the traffic I build.

Insurance Quotes

Insurance has been one of the very important essential to be applied by every one nowadays. I know some of us do not have any insurance and with the kind of living that we have now it is necessary to get any insurance for the safe of our family. I came across this website called which enable insurance consumers nationwide to find the best insurance quotes quickly.

So if you are searching for cheaper health insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes, home insurance quotes, or any insurance that you mat want to have you should visit the website I mention for the best insurance quotes

January 10, 2009

Smash By Mr. Google

After New Year Mr. Google start updating their system though i prayed that this blog will not be affected by the system update. But, sad to say this blog has now a PR of zero. By this I will expect less task from TP and of course in Blogvertise because they seems to give assignment to blogs that has PR.

Huh, I just hope I can still grab assignment from time to time as I need for my Nanay's Santa Cruzan this year. Anyway this is life of a blogger, so I need to tag along the situation.

As I have promise that I will post my very first LO that i made my self. I've posted it on my other blog. Just click this link and show some love.

January 09, 2009

Pres. Obama's Inaugural Pins

I witness how bloggers talk about Barack Obama during the last United States of America’s election. There are lot of bloggers seems to love this African- American guy. Though I am not into politics I followed some news about Obama. I was delighted when I heard over the news when he was elected as the first African-American president of the United States of America. As this very moment I am quite sure that his supporters are now getting ready for the fourth coming inauguration which will be held on January 20, 2009. With less than two weeks away from this awaited date of inauguration of Barack Obama as America’s president, some of his supporters are looking for a special means to commemorate the event.

If you are one of Obama’s supporters worry no more because I came across this website called, which offer Exclusive Inauguration Pins. The inauguration pins are struck from brass and features the Presidential seal with Obama logo as well as the date of Inauguration for as low as $5.49. Each pin raises 25 cents for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, or 50 cents on orders of 10 or more. Flat rate shipping for all orders, just $1.79 (Domestic) - international rate is $3.00 is applied. So hurry visit the website now before you run out of time.

I'm Enjoying

Exploring my photoimpact7 software. At last after many times of frustration I able to make my first very own scrapping. Its not really good but then I am very happy for it. Imagine I have been wanting this for many months. Huh, now I have another reason to stay long in front of my pc doing scrap.

I haven't posted the pic yet but promise I will later today.

January 08, 2009

Cartoon Animation

Are you a type of person who loves cartoons and animation? My nephew and son love to watch cartoons and animation. Just recently they ask me to buy something that they saw in an animated cartoon. I was surprised because my son who is three years knows how to impersonate his idol in an animated show. But in fact it’s not only the kids who are engrossed watching this kind of show but also adult. I can not believe that my older and younger brother seem to be a cartoon anime fanatic too. So no wonder whenever they are at home our television is always in the cartoon channel.

Anyway, if you are a cartoon anime fanatic and want to have an eye catching website why not put you’re your website some twist by putting animation characters. Cartoon animation can make your site appear more exclusive, tremendous and interactive. It is very efficient in the conveyance of the message crossways. Funny animations and Cartoon characters can be exercised for presentations, education or as search helpers. You can also visit this cool website which I stumble upon recently. The website is called 3D Toons at, through this website you will know more about your cartoon animations.

First try

Last night I was playing with my newly installed PhotoImpact7, I still have so many things to know on how to use each tool in this software. As you all know, I so much want to know how to make a nice layout and scrapping.

Since I am a newbie on scrapping and still having difficulty on using PI my first lesson is to know how to put a picture in a frame. Yesterday, while browsing on Cathy's website I grab her quick page freebie and want to try to put picture on it.

This is my son when he was 11 months old.

Amazing You

In today’s generation men and woman has a lot of choice. If they are not satisfied with their looks they have it change any time they want. Having a satisfying looks boost each everyone confidence, increase self respect and of feel good about your self. If some women want a bigger size of breast, some want it smaller. I have a friend who is complaining about her breast size despite of having a big size of breast it did not boost her self-esteem instead she is shy and conscious. She sometimes complains of having back pain and shoulder pain. How she wished she has a normal size of breast that way she will have a good posture always.

Anyway, does anyone here considering to undergo breast reduction or any surgery that concern on how you looks? I came across this cool website called MYA which performs cosmetic surgeries for various purposes such as, breast reduction, breast enlargement, liposuction, facial surgery, body reshaping and many more. They have been in the business for over 25 years now performing excellent service to their customers.They even offer a free consultation and zero percent financing and affordable surgical procedures to help create a new you.

So hurry visit for more information.

300 Post

I didn't noticed that this blog has reach more than 300 post. Well, no wondering it's been few months since I decided to make this blog. I don't have any regret having this blog. This blog is the 3rd blog I made, as you know maintaining a multiple blogs is not easy.

Moreover, if you are not a writer like me. There are times that I am having difficulty on what to post in here. And since English is not my primary language i sometimes struggling making English post.

January 07, 2009

Be an XML Superstar

Do you have what it takes to be the XML Challenge superstar? Do you think your programming knowledge is enough to win a contest? If so, then you should visit This website is presently running a contest for student and professionals.

All you have to do is the visit for complete information regarding the contest. Too bad I am not computer geek I so want to win an all-expense paid trip to an IDUG conference, a new laptop, and an iPod, a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii system. Cool prizes, right? In case you don’t win this talent contest you can still win some special prices by participating and earning points. Important is the experience and I am quite sure you will know some techniques on xml programming.

My Son's Birthday

My son will be turning 4 years old on the 3oth of this month. I do not have any plan yet but I am sure I will be a simple birthday celebration with my family. He had a blast birthday 2 years ago so I not need to prepare a birthday bash for him.

Online Coupon Resource

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you have any idea on what to give to your love better half? But since most of us spend too much money on shopping for gifts, food last holiday season you might consider shopping online for this coming Heart Day. Shopping online is the best way save money, you can find great deals from jewelries to flowers, from clothing to footwear, electronic to toys and many more. However finding deals online, if you don’t know where to look, can be hard specially those who are new in shopping online.

I recently came across this cool website called which offers Online Coupons for whatever stuffs you want to buy. They have several ways to find the coupons codes that you may need. You can search it by coupon categories. Want more? You can also find coupon with Free Shipping, $Off, %Off, Rebates. Nice offer, right?

So be sure to stop at FindSaving and save some bucks.

Sun Is Up

The rain is on and off since Christmas. But more for almost a week, Mr. Sunshine is finally up today after hiding for more than two weeks. We were able to hang our wet clothes that my cousin washed the other day.

My nephew, niece and son are now excited to play outside since the backyard is getting dry now.

January 06, 2009 Citizen watches

Its almost two weeks after Christmas, are you guys are enjoying the gifts you had last holiday? Well, after Christmas I am sure you are anticipating what gift you will have this coming Valentine. Do you have something in mind that you want your husband or wife gives you this heart day? Or are having difficulty on deciding what to give to your partner? How about giving your husband or wife a Citizen Eco-Drive Watch? Watch is a must have accessories. And I am sure the person who will get this present will always remember every time he/she checks the time. I am currently using a citizen watch which my mother gave me when she arrive from Qatar few years ago. But having this wrist watch on the photo would be great. is the internet’s leading watch distributor. They carry genuine and authentic watches. They carry a wide variety of citizen watches, seiko watch, bulova watch, casio watches, Gucci watches, diesel watches and many more. What’s more? Since is a certified that means you can buy with confidence and get great customer service. Plus, every watch is guaranteed and comes with free sizing and free shipping.

So hurry Check out and find your favorite watch for a very affordable price.


hello guys, how have you been doing? Did you had a nice holiday vacation? I am sure you did. Have you notice that I haven't updating my blog lately? Well, not that i am away or having a nice holiday vacation. But the simple reason is laziness is eating my butt again.

Though i always check my blogs but unfortunately i am not in the mood to update my blogs. I also want to blog hop but then I haven't fix my pc yet. Hay... its 2009, hopefully i will be more productive this year.

January 01, 2009

Wilmington NC Real State

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