December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas myspace graphic comments

December 10, 2009


I was multi-tasking a while ago, watching my favorite show on tv and blog hopping. Am happy that my desktop is good I haven't freeze since I started blog hopping too bad I don't have any task for today. I am also getting sleepy so I might go to bed after posting this post.

Aside from getting sleepy I also feel bored as I miss my boyfriend. I haven't seen him on cam for almost 2 weeks not though he always call me always and we exchange sms. I just hope they don't need to stay longer in the US.

December 06, 2009

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Blogging Instead Of Cleaning..

Grr.. I still need to clean outside but here I am sitting in front of my desktop blogging although I kept on freezing. Well, I still need to finish few tasks which I’ve been neglecting for few days. My tummy is starting to starve as I haven’t eat my breakfast yet so I guess I need to take my butt off in here soon and eat my breakfast and start the cleaning.

How I wish we have a house help to do the cleaning for me but then I am not rich so I can’t simply afford to hire one lol.

I Need A Break

Last night I visited my other blog and I am upset to know that all the graphics I installed for that blog were all gone because my photobucket account is inactive. Annoying as I don’t have ample time to make a layout as I still need to run some offline errands. I just hope I can still retrieve my password as I already forgot my password in my old photobucket account.

Anyway, as you’ve notice I have been out from the blogging world for few days. I’ve been running some stuff and darn my back is aching big time for sitting most of the time. If only I have enough money to spend I would like to visit punta cana and enjoy the wonderful white sand of the beach and other attraction that the place has to offer. So just in case you are planning to take your family to a summer escapade next summer I urge you to visit for affordable Punta Cana vacation packages.

December 05, 2009

I Want A Laptop

Christmas is just around the corner and if I am to choice a Christmas present I would love to receive a laptop. Well, who don’t want a laptop for a gift? I am pretty sure everybody wants it, has become popular nowadays. Whether you are a student or a professional laptop come in handy. So for those who are searching of laptop deals you can visit for affordable and stylish laptops. On top of this they are also offering free shipping. Cool, right?

Blog Neglected

First I would like to ask an apology to my all my visitors for not updating this blog for almost three weeks and for not returning the visit to all my visitors. I've been uber lazy updating this blog since Mr Google took away the page rank for this blog. As we all know task is very slow if your blog has a zero page rank. And since I am maintaining multiple blogs there are times that I am waiting for link assignment before I will make an update.

So all my visitors, I promise to make it up to you as soon as I have time to stay longer online.

November 18, 2009

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Business Plan Consultant

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November 17, 2009

Very Nice Gesture Of My Love

Few days ago I was chatting to my boyfriend and I he almost made me cry for his sweetness. I touch for his concern to my health and he not like the idea that my family is allowing me to do house chores although I am sick. I know he is right I should be resting all day but then I don't there are time that I am left without any other choice but to the stuff on my own.

But anyway, I am really glad and lucky to have a boyfriend like my boyfriend. He supports me all the way and he even promise me that he will not leave me in case the doctor find out that I have problem with my health. Isn't it a very sweet gesture. That is why although I am always afraid to visit a doctor because I am afraid to know that I am sick but with what my boyfriend said it made me strong and relax knowing he will be with me always.

I know for some people my boyfriend's act is normal but not for me. One reason is that we haven't meet in person although we are in our 4 years by January but we feel that we own each other. Another reason is that he is not the sweetest person I know.. hehehehe.. but he can most of the time. And everytime he do it I am always teary eyed.

To my love, thanks for everything and I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! Would you leave a comment for this post love? hehehe.. well, I know you will read this post soon..

November 11, 2009

Appetite Suppressants

Before we know it the month of November is finished and we will be welcoming the month of December. It is this month the party invitations are left and right and when it comes to party, a lot of mouth watering foods are prepared on the table.

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Lazy And Now In the Mood

As what my post title say I am lazy and not in the mood to post or write anything but I am force to do so lol. I do have few pending task that needs to be done so I will get another bunch of task, hopefully.. Christmas is fast approaching and I need to save for something that I need to buy for my self from my blogging money. I deserve it, do I? Well, after staying up late and waking up early morning just to grab and do my task I sure I deserve to get something for my self this Christmas..

November 08, 2009

Usb Drives

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Bla On Blogging

Updating and doing my online task is such a difficult task for me this time. My desktop hangup is worse for few days now. And because of this I need to visit the internet cafe near my home to do my online task before I lost them. What is more annoying is that I missed grabbing a high payout task from triple P.

I can't also do the usual blog hopping which I recently doing to gain and earn pagerank. I wished all will get back to normal tomorrow after I bring the desktop to repair.

Practical Gift

Ohh... It's Christmas time once again! It's the wonderful time of the year at least for me lol. Not because I am looking forward to the gifts I am going to received because I only recieve a present from my lalabs.

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October 29, 2009

Browser Problem

I was blog hopping a while and suddenly I opted to open my triple P dshboard and I was surprised because Mozilla Firefox cannot open the ppp website. I thought ppp is having some update but I was wrong when I find out that I can not also open the blogger website.

As of now I am using the opera browser which doesn't allow me to open my triple P dashboard. How annoying, I do hope the mozilla browser will work soon.

October 28, 2009

Make It Happen

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My sincerest apologize for neglecting this blog for the passed few days. Yours truly has been very busy last week that I couldn't find time to blog nor return the visit from other bloggers. Now that I all is going back to normal I really hope that I can do the blog hopping for this blog. I miss blog hopping..

So those who kept on visiting me despite the fact that I can't return the visit a big thanks guys.

October 23, 2009

Life Insurance Rates

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October 22, 2009

Auto Insurnance Quotes

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Busy Like A Bee

As what my post title say's yours truly is a busy bee for the past few days. I am always with my son for the few days now. On Saturday they will have their 6th Foundation Day and family day. It's a whole day affair with starts with a mass.

I haven't returning the visitors for this blog and I also need to add few links. Hopefully, I will have enough time this weekend.

October 21, 2009

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October 17, 2009

Finding The Right Apartment

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No Chat And Blogging

Last night, after taking a nap before chatting to my lalabs I could not use my pc. I couldn't login to skype because the desktop kept on freezing. it takes me more then one hour restarting and trying to login to skype but to no avail.

Thank goodness the desktop is cooperating today, I just hope lalabs will come online soon. I did not see him last night so I am missing him.. so much!!!

Aside from not chatting to my lalabs I was not able to blog hop last night and I was not able to finish my online assignment.

October 16, 2009

A Silver Watch For Christmas

The wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Everybody is getting busier and excited for this big day. Last year I purchased a gold earring and ring as a present for myself. This year I want to buy a silver watch for myself. These days more and more people opt to invest in silver. Aside from the gold, silver has been known for a lot of people for many years now.

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Suddenly Gone

What is happening to me? Few minutes ago, I am in the mood to blog but suddenly all the topic was in my mind is all gone. Argh... where did the mojo that I had a while ago? I guess I need to relax my mind and be back later. I still have few assignment that need to be done and I want them finish before tomorrow.


Just to update on what I am doing guys since I haven't had an update for this site for few days. Well, I am still here busy blog hopping, doing reviews assign to my other blogs. Aside from this I also need to accompany my son to his daily practice for the school's family day which will be held next Saturday.

I still have a lot of stuff to do before this day such distributing the envelope,need to find doctor's gown and buy a cloth for my son's talent outfit.

October 13, 2009

Life Insurance Lead

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On Filters

Geezzz.. time really flies, we are almost in the middle of October and before we know it the month of November will come. I am really getting excited for the holiday season, well who is not.

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Good Morning Guys!!!

How is your morning so far? As for me I did woke up really early and immediately hit the open button of my pc while writing something. The infected pimple in my lower lip haven't blow up yet that is why the pain is getting worse.

Hopefully it will blow up anytime today so I can feel better.

October 11, 2009

Works of Cao Yong

I am not an art enthusiast or fanatic in fact I barely know anything about brushes or anything that is related to painting. Nonetheless, I always know when I see an art work that is perfectly done.

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Voice of the East, Luxemborg Gardens, Pretty Life in Montorosso, Lovers Under the Rain, Thoughts of Amsterdam, Quiet Moment, Twilight by the Fountain and a lot more are one of Cao Yong work of art.

Sunday Update

Hello guys!! How is your weekend so far? As of me I am not really productive this weekend, unlike last weekend I have inline tasks that need to be done.

On the lighter note, I am glad that I am not busy this weekend because I manage to clean my room,I've been planning to it for more than a week now but because I love to procrastinate I always moving it.

October 05, 2009

Bank Failure

With the downfall of economy there are lot of companies and declared bankruptcy. Millions of people lost their jobs and home. And speaking of bankruptcy my aunt and her hubby put up a money in one bank and sad to say the bank where they out up their money declared bankruptcy few months ago. I am not sure how much they receive from the insurance.
I know how my aunt felt when they knew the bank failure because that is the only money they got. Anyways, if you have saving I urge you to check your bank coz u never know what is going to happen.

Miss Hopping

Geezz.. I missed blog hopping for the past few days, how can I gain back the pr that I've lost for this blog if I will not blog hop. I only hope I will have more time tomorrow to stay online.

On Furnitures!

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No Update

Yay, my apologize for not updating this blog. Since I am maintaining multiple blogs updating every blog everyday is tough but I know that's not an excuse. That is why I sometimes end up writing and posting non sense topic just to have an update. Like today, since I do not have exciting story to share I am talking non sense again lol.

September 27, 2009

Take A Break At Orlando FL

Christmas holidays is fast approaching some people are starting to shop and plan for the holiday vacation. But before we could enjoy the Christmas holiday there is another event that is worth waiting, the Halloween.

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Gloomy day!!!

Just finish the laundry an hour ago, it's a gloomy Sunday in here but I don't have any choice but to do the laundry. I forgot to wash my son's scouting uniform he will wear it tomorrow. And since, Mr. Sunshine is hiding I decided to drier some of the clothes I was and that include the school uniform of my son and nephew.

I am still thankful that we are not experiencing heavy rain unlike the other place in Luzon that are flooding.

September 24, 2009

Women Of Substance and Style

The wife of boxing champ and newbie endorser Jinkee Pacquiao has been named one of People Asia magazine's "women of style and substance."

ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. managing director Gina Lopez, Sen. Loren Legarda, and young businesswoman Camille Villar, daughter of Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar Jr., were also part of the list.

Sports Bike Parts

Hello guys, how are you doing? Hope all is well with you. As for me, I am not really good because of pc hang-up. I was not able to open my desktop last night and it take me almost two hours before I open it this morning, it’s pretty annoying.

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September 21, 2009

Eid’l Fitr And Power Interruption

We had a long hours of power interruption, it pisses me off when it suddenly happen especially if I am chatting to my lalabs or I am in the middle of doing my reviews. This morning I was chatting to my lalabs when I lost electric power, I thought I will have it back immediately but I was wrong cos I we had the electricity back at around 4 pm.

Anyway, today is a non-working holiday here in my country, the President declared today, September 21, 2009 a National Holiday to observe the Eid’l Fitr. Eid’l Fitr is Muslim celebration immediately after the month long of fasting.

September 17, 2009

Appetite Suppressant

Believe me losing weight is a hard task. I’ve been trying to lose weight for sometimes now and thanks goodness I am losing little by little. The last time I stepped the weighting machine I lost 3 kilos, crossing my fingers cross that I will continue to lose few more kilos. Good thing I did not resorted to take any of the famous appetite suppressant like Anoretix. I am afraid of side effects and I don’t want to get hooked on them.

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I Blame It To PMS

Last today I feel strange when I woke up it seems that I am going to explode any time and I came to a conclusion that PMS is striking again. Luckily, I have a wonderful and uber understanding lalabs that he allowed me to go back to bed and sleep almost all day. What a long and pleasant sleeping marathon.

And yesterday, while chatting to my lalabs I heard my mother talking something that makes me down I guess it’s because of PMS. The good thing of having a good partner is that you can always count on her/him when you feel alone and down. Though we are arguing of something he ended up comforting me. Isn’t sweet?

I won’t brag the reason why I felt down because it’s a family matter and as you’ve notice I have set a limitation when it comes to my personal life. I know you understand me.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Accident happened when we least expect it. I can also happen to anyone and anywhere. I have a cousin who join flat race competition and every time I watch him race I always worry for his safety. I even thought if he will get something if something happen to him while racing (god forbid). Anyhow, if you happen to get in an accident and searching of an accident lawyer to help you get the best settlement possible you can always reckon the service of San Jose motorcycle accident attorney.
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September 16, 2009

On Diet Pills

Eight years ago, I always wished to gain few kilos as I am always a skinny type of person. But after a year giving birth to my son I started to gain some weights non-stop and I could not do anything but to accept the fact that I will need a serious diet if I want to loose weight. I tell you guys, I tried many times but I failed.

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September 15, 2009

Morning Blah!!

It seems that updating my blog is becoming a difficult task for me. Aside from uber busy last weekend I am also having a hard time putting my thoughts to words. Sometimes, ideas are keep on pooping and when I am ready to share it to my readers it's already gone and I do not know what to type or say.

Anyway, we are almost half of September and my son sometimes bug us to put up the Christmas tree (which is too early). Well, the mother is uber excited as well but the son is more than excited. lol

September 11, 2009

On Safety Products

It is a must that safety should come first in everything we do. That is why if you are working in any job that is dangerous I advise you to choice safety device. And speaking about safety device, I recently came across this website that offers safety products in a reasonable price. specialize in safety glasses, work gloves, ear plugs, hard hats, safety vests, and other industrial safety supplies. They have been in the safety supply business for almost 20 years and have maintained an E-commerce safety site for about 10 years.

September 08, 2009

Happy B-day

The son don't have a class today and I almost forgot it the birthday of Mama Mary.. So before this day end I would like to great Mama Mary a Happy Happy B-day..Anyway I hope you are having a nice day or night..

Just a quick update in here..

September 06, 2009

Rackmount LCD, Anyone?

Hello guys, happy Sunday!! Hopefully you are having a weekend blast with your love ones. As for me, I do not have any plan for today so I might be staying at home. But while waiting for my lalabs to be online I am searching on where to find great deal of rackmount lcd. Not because I am planning to buy one in the future. I just want to know how much it will cost us if because my lalabs want a television in our room.

Thanks goodness, I happen to hit this website, it has a wide selection of rackmount lcd that will get along to your tight budget.

Condolence INC

Woot.. loving it, the other day it was on the new that Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared Monday (tomorrow) as a special non-working holiday to give honor to the burial of Iglesia Ni Kristo’s executive minister EraƱo “Ka Erdy” G. Manalo.
The death of Ka Erdy drew messages of condolence and praise from presidential aspirants and other politicians. Politicians seek its support because its members are known to vote for whom its leadership tells them so no wonder why there are lot of politicians had visited the wake.

On the lighter note, the kids loving their long vacation… and I am pretty sure also adult. Right?

September 05, 2009

On Buying A Car

The best thing about having your own is car is that you can go anywhere whenever you want without worrying. If money is not an issue and if given I chance I would like to own a car but not because I want to go anywhere I want. The primary reason is for emergency purposes. But as we all know owning a car is always an option whether to buy a brand new car or a second hand car.

Either way, I urge you to visit it allows consumers to search and enquire on New Cars, used cars, Car Leasing, Contract Hire and Van Leasing and even allow customer to compare prices. On top of this, also supplies independent car reviews which will help you choose the best car that will suit your needs. So guys if you are searching nor planning to buy your own car don’t forget to visit the link above.

September 01, 2009

Currently Listening To

Christmas songs... well, it's September 1st and I want to welcome BER month. I feels good when I heard a Christmas song on tv when I woke this morning. So when I open my pc I decided to open my imeem account search for Christmas play list.

Time really flies and in few months every body will be busy shopping from one store to another and it remind me save my blogging money for Christmas shopping which I doubt if I could since I will paying the furniture I get for three months.

Hopefully, I will gain back the PR's I lost for my blogs. Keeping my fingers cross..

August 30, 2009

TV Stand, Anyone?

Are you searching for a particular tv stand that you’ve been looking for? If so, then I urge you to visit Stands and They have the largest selection of tv stands, audio racks, entertainemt centers, sterio cabinets, mini system stands, swivel shelves, and a lot more!

If money is not a problem I would like to purchase a new tv stand for our television set. And surely I will shop it online since I don't have enough time searching for what I'm looking for and then going through a lengthy process of actually paying for the item. This is what I like most in online shopping, you can purchase everything you want at the comfort of your home.

August 28, 2009

Trust and Love

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”
LDR or Long Distance Relationahip is not easy to keep and store. But, luckily for more than three years now I’ve been in this kind of relationship. I and my boyfriend have had a number of troubles and thanks goodness we were able deal with it.
For the couple days, I have been doing some stuff some which sometimes prevent me for being home early. And because of this I was not able to chat to my lalabs during our afternoon chat to me and morning with to him. As much as I don’t want to skip any of our chat as I know it is the way that we could bond and make each other feel that we love each other. But I admit there are times that I couldn’t make it no matter how I try to be home early.
And yesterday, was one of those time that I did not make it to be home in time for my chat to my lalabs. I know though I did let him know the reason why I can’t make it I know deep in side him he is having doubts. And I can’t blame him I guess.
Since we are in this kind of relationship “LDR” trust is our number weapon to make this relationship works. However , I though know that trust is not easy to earn more especially if you haven’t meet in person. How I wish we had our precious time together for I know things would be different then, maybe I will let him earn the trust that I deserve.
I and my lalabs is not fighting, but I feel we are not that good.. we did not chat since last night.. which make me feel worried and anxious.
To my lalabs, you know that I love you very very much. I maybe not the prefect girl you dream of but you know I am trying my best to the perfect girl for you. I maybe stubborn at time but it does not mean I love you less.

Can't Acess My Inbox

Have you experience having problem signing in to your yahoo mail or opening your mail? Well, I am. I've been experiencing this problem few days ago and it pisses me off when I always got this error message.

Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999

The more that it makes me mad when I need to open my mails... Hay.. hopefully, this will be fix soon...

August 26, 2009

A Mistake!!!

As my post title say, I did a mistake this morning. I was playing around in my dashboard when I switch my own domain to blogspot domain..from to And when I am about to switch it back to its domain I always encounter and error and no matter how I do it again and again I always end up an error. I was worried then because I still have pending paid review for that blog.

And true enough when I check my e-mail I got a notice from one of the paying site letting me know that my blog post was rejected due to the fact that they can not open the URL.

So I guess I need to use the free domain link... and send email to the paying sites that pay me to blog to change my url. Hopefully, I will not have any problem with this.

August 24, 2009

On RV Warranty

If you own a vehicle you will agree is I say that maintaining a vehicle is costly especially when it breaks down, you have to shell out a lot of money from your pocket. So, to get rid of this kind of situation it is better that you get your vehicle an insurance to save up lot of money.

Anyway, if you are one of those who owns an RV, then certainly this is good news for you. I just checked out this place called where they are offering an rv extended warranty.The best thing about this place is that the rv warranty is actually an insurance policy in which you get each and every part of your RV insured. Should you need more information? Then visit for more in details.

Morning Update

Hello guys! How was your weekend? Hope you had a blast with your love ones. As for me I had a nice time with my family. And of course catch some sleep, for now I am going to accompany my grandmother to GSIS she failed to received her pension for two months.

Hopefully, I will be home in time with the Ms Universe Coronation Night which will be aired in ABS-CBN

August 23, 2009

A Dream Family Vacation

Are you one of those who work hard six days a week? If so, then you might want to surprise your wife and kids to a family vacation in one of the secluded and seclusion yet a family friendly resort.
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August 22, 2009

My Dream Guy

I stumbled upon this blog thingy a while ago and I can not stop but answer the questions. And it say that My dream guys is....

Your Dream Guy is Edward

You are a true romantic, and for you, love is a very emotional and passionate thing.

You want to be wooed, charmed, and even seduced. You have old fashioned ideas about romance.

You don't mind being with a protective guy like Edward, as long as he has your best interests at heart.

You like being taken care of completely, even if things get a little intense at times.

Well, who doesn't like Edward? I like him in twilight.. I swear I watch the movie many times...

August 21, 2009


I am very sleepy in here... yes I know it's too early but you can't blame it's a holiday today so I might as well grab this opportunity to catch some sleep. As much as I want to stay in bed longer but I need to get up and chat my lalabs before going to bed. I just can't let him go to bed without giving him a kiss.

I still have a pending task that is waiting for me and since I can not see the keywords I will just do it later today. I hope all is fine then.

But for now allow me to take some nap..

August 18, 2009

On Insurances

My legs is very itchy this time, I suspected that I sit down an itchy worm and the hair is currently in my legs. My mother told me to stop scratching it but boy I can't help it.

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August 17, 2009

Wide Array Of Classroom Furniture

What I like in shopping online is that I can buy everything I need in a very affodable price. On top of it, I browse from one store to another from the comfort of our home.
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Key Man Insurance

With the uncertain of economy situation now adays having an insurance is a must. This will help you survive in case something happen to the head of the family. And to those who own a small size business you should obtain a key man insurance.

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August 15, 2009

Long Absence

I can't believe I regret this blog for more than a week. Since I lost the PR of this blog I don't have enough mojo to update my blog. Aside of being busy laziness have been striking me for the past few days.

I know I shall work hard to gain back the lost PR and I need to do it soon. I also have pending task that need to be done soon. But for now allow me guys to wave good bye. I am having a little headache cos of my monthly visitor.

August 06, 2009

On Web Hosting

After loosing the pagerank for this blog I am now considering to move this blog to its domain which I’ve been planning for few months. But there are some reasons that are preventing me, on top of it loosing the pagerank which I’ve been working hard to gain.
Choosing a web hosting service needs patients, because the list of hosting service providers in the World Wide Web is huge. Checking all of them and comparing their features is a hard task. And we need to keep in mind that relying on the popularity of a service does not provide reliable hosting.
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Up and Above

Wondering why the title of this post is UP AND ABOVE? Well, I could not think of a better title than this. Few days ago I noticed that Mr Google smash the the PR of the blog, I did not mind it at all since this blog has lost its PR many times but gain it back after a month or so. I have been ranting in my previous post but also promise not to rant again about loosing PR.

We all know that loosing PR is also mean loosing some task meaning less molah. But at the end of the day I always realize God is still good to me because I still have other paying site that will give me some task to do with out without PR. So you see, there is no reason for me to rant having a flat zero blog because I still have other source of molah.

However, I am still hoping that this blog will gain back the PR3 soon so that i will have a reason to rejoice again?

August 04, 2009

Gatlinburg Vacations

Are you exhausted and worn out of your work and is planning to take a break? If so, then why not take a Gatlinburg vacations? Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a beautiful mountain village in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and remains one of America’s most popular and most visited tourist destinations. With more than 500,000 acres of scenic forest, the National Park is a sanctuary for thousands of species of animal and plant life and provides a scenic destination offering a variety of hiking trails and outdoor recreational activities.

If money is not a problem I would like to visit this place with my family. I surely know that my son and nephew would love to see different animals.

August 01, 2009

At Home

I arrived at home at around 5.3O in the afternoon from the out of town trip. I was invited by Ma'am Imelda the author of My Daily Thoughts and Moods. The barangay officials on her work station.

My son and nephew were waiting for my arrival since I did not told them that I am leaving early in the morning. Anyway, I had fun during the trip and talk a lot with Ma'am Imelda

On Shirt Printing

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July 31, 2009

Out Of Town

Tomorrow I am off early to an out of town trip, a good friend of mine which I consider as my big sister invited me to join her to her trip with the barangay officials where she is working. I am kind of hesitant to join her because the trip is an official trip but then again it's been a while since I go for an of town trip so I might as well grab this opportunity.

Hopefully, Mr Sunshine will show up tomorrow.

On Relocation

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July 30, 2009

Power Interuption

Hello guys! missed me? lol.. I was of from blogging the whole day because of power interruption. Just got back the electricity few hours ago timely to chat my lalabs. We skip chatting last night because he need to do something and also this morning and the obvious reason is that I do not have electricity.

On Debt Consolidation Loans

People are always in need of money. Especially in this period of financial crisis many of us have been affected by this melt down. That is why there a lot of people affected both high and middle class people. Some of them are even facing extreme problems with their finances. Many have already are in the course of the effects of bad credit and debts problems.

The advent of internet technology you will find several companies rising in the market that provides tips and solutions to all debt related problems. Many of these companies claim to help people by providing debt management solutions. However, not all of them are effective. So, it is recommended to do a thorough research before using their services.

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No Blogging

I didn't blog last night, I sleep early while waiting for my lalabs to be online. But since I receive an sms that he can not make it last night I was too lazy to get up to blog. So here I am blogging early in the morning.

I also miss blog hopping for few days now. I hope I will find time to do it soon.

July 29, 2009

On Favicon

When I started blogging I do not know anything about favicon. I always wonder how can I out a favicon in my blogs but unfortunately I do not know how to do it. Luckily, I have found a nice friend in the blogging world and she teach me how to do it.

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Still At Home

My plan in going to downtown did not happen. It's because the chairman is not at home and he need to sign the check that is for verification. Hopefully, I can go after lunch because I will be running out of time tomorrow.

July 28, 2009

Trendy Maternity Clothes

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Less Pain

Thankfully the infected eyelid is not really pain this time. I am taking anti-bacterial antibiotic now. Tomorrow I need to go downtown and I hope my eye is not bloated anymore.

Best CD Rates

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Pain Reliver

I decided to take a pain reliever because my eyelid is swallow and the pain is terrible. I did see a white stuff on top of my eyelid, i guess that's the reason why it is pain.

After an hour of taking the pain reliever I am relieve now I can wink the infected eye without pain.

July 27, 2009

On Business Insurance

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Can't Sleep

Suppose to be I am taking my nap this time but my eye is very annoying that it won't allow me to sleep. Hopefully, I will not be sleepy when it's to chat to my lalabs. I am thankful though that I opt to hit the open button of my pc because I was able to update my blog.

On Elliptical Machine

As you all know I have been trying to shed my current weight, but unfortunately I having difficulties. If money is not an issue I would like to purchase exercise equipment. Anyway, if you are also planning to acquire elliptical fitness equipment, you can check This site gives the pros and cons of different brands. The information is very useful for those who need to buy elliptical machine.


I am not in best mood today, not that I am having my PMS but something came out under my lashes. We call it kulani but I do not know what it is in english. Hopefully, this will be better soon.

I need to go to downtown soon to buy something for my son.

Best Diet Pill

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July 25, 2009

Signing Off

.. for a while, I am going to check my son if he is doing good in his dance practice. But before I go I need to take my bath and take off ass in front of the pc. I will do my usual weekend blog hopping later today and also finish the my pending tasks that I neglect for few days now.

In Times of Difficulties Cars Is On The Rescue

How are you guys? Are you having a good weekend? As for me, I do not have any plan for the weekend. If money is not an issue this time I would like to bring the family to the park but because I need to buy new clothes for my son for their school program I opt to stay at home. I know there are hundreds or even thousands of family cut off their weekend expenses and choose to save the money for important stuff.

Let’s face it, sometimes life really throws us some un-expected problems and the budget allocation that was carefully planned lay in ruins. It might be an unanticipated bills or perhaps a sudden hospitalization of one of the family member. And then next time you know, all your money is gone and you do not know where to get the money you are needed. This is when lending companies come in that offer Vehicle Pawn.

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Early Nap

After chatting to my lalabs, I opt to take a nap and wake up few minutes ago. I had a very long nap that and forgot I still have few pending task that need to be done. Aside from that I was not able to grab some task from one of the paying site I like.

Hopefully, I will be fruitful this weekend.

July 24, 2009

On Football Beads

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Good Morning

Hello folks, good morning! Did you had a nice sleep? As for me, I had a short sleep but a very nice sleep. I had a continues sleep until my cousin wake me up. In fact, I am a bit sleepy still but I can go back to sleep a bit later.

On Business Venture

Are you planning to put up your own business? Are you seeking for a business that does not require a big amount of capital? Or do you want to be the boss of your own business? Either way, you need to think a lot before venturing in any kind of business may it be a big or small business. It is a plus if you are familiar to the business you are into.

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A Nice Chat!!

I had a very nice chat with my lalabs few minutes ago. I know I sometimes brag how happy I am with my boyfriend. I am really grateful having him in my life. I just can't explain how I am wishing and longing to have him beside me.

Hopefully, the Almighty God will give us strength and good health in fulfilling our dreams.

July 23, 2009

On Home Furniture

If you a follower of my blogs you will notice that I usually not go out on weekends, instead you will see me seeing in front of the television or lying on my bed reading books. But today, since I do not have any book to read I decided to watch TV when I woke up from a short nap. While watching I noticed that our TV Stands is getting old and I already saw some damage in it.

I swear if money and space is not an issue, I will visit any of the entertainment centers near us and set up a home theatre in our home. I guess the reason for this is because the home gadgets that are being invented these days are just equally incredible that you do not want to run off your home as everything is there. All you need is nice dvd, a good home theatre couch, a TV screen almost as good as the ones in the theatre and you can now relax from the comforts of your home. If I am rich I would like to have a state of the art home theater at home, like the home theater I saw in one of the entertainment centers near our home.

But for now, I will settle on saving for a new TV stand for your television. Luckily, I recently bumped in this website named Buy Entertainment Centers Online offers a wide selection of TV Stands at very affordable price. So folks, if you are planning to buy an Entertainment Center Furniture I suggest to you to visit They strives to deliver exceptional value and service, which means offering you the highest quality products at the most competitive price. Your complete satisfaction with your purchase and your shopping experience is their number one goal! They are pleased to offer the most convenient and flexible return and exchange policy in the industry. So hurry visit the website now and avail of their FREE shipping.

July 22, 2009

Sleepy Head

I am getting sleepy while typing this post. I do want to take a nap but I am running out of time. You know, I do not want to skip one episode of my favorite TV show. So I guess I will be needing one cup of coffee lol.

Hay it's too hot in here as well, I just had my bath a while ago and my sweat is starting to come out. boy!!!!

On Holiday Shopping

As the bread winner in the family saving money for something needs a lot of time. So always make it sure to plan my holiday shopping ahead of time so I can save for it before Christmas and I also want to shop early to avoid the rush. As we all know shopping during holiday season is really tiring, heavy traffic, long queue at the casher’s, and lot of people in the mall or department store. Often we end up impatient people and irritable salesladies. I remember my when I was having the Christmas shopping for my son, nephew and nieces last year I stumble upon a bad-tempered sales lady. I know she don’t want to be bad with me but with lot of customers to deal with her temper for the day is gone. What more if you are shopping during black Friday?

I know some of us here know about black friday and cyber monday but to those who do not know what is it. Allow me to give you a little information about it is the day after thanks giving. During this day stores offers great discounts to attract huge number of shoppers. Hundreds of people woke up as early as 3 am for them to be at the store when it’s open at 5 am. Just image you are in a very long queue at the cashier paying one or two items, isn’t it a big hassle? Thanks goodness, with the help of internet I you can now buy everything you need for the holiday season from the comfort of your home. All you need to have is a decent computer and internet connection.

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Getting Better

The annoying infected pimple in the left side of my face is getting better, thanks goodness. I've been dealing with it for few days now and I know it will leave a small scar on my face. Luckily, you can not notice it immediately as it is near my ear.

On the lighter note and I now blogging in my room. I move pc two hours ago, though the paint smell is still present I decided to move my pc back because I do not have enough space in the living.

July 19, 2009

On Blackhawk Gear

Whether you are a law enforcement officer or an ordinary citizen and are looking for guns and other military related stuff like weapon lights, flashlights, handcuffs, enforcement gears and other police equipment, L.A. Police Gear is the best place to find all of these products that are sold in different top brands such as 5.11 Tactical series, Blackhawk Gear, Galco and many more.

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Infected Pimple?

Closer look
I've posted in my other blog about the annoying pimple I have in the left side of my face near my ear. Usually, when my monthly visitor is coming a pimple will come out on top of my nose and it never happen that it got infected until this time. Here is the photo taken from my web cam few hours ago.

On Term Life Insurance

I realize that having insurance is important to each one of us. A good friend of mine is in big trouble right now, he is having difficulty in walking. It started few months ago but because of financial problem he was not able to see a doctor until such time that he can not get up from his bed.

Being a single mother with no permanent income I am not sure what is going to happen to my son if something happen to me [god forbid], that is why I am thinking of getting term life insurance for the benefit of my son.

On Diet Pill Reviews

Been wanting to shed my weight for a year now but because I stopped my daily walking exercise for six months now I am gaining back the weight I lost. Since I am not certain if I can go back to my old routine I am considering to take diet pill as an option to loose weight.

But before that I want to make sure that the pill I would be taking is safe and effective. And the only way to know it is to read diet pill reviews in the World Wide Web.

July 16, 2009

Morning Update

Hello guys, just a quick morning update before I go to fetch my son in school. They are having a unit test today since Monday and I heard from my cousin's wife that he is doing good along with his 2 more classmate. Well... I am a proud mama...

July 15, 2009

On Car Insurance

With the current state of our economy getting an insurance such as home insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, car insurance, life insurance and some other insurances that will help you recover from any incident.

I remember when my aunt husband got an accident, he was complaining about his car damage because he will be riding in a public vehicle every time he needs to buy something.

So if anyone here is searching on where to find car insurance in Australia I suggest you to visit the link above for you to have a reliable protection on the road so you, your loved ones and your vehicle are in safe hands, whatever road you choose.

Thank You!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the author of My Daily Thoughts and Moods, My Overview for always helping me with my sponsored sponsored post. As I've said in my previous post she is a big sister which I didn't have.

I was certain when that she good person when she was still working in my town. She is easy to approach, compare to other department heads that I stumble upon.

July 14, 2009

On Gold Investment

With the economics crisis that everybody around the world is facing, each one should be careful on spending money. Instead of spending your money on senseless shopping, why not start saving and investing now. If I am to invest I would certainly want to invest my money in gold. Gold proved to be one of the most precious metals in the world that no wonder many people have been investing or collecting in it in many forms. Some have it in as coins, bullions and others preferred it as jewelries.

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Painting Session

Now, that the installation of ceiling and door in my room is done. I ask the carpenter to make the cabinet and dresser for my room. I am not sure yet how much I need to spend for the materials needed and I hope the money I have will be enough. Keeping my fingers cross. Hopefully, by Tuesday all is done so I can start arranging my stuff. Geezz... I am too excited...


I was in the phone for almost 30 minutes talking to the author of My Daily Thoughts and Moods, My Overview and My Daily Business. Every time she will call me we will be talking a lot of things from our blog experience to catching of opps, to personal to non personal topics, lol..

For now I want to feed the worms that are living in my stomach.. hahahaha..

Almost Done

As i mentioned in my previous post HERE, my lalab opt to install the ceiling in my room. With this, we are hoping that i will get rid of having runny nose which it cause of too much dust.

I am glad that it will be finish tomorrow, and after this I will hire someone to do that painting. Hopefully all will be done before weekend.

July 13, 2009

Cool Gift Card

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July 12, 2009

Sunday Update

Good morning guys! How is your weekend doing so far? As for me I did not do anything I just stayed at home yesterday and took a long nap.

I woke up a bit early today though I don't need to. I guess it's my body clock, coz I am used to wake up early. Anyways, since I do not have for today, I opt to hit the open button of my pc and check my mail. And finally the long planned blog hopping was materialized. I did visit some blog for almost one hour. But for now, I am going to chat lalabs.. I'll be back after an hour or so to continue blog hopping.

July 11, 2009

Home Insurance

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Quikie Update

Good morning guys, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy weekend with your love ones and friends. As for me, I do not have any plan for this weekend. I will be attending our regular session this morning.

By the way, someone is working for the door and ceiling of my room. Thanks to lalabs.

July 10, 2009

On Breck Gear

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On Pending Task

At last I am done doing all the pending task I have. Now I will be in peace thinking that I am done all the task I have in my dashboard. I hope I will get another bunch of task for this weekend. I really need to save some money as I am saving for something.

Anyway, it's Friday again. Times really flies, do you have any plan for this weekend?
I don't have any. But I hope I will have a fruitful weekend.

On Naot Shoes

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July 09, 2009

Myrtle Get Away

After days of sweating it out with your job and stressing out your mind and body from the harshness of everyday routines, it is time to give yourself a break. Find a place to relax and enjoy. Why not visit some excellent beach resorts located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach Resort is an excellent vacation spot because in addition to being right by the beach there are also plenty of activities such as golf courses and amusement parks so entertainment is maximized.

There are a number of very nice places to stay in Myrtle, some more classy and some more moderately priced. Even the Myrtle Beach Resorts have rooms available that are affordable and more than comfortable. So guys, if you are planning to take a grand vacation I suggest you to check out Myrtle Beach Hotels which Avista resort offers.

Online Learning Social Networking

Listening to classes and taking notes is one tedious job that is considered tiresome by many students. Now how would it be if you could obtain class notes online and from a reputed place?

Course Hero is an open coursework website that allows both students and professors to share information which ultimately furthers learning. Course Hero is the ideal website for college students who are struggling in a particular subject and need help immediately. It is built to provide students and key learning partners like professors a platform to share, meet and collaborate while accelerating their comprehension of course-related theories and concepts. The website provide access to thousands of pages study materials, resources, wide range of notes such as BIO Lecture Note, Physics lecture notes and a lot more.

So folks, if you are planning in taking Biology as a course or your BIO Test is coming soon I suggest you to visit What I like in this social networking is that all the documents are extremely recent so you can be assured that all of the information provided is up-to-date.

Turtle Internet Connection

Since one o'clock pm my internet connection is slow like a turtle. I was about to do my pending task when I noticed that i can not open the log in page to my blog dashboard. I thought I forgot to connect to internet but all is well. So I tried to refresh the page but to no avail.

Since i am getting annoyed I decided to take a nap and after 4 hours and hit the open button of my pc to check if the connection is back to normal but still I can not open any site, not even yahoo's home page.

Thankfully, the connection speed is back an hour ago. But I am getting sleepy here and everybody in the house are sound asleep me. So good ciao for now and happy blogging to all.

Products From India

I really don't know much about fashion but I must admit I am always intrigued with India's fashion. Their sense of fashion is different yet glamorous. Their way of dressing for me is like an icon of grandeur which put them ahead all over the world. Even their kids wear are attractive and made in trendy colors, beautiful designs, and exceptional embroideries.

Who would not love this cute bag?

Just recently, I came across this website which offers wide range of product from India such as clothing for adults and kids, jewelries, bridal and wedding dresses, bags, footwear, jewelries and a lot more. One reason why visit is that they got the latest styles in the fashion world and all their design are in limited edition. And lastly all their cuts and design are cleanly done. So folks, if you are searching on where to find Online Bags and Footwear from India in a reasonable price don’t go any farther visit the link above for more information or visit thier website feature in this link.

July 08, 2009

Shattered Mind

As you noticed I didn't post anything yesterday, although I have few pending task that need to be done. The reason? I do not have any reason for that matter but my mind is occupied by too many thoughts in fact nonsense thought. Aside from that i want to do some stuff but my body is not cooperating.

Hopefully, I will be more fruitful offline before weekend.

July 06, 2009

On Moving

Moving is never been easy because it involves a lot of decision making and pressure to the family. It can be both tough and stressful experience to anyone. Just imagine that you need to pack and un-pack all your things and possessions and transferred them from your old home to the new one. This is where a moving company enters the situation. They will help your moving fun, memorable and hassle free.

Sure, there are lots of moving company to choice from. These companies offer a unique kind of service, that is, they transport all your belongings safe to your new home. But we should always remember that only few of them are true to their words and you will not find it out that you hire the wrong company until your moving is done.

But anyway, if you are living in Dallas Texas or surrounding areas worry no more because Miracle Moving LLC is one of the efficient Dallas movers who are committed to complete your satisfaction. They offer thirty day free storage, free padding and shrink wrap with every move, and free estimate and wardrobe boxes. They specialize in senior relocation, apartment, home, or office, local and long distance moving, storage, packing, and Dallas moving. Some of the reasons why this company caught my attention is that they hand pick their employees for experience, competence, and coutesy and no hidden charges, the price they quote will be the price that you pay.

Other reasons would be are they offer free wardrobe boxes, 30 day free storage, free padding and shrink wrap and so many other reasons that I will let you see on their website for yourself.

Cotabato Bombing

I felt sorry to all the casualty and injured of the Cotabato bombing yesterday while a mass is going on. To those who died in this terrorist act may they rest in peace.

**to be continue**

July 05, 2009

On Fragrances

To save more time and money, online shopping has always been the best option. It's one of the great ways of finding good deals on products you want to purchase, especially those products that are not available at the mall. And Shopwiki has the low-priced products, gives product details, reviews and guides to help me on deciding what products to purchase. You can also find different items and products from the cheapest to the most expensive items, form small items to biggest items, from personal care to fragrances.

Speaking of fragrance, shopwiki provides great array of perfumes and cologne. So if you are uncertain on what perfume to purchase you can always refer to the buying guide available for shoppers. By using their guide, you will be able to choose the most suitable and the best perfume based on your needs and budget.

I personally checked women perfume products as I want to buy something for my self when I got my money from blogging.


I got a call from a blogger whom I considered as a big sister which i didn't have. Ma'am Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Moods called up and we talked for almost half an hour or more. We always had a nice and fun chat every time she call. Mostly, we are talking about blogging.

Anyway, thanks for the call... I really appreciate it.

Web Directories

It’s good to always promote a website when you own one, most especially, when your site’s purpose is to promote your business’s products or services! This will ensure that your company’s name and everything about it will be searchable in main search engines. In this way, when potential customers want to find something by searching certain keywords, your site will be on top of the search results. This will increase your traffic, your rankings and everything for your website.

One of the best ways to get those traffic, rank and popularity is to submit your website to a free SEO friendly web directory. It is very important that your business company name is search able in some of the main search engines in the internet. As we all know, there are so many web directories on the internet nowadays. But so far, Yahoo directory and The Open Directory Project or DMOZ are two of the most popular directories for businesses in the World Wide Web today.

But take note that getting approved at Yahoo Directory, The Open Directory Project wouldn’t be that easy. Every day, thousands of businesses owner submit their own sites to these directories so you may need to wait for a few months before getting an approval. For this reason, submitting to smaller scale directories for business can be a good choice. Jasmine directory and Max directory are examples of human edited directories that are worth checking. Both offer a free listing service for small businesses and even larger businesses alike. And because these directories are human edited, nuisance sites are blocked from the listing.

In addition, you should be caution before enlisting your website link to any of these directories and be sure to choose a category that is closest to your line of business or website. In this way, when prospective customers do their search, your website will surely be included in the appropriate listing. What are you waiting for? In this competitive business competition, you need to be on top of the page page in the search engine. Help is on the way, all you have to do is grab this great solution for optimizing your business.

Celebrity Bla

For a month now John Loyd Cruz and Ruffa Gutierrez has been an item in the showbiz world. Just recently a photo of them was showed on tv although its only their backs are shown in the photo. But another photo was taken, and this time they are facing the camera. Ruffa admitted that it was her and John Loyd who was on the two photos. But she insisted they are not a couple. She was just being good to John Loyd and tour him around since she is familiar with the place. In fact. Ruffa has her own place in Beverly Hills.

But anyway, I just hope they will admit it to the public that they have a relationship before their break-up. As we all know it happened to some celebrities, denying their relationship and later on the people will know that they have been in a relationship after their break-up.

Affordable Way Of Commnication

Technologies are showing the huge improvement in our daily life. Few decades ago, the only mean of communication is through snail mail which takes many day or even month before it arrive to the receipt.

Luckily, telephone and other high technology gadget were invented which help business owner to run their business efficiently. If you have a medium-sized business and in search for the best telephone service at an affordable price. Then check out, they offer business voip for a minimal cost.

Vocalocity’s Business Voip can be set up in minutes, and then offers many helpful features for small businesses. They offer a business phone system with minimal start-up costs, and like most voip solutions, and a reduced phone bills. Implementation of this system is cheaper, quicker, and easier compare to other companies.

On Wp Blog

As you all know, I've been posting in my previous post about my wp blog. The theme is not ready for installing but unfortunately I can not log in to my ftp account. And I haven't receive any reply from my host. Now, I am considering to find a new host for me to go on with my wp blog.

I still need to think this over and hopefully, I will come up with a good decision.

July 04, 2009

The Car Connection

Owning a car nowadays is not considered as luxury but rather a necessity. Admit it if we have our own vehicle to use we can do anywhere we want without having difficulty on transportation. If money is not a problem I would like to have one of the dodge cars I saw at The Car Connection. There are plenty of cars you can choose from may it be a second hand car or brand new ones depending on your choice and financial capacity. Important is you must check the car condition, qualification and the car value before paying to avoid problems in the future.

If you are looking for a nissan rogue car or nissan ultima but you do not have enough time to go to a car lot, then worry no more The Car Connection is here to help you. By visiting the website you will have full control on your choices since all you have to do is key in the specific car you want, make, model, year, and even price range you can afford. It is a lot easier and better than having to go to a car lot looking for a particular car.

A relative is planning to buy a new car and he has been open that if he has enough saving he will choice to buy the hybrid car. Well, I wish him good luck, anyway he works a lot so I guess he deserve to own a car like that.

Off Early

I am going to attend the first parent meeting in my son's school. I hope to be back soon as I still have 2 pending task waiting in blogsvertise. I also want to do my usual blog hopping today..

So have a nice weekend folks.. and happy blogging.

July 03, 2009

Home Security

Nothing is more important in this world than providing a good security for your home and family. Everyone take great care to protect their homes from any kind of robbery and so the best way to remain safe and secure is by installing reliable security systems in your home.

Gaylord Security Systems can help you provide state-of-the-art security as they are well specialized in designing, installing and maintaining the security and fire alarm systems. They are an authorized dealer of adt home security system and can help you out with all your home security needs! They will even come out to your home and provide a free home security assessment so that you know how to improve your security.To their credit Gaylord security system has been named as one of the top dealers of adt home security in America. The main focus of Gaylord Security system is customer satisfaction as they are well known for providing excellent services at affordable rates.

July 01, 2009

Getting Sleepy

I am usually chatting to my lalabs this time but since he is having problem signing in to his skype account I end up waiting for his call. But since I am getting sleepy here I want to lay on my bed and read the book that the girlfriend of my brother borrowed from her co-worker.

Base on the synopsis the story is great.. and I can't stop my self to start reading it.

Myrtle Beach Kayaking

Hello folks, are you of those who are working hard everyday? If so, why don't you take a vacation South Carolina specifically Myrtle Beach. You can pamper your self on myrtle beach kayaking golf, and other general tourism attractions. You can visit the link above for more information.

Annoying Colds

Grrrr.. I've been dealing with this annoying colds since yesterday. After the terrible migraine and allergy this is what O got next. I guess we need to do a general cleaning this weekend as our home I am suspecting that our home has accumulated some dust now. I've noticed that my colds are usually cause of dust.

June 30, 2009

New Jersey Home Inspectors

Each one of us has a dream home, a home where we plan to live and make own family. A home where we can relax and enjoy life to its finest. But in reality making this dream to reality is both painless and difficult. I personally want to own a house when I finally have my own family. It doesn’t need to be big as long as has a garden and a wide lawn where my kids can play. I think a house will look beautiful if it has a garden and clean surroundings.

If you are planning in buying a house in New Jersey I recommend you to visit Jersey Home Inspectors will help you identify the good house to buy. A home inspection with Look Smart Home Inspections will not only help you from buying a home and lost your money at the end because you choice the low quality type of home. But home inspectors will also explain all the systems in your potential home and how they operate, and tell you approximately how old those systems are and when they might need replacing.

If you would like to know just how a home inspection can help you, the LookSmart website offers a Home Inspection Walk It exactly talk on what you can expect from a home inspection. The video will give you an idea of the complete and thorough home inspections that LookSmart Home Inspections performs on each property. So guys, be sure to seek their help and advice before deciding on buying your dream home.

Bad Day!

This morning I woke up I got a terrible migraine which not happened for long time now. I guess I am drinking coffee to much again. As much as I want to take any pain reliever although it was prescribe by my doctor a year ago. Ponstan FR is what I am talking about, I only need one capsule of this and I am better.

Aside from a having a migraine I also got a terrible allergy. My eyes is bloated again, I am happy that it is getting better now.

Get Rid Of The Pesky Mosquito

During summers my family likes to do outdoor stuff such as hanging out the park or just having barbeque dinner outside our home. The kids and adult never failed to enjoy every time we do this, but mosquito’s never fails to ruin our enjoyment. Pesky mosquito is not only annoying but they can very dangerous as they are the common mode of spread of many dreadful viruses such as West Nile virus.

Luckily, I came across this website that offers valuable information on how to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes. So next time we go out for picnic I will surely bring mosquito traps. Mosquito traps provide the effective solutions against the mosquitoes. They work by attracting and capturing the mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in your yard. So guys, if you are having problems on how to get rid these annoying insects I would recommend you to visit

Witness The Festival

Yesterday, the Sangyaw Festival celebrated with a blast. Thankfully, I was able to watch the presentation that seldom happened. Most of the time I can only watched the street dancing and opt not to watch the presentation because I can not get a good place where I can see them presenters.

Luckily, I had a chance to find a good set. Thanks to the rain and my wonder umbrella because people who don’t have umbrella decided to get up and find a place where there’s a shade. I had fun watching each presenter who came from other places. Too bad I don’t own a digicam.