April 30, 2008

Morning rants

I will again rant about this triple P opportunities NFL in las Vegas and dela Hoya and Mayweather return bout. For many times now is shows white in my dashboard but whenever I try to reserve I always end up nothing. It says I did not meet the opportunity requirement. Yay, but why in heaven it shows avialable in my dashboard? Huh, did submit a ticket about this and they replied me with this:

Hi Rosemarie,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for the frustration with this. We actually have a few issues with the dashboard that our Dev team is currently looking into.

Some people are seeing unavailable Opps. that appear available (white) although the segmentation of the advertiser actually excludes them while others have been seeing Opps. that SHOULD be available to them appear unavailable (red).

While Dev has yet to uncover the root cause of this, we do know that these are a display issue only. These Opps should actually be segmented, but just aren't appearing that way.

Again, I apologize for the delay with this. Although we do realize what an inconvenience this has been, the Dev schedule has been extremely tight these past few weeks. We are on a mission to get SocialSpark completed and rolled out and everything else has necessarily taken a back seat.

That being said, this issue will be corrected as soon as we possibly can and we truly appreciate all of your feedback. It has been extremely helpful in narrowing down the root cause of this glitch so that it can be found and fixed quickly.

I will keep you updated with any new information as I receive it.

All the Best,

April 29, 2008

Wanted opps..

Does blogs on diet with opps? I haven't get any opps from triple P for since last night. Though lucky enough to have one yesterday morning. I hope I will be lucky today and grab some while waiting for my love to be online. So until then....

April 28, 2008

Missing my lalabs

I last chatted my lalabs yesterday morning suppose to be we will have another chat yesterday afternoon but his connection is down and because of this we were not able to chat lastnight. Ohh...I am really missing him I am used to chat him 3 times a day. Yes we usually chat 3 times a day. I am keeping my fingers cross that he can come online this morning.

April 23, 2008

Over due award

Yay, an over due award from a great friend blogger Ester, I am sorry sister I did not post it early. This award is the first award I had for this blog. I am passing this award to Imelda, Dexrich, Ate Joy, and Ate Liz

April 21, 2008

It's Monday

Good morning fellow.........

Its Monday again....I am wishing you all to have a wonderful Monday. As for me I will be a bit busy today for the SK chairperson asked me to do their supplemental budget. Hay...finally my pc I okay now but the technician advice me that the hard drive will be down anytime. Whoah.... I need to chase some opps and save for a new hard drive.

April 19, 2008

Computer Messes

Yay, It is 5 in the morning and I decided to open my pc it's been acting up crazy again since yesterday afternoon that is why I need to chat from the internet cafe. I only wish I am still on until I am done chatting to my love. This hang ups makes me pissed really. So much for this computer hang ups. Me and my college friends will visit Ate Leah she just home from Manila really miss this friend of mine. When we were in college she is the conservative in our group ehehehe...

April 16, 2008

Did not meet the requirement?

The opps about the rematch of Oscar De La Hoya and and Floyd Mayweather Jr is again avialable for me as in it stayed on my dashboard for few minutes. Another task is the NFR/National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas but problem on this 2 opps is when I tried to reserve it I always end up a message that I not meet the opportunity requirement. But h**l why it appears white on dashboard if I can't grab it. Hay another glitch of triple P

April 11, 2008

TGIF :-)

Yay, its TGIF once again, days really pass too quick I did not notice that it is Friday today until I check the calendar. Hay.... next time I will check the calendar it will be May. Santa Cruzan time again. I am sure I will gain some pounds this summer. Madami kasi fiesta hehehehe....Anyway I am not really feeling well today cos my friendly visitor is here. **sigh**

April 07, 2008


Been neglecting this bloggie of my for few days now I want this blog to have a good traffic. I will do blog hopping later today and I hope I can get unique visitors. It's Monday and a regular holiday today I am again strike of my laziness. I need to go downtown to buy stuff for tomorrow's Sangguniang Bayan session in our place. **Sigh** I will be busy tomorrow..I am afraid I can't chat to my love before he go to bed. But maybe I"ll bid him a good night sleep.

April 04, 2008

Why oh why?

It's pouring of opps at triple P but I can't simply grab one though I am lucky enough to grab 2 opps for $5 last night **sigh**. Today I have 5 grays in my dashboard I only prepare breakfast and when I go back all is gray. Would they still turn to white? I really hope but I doubt if I can still grab any today for my love will be online any minutes from now. Been doing multi tasking when we chat at night. I am happy for him cos he allows me to do multi-tasking cos before he don't want it and he gets mad when I do it. Ohh I almost forget I need to go at the Sangguniang Bayan Office to get the money for there session on Tuesday. Will, it is rescheduled to Tuesday since Monday is a regular holiday. Araw ng Kagitingan is on Wednesday but the President always want to move the holiday to Monday or Friday. Anyway until here as i see im from my lalabs.

April 01, 2008

what I learned from my love

My big sister Ate Joy passes on me this lovely tag. Thanks for this Ate Joy I know I have a lot of pass due tags. Huh anyway here it is.

What can I say about My Love? We haven’t met personally yet but I can say that I am lucky enough to have Gvendur in my life. I can say that he did change some since we had our first chat. He kept on saying that he love’s me although I was not the girl he is looking for. Huh, he wants someone that will follow him everything he wants. But then He knows that I am a bratty and I love it when he said he loves me the way I am. I can say that he teaches me lot of stuff and I still have a lot to learn when we finally together.

But hey it doesn’t mean I will not be a good wife cos I will. I love him so much that he is my happiness, my man, my every thing. We have been in ups and downs in our relationship but we are still keeping and holding our love. For you my love thanks for coming into my life. Elska Teg Astin Min Aena