March 26, 2008

Random thoughts

Good morning to all my friends, visitors and fellow bloggers. Its Wednesday once again and I need to attend the budget hearing at the Sangguniang Bayan office. This was rescheduled today because majority of the Finance Committee was absent last Wednesday. I only hope that this time they majority of the committee member will be present. So I will not have long time sit in front of my pc cos I need to prepare for this hearing but of course I will chat my love first to say goodnight and a goodnight kiss on cam.

Anyway, I am done with my first paid post in here. I am really happy with that. So what can say? Wanted opps for this blog hahahaha..

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March 23, 2008

happy easter

Happy Easter to all....

March 18, 2008


Yay blog neglected once again. Peeking here no updates..... I am tired.... can be so unfair sometimes. But that's life........I really want to shout big time...wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

March 12, 2008

Todays rants

Yay, I spend more 2,000 today I bought 1 sack of rice and gas. And when I asked my older brother that living with us he said he don't have money. He really really made me mad.My God he has a family so he should know his responsibilities. Nah.. I have a son and i had a nephew that i am sending to school so I need to save some money. I know I am being bad here but I just hate when they not know their priorities. It seems that if they have money they don't think of what they need. Been telling to nanay to ask my brother to move into another house. Cos then he will strive more for his family.

March 11, 2008

annoying pop up

There is something wrong with the blogger lately. I noticed that almost of the blog has this annoying pop up. I actually is one of this hacker victim that is why i decided to change4 my layout on y Celebrate Life blog and now the annoying pop up is gone i and i hope food good. i just hope that this will not affect blog post.

March 08, 2008

Saturday's rants

Grrrrrrrrr... ppp opps are flooding now but holy s**t i can't grab any. I really hope I will not end zero today. I am planning to upgrade my connection if it helps me grab more during ppp time. I always end up frustrated if i not able to grab a higher payout because my connection is slowing when PPP time. Opps... forgot to send the payment on my domain registration for site I will try to do it later.

March 06, 2008


I manage to reserve my domain here at nokiahost. com and ill be paying it later today. I decided to monetized this blog but i will only put paid post in here if i manage to reach the minimum paid post in my Celebrate Life blog and My Journey. Yay, I am really excited to have my own domain cos it was my boyfriend who choice the domain name.

March 04, 2008

early bird

Yay, i start my day really today cos I need my bloody budget done early so I can have ir print again and ask the Barangay Secretary to have it sign to the council. I am also trying to check if there is something good waiting for me today.

March 03, 2008


Gezzzz... do you know who is the lady in red? ohh that's me. wow really feel great to be on the top earner of the day. but sorry i am having a hard time how to put this pic so i was not able to get the blog earner of the day. so i only get this in the top blogger of the month. I wish i can be at the top once again.