October 29, 2008


Yeah I mess 3 opps assighed for this blog when i open my dashboard. If i did not go back to sleep after checking offline from my Uyab I should have the chance of grabbing those opps. But it was around 3 am and i am too sleepy to stay on my pc.

Anyway i haven't been staying on my pc lately. I was finishing some of my offline errands and now that I am done with it. I can not stay longer on my pc, I miss some of my blog chores. Nothing much to say today. So ciao for now guys.. and good morning to all... Good night to those bloggers outside PI

October 28, 2008


good night Pictures, Images and Photos
nite nite peepss.. it time for me to go to bed. i still need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the electric bill voucher and hopefully i am done before lunch or before the bank closing time. thanks triple o for the opps this evening. I hope i can still grab some tomorrow. I really need to save some bucks for Christmas. hehehe..

Barangay assembly

We had our barangay assembly few hours ago. It was a synchronized barangay assembly but since the chairman, one councilor and i attended an out of town seminar workshop the council agreed to have it schedule today.


Oppps... it's been few days since I last updated this blog. I am always online but I don't have the energy to do my online errands. As i mention in my other blog we headed to Samar to celebrate my niece 6th b-day celebration. My mother, my son and my nephew stay there for 2 days. But i go home the day we go there. I was too tired to the extent that I did not woke up when my lalabs call to chat. I got 3 missed call from him and he also told me that he tried to call the land line phone but no answer. Could it mean i did not heard it too. Hay... that is why I am catching some sleep for for 2 days.

I hope I can still take some nap in the coming days. But surely not tomorrow, I need to pay the barangay electric bill so I need to be at the bank tomorrow.

October 25, 2008

Cell phone amplifiers

More and more people are using cell phones now a days. Cell phones proffer convenience, I see convenience because you can be in contact to your love once any time who want without looking any phone booth. But sometimes it gives us trouble specially if we need to contact someone but the cell phone signal is poor. Good thing is here to give us a solution to any cellular communication problems in buildings. They offer cell phone amplifiers and cellular antennas that you can use in your home, office, car, boat or truck. Now you can travel, stay in your office without worrying how to contact your love once or employee.

October 24, 2008

Missed tag

I remember some of my blogger friend tagged me a while ago. But I was not able to post the tags because I am simply lazy. I am starting to check my shout box to checked who tag me so i can do the tags. To my blogger friends who tag me I apologize for not doing the meme.

Anyway nothing to do here, just got a call from my lalabs that he will be late for our chat. So I am here refreshing my triple dashboard and doing some update. And hopefully grab some opps.

How addict i am

to internet lol.. My boyfriends thinks I am an internet addict and so I decided to take a quiz. And the result says I am not... hahaha...

You Are 53% Addicted to the Internet

You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't?

You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit.


Good morning peepz... It's Friday again.. how time flies. Anyway have a wonderful weekend with your family.

October 23, 2008

Sigh..bad girlfriend

Have you came to an point that you think you are being a bad girlfriend? I did it before, will i know i am not perfect. i have my flows but i am trying my best to be a good one girlfriend. Circumstances come that we can not stop being silly and stupid. And whenever i am in this kind of mood i felt that i will be a bad girlfriend.

October 22, 2008

Missed opps

Triple P shower some opps very early in the morning. I was surprised when seeing this gray opps in my dashboard. I tried to reserve one of the opps but unluckily I was it turns gray when i enter the my answer. Huh, I only hope ppp will be giving away some more opps.
Below is the screen shoot of my missed opps..

October 20, 2008


to my Imelda for updating this blog and grabbing opps as well. I really appreciate it. I am not back to blogging though not officially yet because I still have so many things to do offline.


I am back from the 3-day seminar training i attended at Naval, Biliran. Whew, they were tough days at the training site. When i was there i was already contemplating on resigning from this job as the Treasurer of our barangay. There are many requirements and more tasks demanded of me as the financial custodian of the barangay. I will rethink about this in the next few days.


Its a holiday here because the province is celebrating the Leyte Gulf Landing Anniversary.  No classes and no work so it seems like a Sunday here. The roads have less transportation, not much traffic along the streets and generally its is a lazy day. But, in the place where the commemoration program is being held, in the next town where i live, are where the frenzies goes.  It is good to be there but will decide later.  

October 16, 2008 for your babies need

Having a baby with you when you go out can be handful and tiring. But not in this generation, there are many ways to carry our baby for us to getaway from getting tired. One is bringing a stroller anywhere you go when you are carrying your baby with you. I didn’t have a stroller for my son though I used a sling whenever I bring him with but I still find it tiring carrying him for few hours. Anyway, I found this site that offers huge selection stylish baby strollers for you to choose from. You should visit if you are planning to shop for your baby.

Off tomorrow

I well be off tomorrow morning to attend a 3 days seminar workshop of new accounting procedures or whatever they call it. I will not be back before Monday morning and that is the only time I am sure that I can update my blogs. I am not sure if there is an internet cafe near the venue. But if does I will for sure use my spare time chatting to my love. I will also try to update you guys on what is happening to me in this 3 days seminar. I will for sure miss the blogosphere.

Car spoilers

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October 15, 2008

Night ranting

I wonder what's wrong with entrecard this time. I can't open my drop inbox again. Huh, this only mean i can't continue my ec dropping today. I just log off from skype, was chatting to my lalabs. And i not see him on cam. He really needs to buy a new pc but i guess not now that his country is in a deep s***t cos of global economic crisis. Hopefully his other pc will be fix soon so he can use his cam.

Anyways, I guess it's time for me to sign off and be in the land of dreams. So nite nite to all....

October 09, 2008


I feel very tired today. It's been few days that I haven't able to take a nap every afternoon. I used to take my siesta everyday, well i badly needed it because i go sleep very late and i get up very early specially if during weekdays. I need to prepare breakfast for my nephew and niece.

Work shop siminar

Our workshop seminar is fast approaching and honestly I am not excited. It because it will be one boring seminar lol. I will be posting my itinerary travel soon.

Las Vegas vacation

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Busy Wednesday

Yay, i feel bad because I was not able to dropped en yesterday and I am not sure if I can do the dropping today. I still have so many things to do offline. Hopefully I will be done early today so I can do my work online before this day end. Hay.. thanks to my mother who is always there to take care of my son's needs whenever I am away from home and when I am busy doing my online stuff. I am really lucky to have a mother like her. To you Nanay thanks a lot.

October 07, 2008

An earthquake

Few minutes ago an earthquake of intensity three hit my town. I was talking with my gay friend when this happen. I do not know yet where is the center of the earthquake though I think it is in Southern Leyte. This place has been hit by earthquake for few times this year. Good thing it is not strong enough to destroy houses, roads and other property. I hope I can update more about this earthquake later today.

October 06, 2008

Airmatress guide

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Get up early

Yay, i get up really early today. Though I am still sleepy but I can't go back to sleep. I still need to prepare breakfast for nephew and niece. I also need to clean our yard. It has been raining the other day. Anyway it's Monday again and this will be a busy Monday for me. I need to complain my electric bill because I can believe that we can consume more than two thousand pesos. And I am right i ask someone to compute it for me. My feeling is right because I only need to pay half of amount on the bill.

October 04, 2008

Busy weekend

MySpace Happy Weekend Comments
How is your weekend so far? As for me I have many things that I need to finish before Monday. My nephews is bugging me to buy his boy scout uniform because he needs it on Monday. So better get going now before my laziness eat my butt. I still need to finish posting my transaction for the previous months in my cashbook. And on Monday i need to verify the check for our transportation on the upcoming seminar workshop.But i will prepare the disbursement voucher for signature.

October 03, 2008

Oven toasters review

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Upcoming seminar

Yay, I will be off from blogging on the 17,18,19,20. I will need to attend a seminar training workshop on the Government Accountancy and Financial Management Information System. It would be a boring seminar for me as I hate numbers. This training means more job for me as a treasurer and to our Committee on Finance. By the way I am going with our Brgy. Chairman and Finance committee.

Personality dating quiz

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Preparing for the audit

..that is what makes me busy for the past few days. I was not notify that I will be schedule for audit this week. I still need to entry some transactions and arrange it in order. I only hope that the auditors will extend their stay until next week by then I will be done preparing for my papers and cashbook. I am keeping my fingers cross

Off from blogging?

Got home from our meeting at the Municipal Hall in preparation for our upcoming seminar workshop on October 17-20, 2008. Yay I am not sure if i can blog on these days. I am not also sure if I there is an internet available in the venue. I will for sure miss ec dropping which means my real rank will go down again. Huh, bad

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October 01, 2008

Holiday extended

Holiday is extended today, the President proclaimed it last week in honor of the Muslim community in the Philippines. The kids like it when there are no classes. No classes mean they can play a lot. Stay at home and watch their favorite cartoons. Too bad I keep the cable for the DVD so they cannot watch their favorite cartoon movie which they watch over and over for a month now. I need to conserve the usage of our electricity as I am still in shock of our electric bill. It reaches two thousand plus for the month of September.

Anyway, tomorrow the kids will be in school again and the employee as well.